Chapter 6: Jealousy In Large Doses

Room 21, No Tell Motel, Unknown City, Unknown State….

The door gave way once they reached the room number that had been on the key and the angry driver opened it to find that they been given a small room that smelled as if it had not been properly ventilated for months following the last round of upkeep. It was surprisingly clean despite the stained dark green carpet and the unimpressive brown furniture that consisted of a brown loveseat, a brown round table fit for two people to eat comfortably and two brown metal folding chairs. There was an area where the television sat on top of another brown table and a small white air conditioner.

He could see the entrance to the bathroom where there was a tub and shower connection and of course a basic toilet. Just as the door knob smacked against the wall in announcement that the room would be occupied for the first time in a long time, Lex pushed passed him and entered making a b-line for the bathroom.

The driver closed and locked the door behind him flicking on the lights and getting out of his jacket and tie in seconds before tossing them collectively into a nearby armchair which had also been brown. He had not been a fan of the decor, but it was somewhere to sleep for the night. If there was ever a time to be grateful for their apparently nomadic lifestyle this was it.

They never had the privilege of staying in any place for too long.

Sounds of someone emptying the entire contents of their stomach and into a toilet rang out and caused him to approach the bathroom door. The sound of more vomiting had slightly disgusted him and he turned his attention to other matters. There was a mini bar not far from the bed and it was filled to the brim with booze. He took the money he collected from the drunken fools and wrapped the large amount of bills into a roll and stuffed them back into his pocket after counting the spoils.

After a couple of drinks he heard the sound of the shower running and knew that Lex had opted to get in the shower following the wretching experience. The driver took off his shirt and tossed it into the same chair as his jacket and tie. Hed been down to a white tank top undershirt and his suit slacks.

He leaned back onto the bed amid the pillows and grabbed the nearby remote to turn on the television.

Hed been amused by the commercials for a time until the late night news report showed an image of a man resembling him wearing a navy blue suit with well combed hair and a freshly shaven face sporting a silver wedding band and a doctors badge on the left side of his chest appeared.

Beneath the apparently old photo as he looked to have been about twenty years younger was the name Dr. Hadrian S. Rawsone and hed been labeled as Missing.

{ ”Mr. Rawsone was last seen three months ago, just outside of this office when he inevitably disappeared with no witnesses or a trace of his whereabouts. ”}

The driver didn know much about this, Hadrian Rawsone, but it appeared his wife had missed him a great deal. She wasn such a bad looker either.

Having had his fill of apparently depressing television for one night, the driver switched off it off and downed the rest of his drink. He found himself staring at his image in a mirror that he had not realized was behind the front door, possibly out of convenience when one wished to get dressed. Unable to help himself, he ventured over toward the mirror and for the first time he took notice of the image of the man from the news report staring back at him.

The man with Hadrians face moved back toward the mini bar and helped himself to yet another bottle of booze. Not long after the drink had been finished, the door to the bathroom had opened and a rather thin sixteen year old lad with a flat chest and a white towel wrapped around his waist stepped out into the room. His hair was short and bleached blond in appearance. His pale blue eyes seemed to be fixated upon the half dressed older man whom had been patiently awaiting his return to the room.

He sucked on his ruby red lips and his eyes blazed with something akin to unwavering desire and a mix of awe inspired fear. His hips were barely visible due to the towel, but just as any other occasion when he took note of them, the man with Hadrians face knew what they looked like. Hed seen them often enough that was for sure. While the men attempting to get laid via a drunken girl might have taken offense to their prized piece of ass having a penis, despite it being an inferior one, the man with Hadrians face wasn in the least surprised. Of course he had known that there was more to Lex that met the eye due to their long standing association.

”You must enjoy pissing me off. ” growled the man with Hadrians face. ”If I hadn showed up you probably would have let them ** you…wouldn you slut? ”

Lex could feel the rage radiating off his apparent roommate and couldn help but tremble where he stood. He was only sixteen and much smaller than the towering man whose ire he had earned with his disappearing act.

Then to find him behaving like a slut for drunken men only increased that ire.

”Get the ** over here. ” growled the man with Hadrians face.

Lex did as he was told, partially due to the drugs making him compliant and partially due to his knowledge of what happens when his roomate is disobeyed. Hed already been in the cross hairs for leaving to begin with, he had no intention of making it worse.

Up close, Lexs milky white flesh could be seen as smooth as the day he was born with droplets of water dripping down his body in cascading little rivers. He had been aroused beneath the towel although his own penis had no such prominence to indicate it.

His legs were soaked, but it had not been from the water of the shower.

The man with Hadrians face sat at the edge of the bed and motioned for Lex to come to him. The sixteen year old did as he was instructed to and found himself standing with his body at his angry roommates knees and his dark eyes piercing his very soul as he glared at him with barely concealed fury.

When he had initially chosen to leave, Lex had been upset to find out that his roommate had his fill of multiple women before climbing into his bed the previous few days and that he continued to bed them behind his back despite them being in a relationship of sorts.

Hurt feelings gave way to rage and knowing that he couldn confront the raging older man about his numerous betrayals he simply took off to dull the pain.

Lex had not planned to find himself drugged nor did he wish for the onset of near on sexual assault at the hands of those drunken men.

”You enjoy pissing me off. ” growled the man with Hadrians face before he grabbed Lex and forced him to lie across his lap.

Lex let out something of a gasp before he felt the towel stripped from his body and his inferior pale bare cock pressed into the angry mans thigh.

The man with Hadrians face swiftly brought his large rough calloused hand down across the ample pasty white backside of the ailing Lex slapping at his still freshly slick flesh and causing him to cry out in agony.

Another blow rained as the fury of the former driver intensified as he thought back to the entire ordeal. Another and another radiated off the fleshy backside of the struggling Lex.

”This will teach you to be a **ing whore! ” growled the man with Hadrians face.

Another series of blows across Lexs backside lead to the younger lad whimpering as he struggled against the pain and his roommates grip. His inferior cock was pulsing as it rubbed rather unceremoniously against the tightly wound thigh of the man spanking his now reddened buttocks.

”Youd better not cum on my leg. ” growled the angry older man still smacking the younger mans backside.

Lex tried his best to keep his eventual climax from happening as the pain from being struck seemed to do something to him as his straining penis continued to receive pressure from being pinned to his lovers leg. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he attempted to grip the bed only to find that the minor pressure had been too much. The drugs that affected his system made him much too sensitive to ignore the sensation moving throughout his body.

”Oh… ” he moaned helplessly in the wake of the stinging sensation across his previously soaked backside, getting the older mans undivided attention. ”D-Daddy… ”

Frustration seemed to be getting the better of the man with Hadrians face, The older man had been in mid smack when Lex could no longer hold back his release. His vast amounts of semen spilled all over the front of his lovers suit slacks soaking them and his belly both.

Try as he might, the older man could only watch in fascination as Lex rolled onto the bed following being thrown by his angry lover. The ordeal had a tremendous effect on the older man as well as he found himself unable to ignore his own erection and the dripping of seed along his lap and arm.

More fury began to radiate behind the dark eyes of the man with Dr. Rawsones face as he looked upon the slightly dazed and confused Lex whom had curled up in the center of the mattress.

The furious man simply moved toward the front door and made a hasty exit much too angry to deal with the constant level of disrespect from his younger companion as he stormed out into the open night air, slamming the front door behind him and leaving the blond teen in the darkness alone as more tears streamed down his pale cheeks.

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