(Third person POV)

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“Now, today marks two weeks until the official induction exam for the eradication squad.”

[[(It has been a week since that person arrived.)]]

The first unit of candidates for the Security Organization eradication squad is experiencing an off-center atmosphere on that day.

“So, today will follow the usual grouping, but it would be prudent to presume that the exam grouping will be the same as today’s grouping.”

“(Until today, that person has displayed to me various facets of herself.
On the first day, when I had let my conceit get the better of me, she corrected my conceit with overwhelming force and woke me up.)”

“(On the second day, that individual displayed her phenomenal physical appeal without reservation, catching my attention… ah, she had excellent breasts.)”

“(On the third day, during the practical training, she expressed her concern for the students who were lagging behind in their training.
Both of them wore bright smiles on their faces, it was indeed a sensational scene…)”

“(On the fourth day, she also helped me and my sister with our practical training, and she shot us down with flying colors, and I can still vividly recall the way her buttocks moved when she avoided the attackー)”

[[(And then there’s…)]]

Indeed, today is a fairly special day as it is the day to determine the three-person groups that would serve as the fundamental unit of operation within the “Maze,” and that same group would almost unquestionably be the group that would be used for the examination.

That level of distinctiveness, though, seems hazy considering the atmosphere in the classroom.

The two girls, Hono Oori and Tajika Sora, are primarily accountable for the atmosphere in the classroom.

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“(I’m feeling some kind of chill…)”

[Hmm… Now that Akira has my power as the Ice Basilisk to control ice, shouldn’t you be able to withstand the cold? Are you sure it’s not just your imagination?]

“(Is it all in my head? I can’t help but feel that something very displeasing is nearby…)”


And due to this odd atmosphere, Akira is poised for anything to happen at any time, and Tajika Toki, sitting next to him, is also ready to react and act on the spur of the moment.

“As you know, the key is to ensure that the group as a whole is prepared to deal with as many situations as possible.
Be careful not to have an extreme group composition.”

“(Hahaha, from the very beginning my aim has been only one thing.
After all, I have been so enamored with your power and personality since the day I lost that match that I am unable to look at anything else.)”

“(Hehehe, my goal has been one since the outset.
The first time I laid eyes on it, something inside me started to react to it.
Not to mention, Cerbeiraoli-sama has been encouraging me.)”

A sense of ominous atmosphere is building up.

But, unfortunately, there is no one present who could sense the rising atmosphere.

“Then, as usual, start forming groups of three!”

With the words of Instructor Suzunari, the dice are thrown, and just as everyone in the classroom is about to stand up to form groups…

“Akira onee-sama! Let’s form a group with me and Toki nee-chan!!”

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“Akira-sama! Please team up with me!!”


Both Tajika Sora and Hono Oori leap towards Akira, and he is about to leap back from the spot accompanied by Tajika Toki.

Akira, however, is entirely trapped by the two, and as a result, all three of them fall to the ground simultaneously with the same momentum from his effort to jump back before he could bounce back.

And so it begins as Tajika Toki, who has moved without a hitch and escaped being caught in the middle, looks down at the three.


(Akira POV)

Dear Mother.
Are you doing well, mother? Although I, Akira, have become a woman, I have been fine.
Until this moment that is.

“Oh my, Sora-san, you’re behaving so shamelessly…”

“Aren’t you the same, Hono-san… I mean, I was the one who invited her first.
Would you mind stepping aside?”

“Oh, I was the one who touched Akira-sama’s body first.
Shouldn’t you be the one to step back?”

I feel like weeping deeply at this moment.

The pain in the back of my head is one thing, but having two females my own age on top of me and having onlookers’ disapproving eyes fixated on me makes the situation even worse.

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“I have no doubt that Hono-san can team up with your usual group of people.
See, they are waiting for you, right?”

“Sora-san, you should team up with Toki-san like you always do… No, it would be much better if the top three of the first group of candidates, namely myself, Akira-sama, and Toki-san, banded together.
That being said, will you kindly move aside?”

“Ahaha, are you serious? Your joke is too harsh. Young lady Hono?”

“Hahaha, I’m not joking; I’m serious. Tajika Sora-san?”

[Well, looks like things are heating up.
Excuse me, but I will be sleeping in you, so wake me up when this is over.]

“(Wait!? Ys!?)”

As Ys disappears and retreats into me, I am experiencing a hallucination of sparks between the two of them on top of me.

I turn my eyes towards Instructor Suzunari.

But Instructor Suzunari gestures with his right hand in my direction, giving me a thumbs-up, while communicating to me solely with his eyes, “Hang in there! I’ll help you when the time comes.”

Instructor Suzunari! Do you not believe that this is the perfect time to assist me? Please help me! My life experience definitely can’t cope with this!!

“How about…”


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Then Tajika-san, who is standing close by, inserts something into my ear, completely drowning out all sounds around me, just as the two of them open their lips and I try to prepare myself for what is going to be spoken.

It seems that she put strong earplugs in my ears.

“There’s… what?”

When I turn towards Tajika-san to thank her for that… the two people who would have been on top of me are clutching their heads like their heads hurt, while Tajika-san is giving them some sort of sermon.

What has transpired in the split-second action is not known to me.
Despite the fact that I am unsure, one thing is definite.

In the classroom today, Tajika-san is the most formidable person.

After that, the conversation appears to have swiftly settled down.
Hono-san has been partnered with her typical followers and wears a regretful expression, while her younger sister appears to have been matched with Tajika-san after receiving a lot of reprimands.

Finally, after removing my earplugs, Tajika-san extends her hand towards me and asks, “Excuse me, but would you be willing to team up with us? Akira-san.”

I readily accept Tajika-san’s proposal.

In any case, when Tajika-san extends her hand to me, I have the impression that her face is far more befitting for a goddess than Dameterasu’s[i].



[i] A mixture of worthless and Amaterasu’s name.
Dame in Japanese means impossible/good-for-nothing/inept

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