appliances with names like “intravenous drip” and other devices whose names escape my knowledge, and the lines from these devices are directed to my body.

“So I am in a hospital… huh?”

That is what I have concluded as a result of the information I have obtained from what I can see around me.

“That means I survived… ugh!?”

I lower my eyelids and try to draw in a breath, yet the moment I do so, the image of that woman with the bloody hatchet I encountered in the “Maze,” surfaces in my mind, evoking the fear I felt at the time, accompanied by a feeling of nausea.

Fortunately, it seems that nothing has entered my stomach, leaving only a sound leaking out of my mouth.
Even though I am inclined to puke, I couldn’t, which only makes me feel sicker.

“Geho, geho… ngh?”

However, while moving my body in such a nauseous state, a strange feeling of uneasiness washes over my body.

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To be more specific, that feeling is from my chest area.

Even more specifically, when I cough, I feel a swaying sensation from side to side.

Furthermore, when I turn my face towards the bottom of my body, there is a peculiar bulge around my chest that is blocking my line of sight, whereas before there should have been nothing obstructing my vision.

“… No, no, no, it can’t be.
Take a deep breath, take a deep breath.

I take a few long breaths and tell myself, “This can’t be right,” as undesired perspiration trickles down my cheeks and a terrifying foreboding races through my thoughts.

I then cast my gaze downward again.
Needless to say, the bulge has not disappeared.

“…Ahh, it must be that.
It must be the lines from the medical equipment or something that are making the bulge appear all incongruous.”

As if by divine revelation, I utter the answer that first thing that comes to me, and to confirm that the answer is correct, I place my hand on the edge of the hospital attire I am wearing, which is designed to be opened from the front.

Right, this cannot possibly be real.
I feel like my voice is somehow higher than it was before I signed the contract with Ys, but no matter how powerful God is, there is no way that such a thing can happen.
If such a thing as transcending that boundary were to take place so soon, human society would not be able to function.

“All right!”

I firmly open the front of my hospital clothes and fix my attention on my own chest with determination.


A distinctly disproportionate amount of cold perspiration breaks out all over my body at the sight of what is there.

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I avert my eyes once and then look at it again.

Of course it is still there.


I tear my eyes away for another instant, pause for a breath, and then glance back at it.

In any case, it is unmistakably there no matter how I regard it, connected to my body, covered in bandages, and with a circular object attached to the end of a line that extends from the medical equipment.

“What the hellllllll!?”

Not even bothering with the fact that I am in a hospital, an outburst of screams involuntarily rises up from my throat.

But my reaction is inevitable.

I am a man.
Even though I’ve only lived 16 years of my life, I am undoubtedly a man since the day I was born.

No, perhaps I should say that I was a man.

Because what I have on my chest right now is something that only women should have… and even among women, the size of it is a rarity.

In short…

It is a magnificent-sized breast.

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