Primo Peccato

”In todays news, a strange car accident caused astonishment, as one of the witnesses tells that the Honda NSX car was traveling at a speed of more than 100 km / h until its front tires exploded, causing it to overturn, and as soon as 3 minutes passed, it had to explode due to a Gazs leak ”

”After the rescue team arrived, one body was recovered, which was identified through dental records as that of 33-year-old Matsuda Yuki, in addition to some remnants of blood that turned out to be that of 35-year-old Matsuda Taiyo, but no traces of his body were found. And its still missing….. ”

That was the first thing I heard. 10 years old me Matsuda Hikari, and my sister, 12 years old Matsuda Yume, after we turned on the TV while we were waiting for our parents, who turned out to be victims of a car accident، at that moment I didn know how I should have reacted, my thoughts were muddled, especially since my older sister had fallen on her knees in tears, but I was sure of one thing and that was that I had doubts in my heart.






”Hey, did you watch yesterdays episode ”

….. ”You remember the cute girl we met at karaoke yesterday, she asked me exchange Line ”

”No way you
e lying ”

”No, I swear… heres her number ”

e so lucky ”

….. ”All right, students, go back to your seats, the evening class will start ”



Ding Dong…. ”Well this is all for today.. By the way, since the closing ceremony is tomorrow and after that the summer vacation begins, you should study and not be distracted too much in order to be accepted into the universities you want to attend ”

….. ”How about going to karaoke, maybe well meet the same girl from yesterday. ” ”Yeah sure, how about you Hikari? ”

”No, Im fine ”

I refused their invitation as usual, I put my bag and went home, I didn refuse them because I thought I was better than them, but because I didn want to make friends, I don believe in relationships that have a weak foundation that fade away after a few years or even months I only believe in las

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