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(Akira POV)

Once the relocation has been completed smoothly, I head back to my room, lock the door, change into my pajamas, and collapse into my bed.

I have become accustomed to the frilly canopy bed after spending over a month in it.

“It’s just that my chest is still heavy and obstructive as ever.
Being in this place, where I can open myself up freely, is truly salubrious.”

[You can say that as much as you want.
Well, I agree that it’s an obstruction.]

Furthermore, my pajamas are called samue.
Though I only wear underwear on the bottom because it is too tight and interferes with sleeping.

[Well, let’s not speak of your breasts.
Let’s move on to the way to deepen the depth of the contract between me and Akira that you mentioned at the Divine Sanatorium.]

“Ah, I’m listening to you from this position, so please do.”

[I don’t mind, but don’t fall asleep.]

“There’s no way I can fall asleep.”

I turn to face Ys while I lie on the bed, doing my best to maintain the same posture while stretching my arms and legs.

[Now, there are three kinds of methods that I can offer you as a practical means.]

“Three kinds, huh?”

The conversation proceeds as the lights are turned off and only Ys’ scales and my hair are glowing faintly in the pitch-black room.

[The first is to remake Akira’s body such that it resembles my own physique even more than it already does.]

“This approach is unorthodox from the outset.
Even now, there is no trace of my appearance before the contract, but if my body is further remodeled, it will be the female version of the six-armed lizard that you mentioned before, right?”

Therefore, it is out of the question for us to adopt this method.
It would be worse if Akira were to quit the human race, even in appearance.]

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The first method is to modify the body, but both I and Ys immediately rule that out.

If I quit being human completely, I wouldn’t be able to return even if I completed the contract with Ys.

Even if I become stronger, I would rather not have that happen to me.

[So, if we are going to actually do this, it will be from the next method onward.]

Ys buries her body in the pillow as she carries on with her words.

[The second is to make Akira’s spirit more like mine… no, more like the Graecian people’s.]


For some reason, Ys reiterates that the subject to be brought closer is the people of Graecian, rather than herself.

[In short, you may do this by incorporating Greek practices into your daily routine and conduct, as well as through engaging in Greek rituals.
By doing so, the connection between me and Akira should become as strong as that of the Graecian people who had faith in me.
In due course, I will provide you with more details.]

“Can’t I merely bring myself closer to your own way of thinking?”

I am curious about this aspect for some reason, so I ask about it, even though Ys would have liked to forget about it and let it slide.

Whatever the reason, I intuitively have the feeling that I have to ask. 

[At first I thought it would be fine for Akira to be closer to my own way of thinking… but now I am in a state where even the main body is inside Akira.
In this state, if you approach my way of thinking too closely, there is a possibility that my soul and Akira’s soul or spirit may merge and become one.]

“That is…”

It may be a horrific event, indeed.

The fear of losing oneself is inexplicable, and perhaps that’s why I instinctively avoid it and decide to ask in order to avert it.

[On top of that, there is too much of a strength gap between Akira and me.
In all likelihood, I will be the main constituent and Akira will only be felt as a lingering scent.
The other thing is if I don’t act as the main constituent, then what will follow will probably be neither me nor Akira, but someone else.]

“That’s a frightening prospect.”

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The truth, though, is much worse than I could have ever imagined.

It seems that if my spirit and Ys’ spirit merged, I would most definitely cease to exist.

It’s fine to adopt Graecian customs, but not to be so close to Ys.
Even if the power to be attained is significant, the risk is not worth it.

[So, the third method is to be the main constituent.
In concrete terms, it is to elevate Akira’s own abilities through physical and mental training, or to have tools created that are ideal for exercising my abilities and use them.]

“Training… Well, tell me about training later.
It’s a Graecian custom.
As for the tools… maybe I can ask the R&D Team for them when I make my rounds tomorrow or later.”

[I think that’s fine so far as the tools are concerned.
I’ll explain the training later, so you’ll just have to do it on a daily basis in your spare time.
Well, either way, it’s a safer method than the other two methods, so you can rest assured about that.]

“I understand.”

While Ys’ third method won’t help me improve my skills quickly, it seems to be a secure and trustworthy way to grow.

The other two methods, on the other hand, are simply too hazardous to be thought of as such.

“Well, anyway, I guess that means I’ll start gradually from tomorrow.”

[I suppose so.]

“Then, good night.”

[Then I’ll go to sleep too.]

We both close our eyes and drift off to sleep in preparation for the next day.


(Sora POV)


“Hm? Oh…”

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While I am sleeping, thoroughly enjoying my new bed, I hear what sounds like a strange voice in my ear.

This sensation… yeah.
I experienced it before.
It is the same sensation I had when that person first showed up.

I get up and turn my head in the direction where the owner of the voice might be.

“What can I do for you? Cerbeiraoli-sama.”

I then make a bowing motion and address the void with the voice’s owner’s name.

The voice of Cerbeiraoli-sama also reverberates into my head directly from the void.


“I understand.
But even without the words of Cerbeiraoli-sama, I would still save Akira onee-sama.”


Cerbeiraoli-sama may have been satisfied by my statements as the presence of them have departed to somewhere.

Cerbeiraoli-words sama’s sound foreign to me, yet for some reason I can distinctly hear the meaning of the words in my head.
Perhaps it is the divine power of Cerbeiraoli-sama, but it is a mysterious story.

At any rate, saving Akira onee-sama is a way to repay the Cerbeiraoli-sama for saving me and Toki nee-chan, and now I want to save Akira onee-sama regardless of that.

“Well, I have an early day tomorrow, so I’m going to bed.”

I then begin to sleep while using a pillow that is printed with a picture of Akira Onee-sama.


(Toki POV)


Akira-san, who has been hurt in a battle with a monster the size of a mountain in front of me, is rising up in a firm position and yelling before I even realize it.

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Ah, this is a dream.

Because neither have I ever seen a monster that huge, nor have I ever seen her so wounded.



When the enormous monster finally loses control, Akira-san, who is defending us from its onslaught, is wounded and bruised by the assault on her body, and soon finds herself at the end of her breath.

This is a dream.
But I couldn’t believe it is only a dream.

After all, it is all too real.



Akira-san then collapses, and the enormous creature lets forth a howl that is appropriate for its size.

Oh, yeah.
This is a dream, but a dream that will one day become reality.

If so, I must become stronger.

Protecting her is my mission.
Because I want to grasp her fate in my eyes.


After that, on the verge of waking up, I have a feeling that I heard someone’s voice.

Well, perhaps I wasn’t supposed to be witnessing this in the first place.

That’s how I have awakened.

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