Our Crazy Love Song

All feelings have an answer

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In every meeting there will always be a deep impression. It can be fun, it can be painful. You have to be ready for all that.

A song belonging to Adele I managed to sing perfectly. Lyrics by lyric I brought nicely and full of appreciation. Several pairs of eyes were seen getting carried away with the rhythm and humming along from their respective places. Meanwhile, the other invited guests were busy enjoying the banquet that had been provided by the event owner. Loud applause filled the ballroom of the five-star hotel as the song ended. I gave a smile and a thank you to the audience, then walked off the stage. The show was taken over by the MC.

After packing, I slowly walked out of the room which was starting to get a little quiet. Only a few caterers were seen busy pacing around cleaning up the mess from the party. A little rushed when he was in the hallway whose walls were decorated with rows of beautiful paintings and fresh flower arrangements in several corners. However, the pace suddenly slowed and then stopped when the two eyes caught a tall, athletic figure in front of me.

I was stunned, the same expression was clearly visible on the mans face. However, it seemed that he had more control over it or maybe he had noticed my existence earlier. The figure Ive been trying to forget and miss half to death. How ironic isn it? When you really miss someone, but can have them. In the end you choose to forget even though you know its a waste. Not much has changed from the man, he is still as charming as the first time we met. Its just that now growing fine hairs on his firm jaw. The tuxedo that fits snugly on his body adds a dashing and … different impression.

Ryo Chandra Pranata, a name that is still reigning in the bottom of the heart. The man who a few years ago had stopped in my life and made myself taste forbidden love with him. A masculine scent wafts out as broad steps approach me. His eyes looked at me with a confused look. Meanwhile, I can only stand frozen. In fact, when Im on stage, Ive never been this nervous.

”How are you? ” I was as if hypnotized by the baritone voice that made me pause for a moment.

”F-okay. You? ” For some reason my tongue felt numb until only those words were spoken. However, I have many words to say to him.

”Im good, but not with my heart, ” he replied flatly.

I frowned, trying to guess what he meant.

”I saw your appearance earlier. Just from hearing it, I can already guess who the owner of that beautiful voice is. ” He smiled as he put his hands in his pants pockets, as was his habit. ”Since when did you start band again? ”

”Its only been this past year, ” I replied, controlling my beating heart. I don know if he feels the same way.

”So long time no see, it turns out you haven changed. Still the same as before, still beautiful. ” Ah, he can always make my heart blush. Maybe by now my face is already red from it.

We were silent for a moment, only our eyes looking at each other trying to penetrate each others hearts through those gazes. There was a lot of awkwardness between the two of us. However, I know there is a lump of longing stored in the corner of my heart

I wanted so badly to fall into his arms. As before, I was free to express my emotions and shed tears on the chest that was always there for me when I felt down.

Right now I really want to do that, cry to him and tell him all the burdens Ive been through without him. However, I failed to do all that.

”Are you happy, Ra? ” Ryo broke the silence between us.

”According to you? ” Honestly, Im confused. What answer should I give him. ”What kind of happiness? ”

”Your husband, is he still hurting you? ” he asked again.

”No, he can hurt me anymore. More like he can . ” I glanced the other way.

”It means? ” Ryo asked with an eyebrow raised. Maybe he was digesting what I said.

e… already divorced, ” I said quietly as I lowered my head.

”What? ” Ryos intonation slightly rose. His eyes widened as if what I just said shocked him.

”Since when? Why didn you tell me? ” said Ryo in a muffled voice. His face looked a little annoyed. His hand is now on my shoulder.

”What for? ” I stared intently at those brown eyes.

”I …. ” Ryos words hang when someone calls him. Our eyes immediately turned to the source of the voice.

”Dear! ” A beautiful woman with classy makeup approached Ryo and clung to her arm. ”I looked everywhere and it turned out that you were here. Eh, who is this? You
e the wedding singer, right? ”

”Yes, ” I answered briefly with a forced smile, uncomfortable with the sight in front of me.

”You two know each other? ” he asked again.

”We …. ” Ryo suddenly cut me off.

”Yes, we do know each other. In fact, we know each other very well, ” said Ryo, looking at me deeply. ”We used to be a band. He was the vocalist. ”

”Ooh, so you
e Ryos friend. Wow, that means my friend too. Meet me, Im Natasya, Ryos girlfriend. Soon we will be engaged. I want to get married right away, but Ryo said hes not ready, ” said the girl excitedly.

My body suddenly went limp. The feeling of warmth and happiness that had just been created evaporated instantly. Its as if something is pinched in here. Ryos sharp gaze made me even more embarrassed.

”When we get married, you will be the singer, won you? ” I was astonished to receive such a surprising offer from Natasya. Instead, not wanting to answer, I just responded with a smile.

Usually Im very enthusiastic about getting a singing job, but this time its a different story. I guess Id rather spend my time watching horror movies than singing at my exs wedding.

”Ah, sorry, I have to leave immediately because I have other business. Nice to meet you, Natasya. Bye, Ryo! ” I said goodbye to myself, then rushed to leave the lovers with a feeling of unknown. Staying there for a long time made me breathless.

God, why does my heart hurt so much? Why out of so many places in this city, I have to meet him again. The world is very small.

Cmon, Ra. Wake up! He just said hello like an old friend. Yes, just friends. Until then it will stay like that. Don be baper, Rara, I thought to myself. Trying to get rid of the stinging that creeps in the chest cavity.

Five Years Ago. I parked my motorbike and lowered the standard right in the courtyard of a two-story minimalist-style building. My eyes scanned around hoping there was another human to ask. However, the result was nil. There were only a few cars parked there. Hesitating to enter, I finally took my device out of my sling bag, looked for a contact name on the flat object, then pressed the dial button. It didn take long for the phone call to connect.

”Hello, Sak. Im here, here! ” I said matter-of-factly, and then came a voice on the other end of the phone. ”Ok, hurry up, huh! Its hot, here. ”

This afternoon is quite hot, not to mention that all the way to here I had to make a lot of traffic jams. It feels like if you have to wait a long time for someone, my head will smoke.

Not long after, a boy with the typical appearance of a band boy came out of the thick glass sliding door.


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