son do you think will come? As for me, I’m expecting a handsome, fair-skinned, Girishiporisu[i] prince-like guy.”

And right now, a girl whose face is a mirror image of mine flashes a smile at me that I would never have pictured on my face.

“I’m not interested.
Rather than that, you should take your seat quickly, Sora.”

“Oh, you’re so dull.
There is a high possibility that we will be partnered up due to the composition of the group, you know?”

“Isn’t that what we already know?”

It is only natural that the two of us are two peas in a pod.
Her name is Tajika Sora and she is the twin sister of me, Tajika Toki.

But even though we are twins… yeah, it’s because we resemble each other so much in appearance that we’ve ended up being the exact opposite in terms of what’s underneath.

“You guys be quiet and hurry up to your seats! The time has already passed!”


“Here comes the instructor!”

“Let’s hide.”

“Oh, no.”

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At this point, our instructor, Suzunari Kuri, opens the door to the classroom and comes in, warning those who are still making noise and reminding them to take their seats one by one.

Once everyone is seated, he looks around at all of us before opening his mouth.

“Now, as most of you already know, today we will be adding a new member to the 1st unit of candidates for the Security Organization’s eradication squad.
Please come in.”

The door slowly opens and the person in question steps into the classroom.

“Excuse me.”

When the person in question makes an entrance into the classroom with her voice low and feminine, with her snow-white hair fluttering in the air, it is as if time has stopped and the entire classroom has ceased its movement.

Whether those who are about to welcome the newcomer in a favorable or negative sense, all of them forget about their actions, not even blinking their eyes, and gaze at the person who has entered the classroom with unwavering devotion.

That is how attractive she is.

“I am Akira Whiteice.
I am counting on you to take care of me from now on.”

With her cherry-red lips moving on her white porcelain-like face, the person… Akira Whiteice tells her name in a manner that is more in line with that of a male before bowing lightly.

“Your seat is over there.”


Unimpeded, she approaches and sits down in the space designated for her.

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Her movements are graceful and brimming with the power to charm anyone who sees her, irrespective of gender.

She is truly a beauty beyond human recognition.
That is what I feel she deserves to be called.



I look at my sister’s face.

Her face looks as if something has been dropped perfectly.

The rest of us are mostly the same, with only a few people showing some sort of reluctance or disinterestedness.

“Nice to meet you.
I’m Akira Whiteice.
Take good care of me from now on.”

“I’m Tajika Toki.
Please look after me from now on.”

However, shortly before the distance between us is close to the extent that I can distinguish the difference in the color of her left and right eyes, it dawns on me that her face is the same as the face I observed a week ago when I was in training as an escort for a person who was heading to Takamagahara.

This is why I have come to an understanding, that she is not a being on the side of the humans, but on the side of the Gods.

“Now, we will begin today’s classroom lecture.”

And as she… Akira-san and I slightly bend down to shake hands, the morning classroom lecture begins in accordance with the voice of Instructor Suzunari.



[i] I might change the term in the future depending on new information

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