“Well then, shall we begin by introducing ourselves once again! Akira onee-sama and Toki nee-chan!”

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“Nice to be working with you.”

Well, it may be unclear if I can say that things have been successfully settled, but once the group has been set, the three of us and one God, including myself, Tajika-san, her younger sister, and Ys, who is on my shoulder though not visible, have gathered in a corner of the classroom and have begun self-introductions.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that the introductions have turned out to be a meeting for the purpose of informing members of the group of what they can do beforehand and what they are not proficient at, in order to facilitate the activities in the “Maze”.

Incidentally, Hono-san is grudgingly glaring at my side… the younger sister to be exact.
She is honestly terrifying me.

“Let’s start with me first, Tajika Sora! My specialty is assault which combines my special hammer and the monstrous power that Tajikarao-sama endowed me with, so I can function as an attacker.
I can also operate as a searcher! Please call me Sora.
Akira onee-sama!”

“A-Ah, yeah.
Pleased to be your acquaintance, Sora-san.”

The younger sister, Sora-san, takes my hand in hers and remarks to me as she brings her face close to mine, to which I respond with a somewhat ambiguous but affirmative response.

But Sora-san has a disgruntled expression on her face as if she is subtly displeased with what I have spoken.

Though that being said, I find it still a bit daunting to address another woman of the same age without any honorific title… or rather, why does Sora-san call me “Onee-sama”? Asking her about it is plainly a landmine, so I won’t bother doing so as it will result in undesired outcomes.

“Mmm… you don’t need to add ‘san’ to my name… well, I suppose it is no wonder since we don’t know each other well enough.”



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[I think I heard a strange word.]

“I am done.
Next is your turn, Toki nee-chanー”

“I get it.”

Sora-san lightly mutters and moves away from me, followed by Tajika-san’s turn of introduction… Ah no, it would be better to call her Toki-san in this case.
Toki-san begins to introduce herself.

“Well then, once again, I go by the name of Tajika Toki.
My specialty is defense, combining a massive shield and Tajikarao-sama’s monstrous strength.
I can also heal minor injuries on the spot with the power of Ashitekou-sama.
So I am both a defender and a healer.”


“I see.
Please take care of me from now on, Toki-san.”

“Yes, likewise.”

When Toki-san’s self-introduction is over, I exchange a handshake with her.

Now, the last one is me.

“My name is Akira Whiteice, and I can turn anything I glare at into ice with my right eye.
The rest is long-range attacks with a sling.
In terms of roles, I guess I’m a… jammer and shooter?”

“That sounds fine to meー”

“Thank you.
All the best to both of us.”

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I respond with a few words that succinctly describe my role, remembering what I have learned in the past week.

As a matter of fact, the roles that each person assumes in the “Maze” are summarized to some extent based on their contents and are basically classified into seven categories.

Those seven categories are:

・Attacker, who strikes directly at the monster from close range.

・Shooter, who targets the monster from a long distance

・Defender, who protects their companions from the monster’s attacks.

・Healer, who heals wounded comrades

・Searcher who locates monsters and traps.

・Jammer, who interferes in some way with the activity of monsters

・Enhancer, who supports and assists the activities of allies in some way

Nevertheless, since the actual team that ventures into the “Maze” is composed of a small number of elite members, it is expected that one person can carry out at least two roles and in some cases three or more, a person who can only assume one role will have no place in the team unless they are highly trained in that one role.

Furthermore, it is said that in order to challenge the “Maze,” at least two roles of defender and searcher, and either an attacker or a shooter, are required.

So, according to this classification, in my case, the magic eye of Ys is a jammer (although I think the effect is too strong), and the attack with the sling is regarded as a shooter.

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“By the way, Akira onee-sama?”

“What is it?”

“Are you not going to explain about the eight-legged lizard riding on your shoulder?”


Ys and I both reveal our surprise at Sora-san’s words.

Our response to the situation, though, is not unexpected.

The current Ys is in a non-embodied state and should never be visible to the eyes of a normal person, yet Sora-san is able to see her.

I turn towards Toki-san to confirm that she can really see it.
Toki-san, seemingly aware of the intention of my gaze, then speaks up.

“I don’t know which God’s power it is either, but it seems that my younger sister can really see it.
Oh, I can’t see it.”

“I see.”

[Hmm, I didn’t expect there to be that many entities that could grant eyes that could behold a God in a non-embodied state…]

“Oh, I can’t hear your voice, so I have no idea what you’re saying.

So she can only see my figure huh.]

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It is apparently evident that Ys’ appearance is definitely visible to Sora-san.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to claim that Ys is speaking at this moment.

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll just introduce her to you.
This is Ys, the God with whom I have a contract.
The magic eye I demonstrated the other day is one of her powers.”

“I see.
To be possessed by a fissure of God, Akira onee-sama is truly remarkable.”

“Thank you.
(Fissure? I suppose she wouldn’t assume that a whole God has incorporated in me.)”

[Looks like it.
It’s probably best to leave it at that as there’s no need to stir up any trouble.]


It seems that Sora-san has misunderstood some of the explanations I have given while stroking Ys’ head with my fingertips.

But since there is no need to go to the trouble of correcting it, I will not do so.
It would be a hassle if I caused a disturbance by saying that I have taken in a whole God.

“Well, in any case, I will again extend my regards to both of you, along with Ys.”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to working with you, Akira onee-sama!”

“I am counting on you, Akira-san.”

I give them a second handshake after that.

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