Paragon of Sin

Chapter 116: Anointed Crown Prince

After chatting with Qin Feng for a bit, Wei Wuyin allowed Qin Feng to mingle elsewhere. At the moment, his mind was occupied with all sorts of thoughts. His eyes swept around but didn ’t spot his target, so he could do nothing more than sit and wait.

”Lord Wei, do you think… ” Su Mei started to speak but deliberately paused. It seemed she caught on to the odd air in the room, faster than others.

”Mm. When it happens, it ’ll likely be fast and crimson. Be ready to put on your dazzling accessories. ” This was his disguised way of telling her that things were likely going to be quite bloody. If the opposing party seeks to bring interruption to this wedding, they must be fully confident in tackling any issues that arise.

In events like this, often there were unintended yet acceptable casualties for both the defensive and offensive sides of a conflict.

If he had known this would happen, perhaps he would ’ve come alone instead of bringing Su Mei and Bai Lin. Unfortunately, it was far beyond the timing to have them quietly retreat. It was safer if they stayed near him, and not left and became targets of some trap to prevent escapees or something of that nature.

Taking a deep breath, he continued to see the flood of experts and characters of renown. The atmosphere that was jubilant and exciting started to become odd and rigid. Even those slow on the uptake could now tell that an event was likely happening that far exceeded a prince ’s wedding. A silent world with hushed whispers now replaced those excitable exchanges.

Wei Wuyin could see that Qin Feng was seated in an area with the Sky Sword Sect ’s Ancestral Elder, Fang Shen, and Acho Echo Sect ’s beautiful Sect Leader, Lian Yaling. As for the other side, there was Mo Yuan, the Earthly Titan Sect ’s Sect Leader. However, if one thought that Mo Yuan was on the weaker side, they would be insane. Because he was on the side with royalty! There were princes and princesses, including Dukes and Earls that were Mortal Gods and Godlords. In fact, their side seemed to be more numerous!

”To think the overly cautious Qin Feng would be against the Imperial Clan…this must have so many intricate layers. ” He couldn ’t see the fog-covered puzzle that was currently happening. He lacked information, but what he did know was that an ensuing storm would likely ravage the world soon enough.

Just as Wei Wuyin was feeling an intense feeling in his heart, a feeling of excitement, a woman arrived at the entrance. Wei Wuyin ’s senses flared as he turned his gaze and saw a figure he hadn ’t expected!

Mei Yang!

The Helios Witch!!

Since that day where she barely escaped with her life against the one-time Astral Array trump card of the Yuhei Clan, he hadn ’t heard any updated news of her. In fact, he had asked about her at the Life World Emporium, but besides confirming that she was alive, there was no other information about her.

She still donned her signature short-sleeved white cheongsam with golden images of the sun and vines embroidered on its surface, tight-fitting and perfectly accentuating her feminine assets. Her beauty remained as radiant as a sunrise.

When she arrived, countless eyes met her. As she had arrived a little later than others, she became the center of attention. One figure had the most reaction, Fang Shen. His eyebrows furrowed as a sharpness emitted from his eyes. It carried hostile intent that caused all those to shiver and feel a sense of dread.

Mei Yang cutely smiled at Fang Shen, putting on a fearless front, but Wei Wuyin could hear her heartbeat and blood flow. While she seemed uninjured and normal, her cells were damaged and her heartbeat was irregular. She was injured yet to recover from that Astral Array. That irregular heartbeat belied her calmness, indicating fear and worry.

Her beautiful eyes swept away until she paused, just as Qin Feng did. She saw Wei Wuyin sitting there, handsome and completely untouched. Her heart quivered as she looked at him. She had assumed that, like the other peak-Mortal Gods, Wei Wuyin was obliterated into nothing.

Her eyes shook for a moment before they brightened. With a brilliant smile, she waltzed over with an exquisitely alluring sashay of her hips and shoulders.

She directly ignored the gazes and arrived before Wei Wuyin. Her eyes revealed a strange glint as she said without hiding her voice, ”I ’ve missed you dearly, love. It ’s been too long since that night. ”

Her next actions dropped jaws and widened eyes. With a swift movement, she sat directly on Wei Wuyin ’s lap, shaking her round butt a little as she got comfortable. Since there was no seat left in Wei Wuyin ’s area, she directly made her own.

Su Mei was startled, her eyes looked towards Wei Wuyin. When did Mei Yang and Wei Wuyin have that type of relationship?

What shocked her even more was that Wei Wuyin didn ’t seem shocked, surprised, or confused. Instead, he had a sly grin on his face as he grabbed Mei Yang ’s stomach and pushed her closer to himself. Mei Yang was quite short, and while she sat on him, her torso and head still only reached his neck.

He said, ”It has been. I ’ve missed you. ” Without missing a bit, he pressed his lips against her neck for a few soft kisses and used his hand to rub her flat stomach to get his feel of her soft flesh. Through her thin tight-fitting outfit, it was near skin-to-skin contact.

Mei Yang stilled for a moment, completely not expecting Wei Wuyin to react in such a direct and undenying manner. But she didn ’t lose out, and she became even more brazen as she grabbed his hand and lifted it to her chest, pressing her fingers against Wei Wuyin so he got a handful. He didn ’t hold back as he truly got a handful, and quite the handful it was.

”Ah! ” She moaned softly.

”… ” Everyone.

The abrupt scene that had become very vivid and not safe for children ’s viewing had occurred out of nowhere. While everyone knew of the Helios Witch ’s habit of mischief, they were startled to see Wei Wuyin act unbridled and ignoring everyone else.

”How uncouth of you! Be aware of your place! This is not a brothel! ” A male Mortal God roared. He belonged to a second-tier force and controlled his own sect within the Gaia State. While the two figures were seemingly experts, he had no fear as he berated them righteously.

Mei Yang turned to him and gave an alluring smile, causing his entire body to become stimulated. She was quite the beauty and a fantastical vixen.

However, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t as merciful. His eyes turned towards the Mortal God and became icy-cold. ”You dare interrupt me? ” His words were glacial, arrogant, and beyond fierce. The body of that Mortal God was stimulated in other ways, more frightening ways.

”Leave. ” Wei Wuyin no longer deigned to even look at the Mortal God any longer. His words were suffused with disdain and disregard.

”You! ” The Mortal God became enraged despite his boiling fear. While he didn ’t dare attack the Helios Witch, he wanted to teach Wei Wuyin a lesson.

”You motherfu- ”

Prince Zhen saw this from afar and his heart quivered. He immediately gave orders to the Imperial Guard on duty. They were swift as they arrived in a flash beside the Mortal God, interrupting him.

”We ’re here to escort you. ” Their words were not a question, and their spiritual strength was locked on the Mortal God. Their eyes fierce. The Mortal God felt that if he refused, the Imperial Guards would immediately attack to kill. His heart shook.

Who is this guy?

But he didn ’t get the opportunity to ask as he was directly taken away under the escort of the Imperial Guards. This shocked everyone, even Mei Yang.

He could uninvite people from an Imperial Wedding? Was he truly a Godlord and a Lord Alchemist? This…

Prince Zhen had cold sweat on his forehead and back. He knew Wei Wuyin ’s arrogance and unfathomable strength. He killed a Godking because he threatened his lovers, beheaded him in a single exchange. He was casual, but if he became angry, who knew what hell would descend?

Those with keen perceptions and intelligence realized that Wei Wuyin had the backing of a high level figure or was an exceptional guest. After a few exchanges of transmissions, those Godlords that were absent to his titles were shocked to realize he was a Godlord and a Lord Alchemist…

If so, then he was a figure with extraordinary status! Even Fang Shen withdrew his hostility towards Mei Yang and acted as if she didn ’t exist. She wasn ’t worth offending a second Godlord or a Lord Alchemist, let alone both. The gathering and financial power they had was terrifying.

There was once an Expert Alchemist that could concoct fifth-grade products, suitable for fourth, fifth, and sixth-phase experts that used his entire wealth and years of personal service as a bounty to eradicate another country ’s force that rivaled the Five Great Sects and Two Great Clans. That force was eradicated in the matter of a few days.

It was absolutely shocking, but the force that performed the deed later used this wealth and service to fight for the country ’s rule, successfully overthrowing the country ’s ruling power. What more, that force didn ’t have a single Astral Core Realm expert when it accomplished this.

They had a hundred Mortal Gods, though. They gathered into a fierce formation with the Godking and Godlords developed with decades of exceptional resources, and killed the Astral Core Realm leader of the country. They became the first country to ascend the throne without the support of an Astral Core Realm expert.

That force later developed a long lineage of Astral Core Realm experts and still had rule over that country to this very day.

Now, if it was a Lord Alchemist…

This was far, far more frightening.

Wei Wuyin ignored all their reactions and kept taking advantage of Mei Yang. Since she wanted to take advantage of him as a shield, he didn ’t relent and enjoyed every inch of her delicate body.

After a bit, Mei Yang grabbed his hands and tried to get him to stop but met little success. He had a body refined by Draconic Blood Energies, she had no way to escape his grip. While he stopped his caress, he kept her on his lap and enjoyed that round rump of hers.


Just as he was about to get more invasive, a bell rang. It was the bell of initiation.

The wedding had officially begun!

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