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Something that is not seen, but it feels so clear that it is called love. Which makes some people think without logic and act out of control. Sometimes he appears on the first day, but can also grow because of the frequent together. Sometimes it comes at the right time, but more often it comes at the wrong time. Falling in love is not wrong, as long as you know who you drop it on. However, unfortunately we can control where the heart goes.

This morning, Bang Reno did not go to the office. He said he wanted to finish the work at home while asking me to accompany him. More precisely, I was just a spectator because it was certain that he would focus on his laptop and busy making phone calls with his business partners.

Actually, today I have a practice schedule, but because Bang Reno asked me to accompany him, I didn intend to go. Than I wake the sleeping tiger. Id rather just follow his request. Isn it the duty of a wife to obey her husbands orders? As long as its still good.

Who knows after this we can spend time together. A romantic dinner, watching a movie at the cinema, or just taking a walk in the city park. We haven done that in a long time. In fact, when dating and early marriage he always invites me every weekend. All things are sometimes just beautiful in the beginning. I really took advantage of this moment, because it was rare for Bang Reno to be at home for a long time. I try to serve him well. Cooking his favorite food, making him coffee, giving him a little comfortable massage. Sometimes I talk about my band activities. Even if its just a simple response.

No intention to ask more. In fact, he didn seem interested. Yes, he is like that. Though I really wish he cared more about what I liked, at least pretending to be enthusiastic about listening to my story was enough. However, it is like hoping that the clothesline will dry quickly in the rainy season. It was so hard. Indeed, I admit that Bang Reno is a man who is very tenacious at work. His responsibility and loyalty to his work is unquestionable. His persistence has made the automotive business grow rapidly. Within a period of time he was able to open several branches of his workshop.

Undeniably, it is also what makes me now able to enjoy a fairly well-established life. Materially, Bang Reno fulfills all my needs. However, there was one thing he was not aware of. Maybe he thought that by bestowing me with wealth, it made me happy. He forgot that there was a handful of lonely hearts. There is a soul space that is left empty. There is a mind that roams freely somewhere.

Bang Renos device rang, he answered the call. Made my head that was leaning spoiled on his arm lifted. He rose to his feet and inched away from the room. I could still hear him talking to someone on the other end of the phone, though it wasn very clear, but it sounded like something important. Unsurprisingly, he came back to me.

”Which, sorry I think I have to go. A friend asked to help check his car. ” I thought it would end like this.

”Right, there are your employees, Bang? ”

”Yeah, but its not good because hes been in the workshop since earlier. He wanted to meet me too, ” he answered as he cleaned up his laptop.

”Ok, alright. ” I tried to understand the situation. ”Hmm, Bang. I also have permission, yes. Want to practice. ”

I ventured to ask Bang Renos permission. Instead of me staying at home.

”Why all of a sudden? ” He stopped what he was doing, glaring at me.

”No, really. Actually, today I have a training schedule, but because earlier you asked to be accompanied, so I didn go. Yes, if you also go, Id rather just practice, ” I explained a little cautiously.

”Oh, yes, ” he answered and then said again. ”Don be long. When you
e done, go home. ” I nodded.

Again, the reason is always friends. I sighed, trying to ease the disappointment. I shouldn have expected much from him.


”Sorry, guys. Im late, I had some business earlier. ” I put my hands together in front of my chest while showing an apologetic expression.

”Its okay. We
e still discussing the song, really! ” Sakti replied, followed by the other members agreed responses.

”Next time if you want to be late, tell me … so as not to make people wait, ” said Ryo, making me feel even more guilty.

”Yes, sorry …. ” I regret as I put the bag on the sofa.

”Its still late, ” Ryo quipped as he opened the door, then left the studio. My eyes widen at his words.

”Ish, that person is really annoying! ” I mumbled as I stomped my foot on the floor.

The feeling of regret that had been whacking suddenly turned into anger. The others just don matter. Why is he the only one complaining? Just make it fun. Ress!

Meanwhile, Sakti and the others looked just grinning in response to what had just happened.

”Are you satisfied to see me being bullied? ” I glared at them. Instead of answering, they burst out laughing. Whats so funny? I was amazed at their behavior.

”Your expression is so cute, I swear! ” Sakti teased in between his laughter. The others are the same. I rolled my eyes lazily. They
e so annoying.

”Patience, yes. He does like to be unstable sometimes, ” said Sakti again after trying to suppress his laughter. ”In fact, it was Ryo who was the most complicated asking you. You asked me to call you, but you didn get a response. ”

”Yes, Ryo has been so panicked. The feeling as long as Im friends with him has never been digitized. I want to be worried too. ” Doni, a drummer with long hair, voiced his voice while acting like a woman.

”Oh, you
e unclean! ” Sakti glared at the man while laughing. ”It seems that Ryo is afraid that his favorite vocalist will run away. ” Sakti made fun of me again.

”Your darling eyes! ” I snorted in annoyance. ”What I have is being pushed around. If its the same as me, he looks really sour like kuproys armpits. ”

Suddenly they laughed in unison, then suddenly fell silent because the person they were talking about had returned. For a moment, his eyes glanced at me. I was reminded of what Sakti just said. Favorite vocalist he said, is that right? I can feel my face blush.

”Heh, why are you even smiling to yourself. Not standby. ” Ryo interrupted my thoughts. Here, people whose hobby is to keep heartburn. Could it be that he knew that I was dreaming of him. Duh, its a shame if he finds out.

”Yeah, you bastard! ” I snapped to cover my nervousness.

”Warm up first, lets go! ” take it to all of us.

Like a leader, Ryo is respected by other personnel. Although in fact there is no term chairman or member among them. In fact, what I see is that their friendship solidarity is very strong. However, Ryos figure is quite influential in this band. Ryos contribution is indeed more dominant in this band. Not only in terms of ideas, but also materially he is very loyal. He also provides this studio. What I heard was that he rented this shophouse, then turned it into a music studio as well as a basecamp. Meanwhile, on the second floor Im not sure what the room is for because Ive never been up there. However, what I heard from Sakti, Ryo lives here too. So, maybe its Ryos room. Not infrequently, also other personnel who stay there. Im also confused about where Ryo got that much money, while what I know is that he doesn have any other job besides doing band.


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