Paragon of Sin

Chapter 132: Gathering - Na Xinyi

Three months later.

A myriad of different events occurred in these three months. They were vital for the entire continent and produced all sorts of scrambles. Word had spread that Fairy Blessed Spirit, an existence backed by an unfathomable sect, was selecting talents to host an examination.

These elite talents would be able to enter this sect for cultivation and a brighter future. The majority of the world was confused, uncertain of the truth within this news, but when they saw the mad rush the various seven countries were doing to gather talents, and young talents to their side to participate, they all knew the veracity of this event was real.

Wu Jiao further did his duty diligently, explaining the sect ’s name and strength. Supposedly, the sect controlled the continent and had been choosing leaders thus far. When he revealed his cultivation at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the hearts of countless powerhouses grew cold.

There were no more than ten Astral Core Realm experts in the continent, and they all knew the secrets and existence of this mysterious sect, including its ownership over the Myriad Yore Continent. Yet now, Wu Jiao had been declared the leader of it and given the superior cultivation base over any and everyone on the continent.

How could their hearts not grow cold? Their ruling power was now shattered, the continent was bound to be united under the Wu Clan ’s banner, and they could do absolutely nothing about it.

But! They had an opportunity! They could send their descendants into the sect and hope their future becomes brilliant, allowing them to return and bring themselves to greater heights. This was the only thing they could do.

Despite the strict requirements, there were numerous talents that met it. All one needed to do was reach the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm before one hundred years of age. With the vast resources and means of these countries, their talented descendants reached this easily. While they might be in their eighties or nineties, they still met the requirement!

All these talents were plucked from every corner and the announcement even targeted those elite rogue cultivators or hidden clans. This instigated a mass movement of individuals into the Wu Country, but they were all welcomed without a single issue.

This was because the order to gather was Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s! An elder of this sect that owned the entire continent!

These ’young ’ talents were brought here by their elders, and even Astral Core Realm experts, but they were all obedient and caused no trouble. Because Wu Jiao was the future ruler of this continent, so why would they dare?!

While there was some skirmishes and exchanges amongst geniuses, perhaps even some young squabbles, these old foxes remained silent and simply ensured no deaths occurred.

Wei Wuyin, Su Mei, and Bai Lin had similarly traveled to the Wu Central Lands Royal Capital, Heavenly Wu City once more.

Wei Wuyin ’s entire aura seemed to have changed. There was an air of confidence and stability within it that seemed unrivaled amongst those of his age. While he was only thirty-seven years old today, he had immense accomplishments. This was especially so in terms of his cultivation.

While he hadn ’t ascended to the Ninth Stage, the Qi Essence Phase, he had used his alchemy skills to continuously concoct those seventh-grade, low-tier pills that helped produce Qi Essence motes, Astral Dipper Fountain Pills.

Divine Saber Spirit: 99 Motes.

Divine Elemental Spirit: 99 Motes.

Draconic Blood Spirit: 99 Motes.

Alchemic Eden Spirit: 99 Motes.

But he wasn ’t satisfied with the 9th Mortal State. He wanted to reach the legendary Zenith Mortal State mentioned by Wu Jiao for each of his Natal Souls.

Unlike other alchemists, Wei Wuyin ’s success rate, overall quality, and concoction speed was exceptionally heaven-defying. Due to his steady cultivation base supported by four reserves of qi, his high energy recovery thanks to the monstrous absorption and refinement rate of his externalized spirits, his piercing and all-encompassing spiritual sense, he could work at a far greater effectiveness than others.

Furthermore, the clarity of his concoctions seemed to be unreasonably clear. He could see every detail as if he was every morsel of essence, energy, and material within his cauldron. This likely had to do with his Mind Qi, the Eden Qi being attached to his Alchemic Spirit. He felt the process so thoroughly that he knew why and how errors occurred.

Next time, he readily fixed them, thereby improving the quality endlessly until they were all perfectly concocted at the peak-quality without fail! This startled even him as it revealed an exceptional gift towards concocting pills.

If this was maintained true for higher ranking products, his path in the Dao of Alchemy would be smoother and grander than any other.

An alchemist that could feel all changes in their cauldron down to the microsecond shifts due to temperature, adjustments in qi, or kneading of materials, how exceptional was that?

Furthermore, his fleshy body was beyond strong, so he had endless stamina, and with Alchemic Eden Spirit, he could replenish his mental energies with essence by refining it with his Mind Qi.

He was theoretically an inexhaustible machine!

Even now, he wasn ’t exhausted despite tirelessly working during these three months. Well, lucky too, because since that day in the cave…he had experienced cold sweat inducing nightmares startling him awake..

Regardless, his energy was vibrant and active.

He wasn ’t the only one who experienced massive changes. Su Mei had similarly cultivated during these three months with the support of high-level alchemic products, helping her ascend to the Seventh Stage of Qi Condensation, Sublime Qi Phase. Even Wei Wuyin was startled by the effectiveness of certain products.

There was a pill called the Essence Invigoration Pill. It was a sixth-grade, high-tier pill that contained essence amounting to fifty essence stones into it. Refining it was like refining a single essence stone in terms of difficulty and time.

Su Mei consumed three of these, accompanied by a sixth-grade, low-tier elixir called the Hyper Stimulation Elixir, which can help dissolve and stimulate the meridians to promote faster refinement of essence. This was an insane combination.

The main reason why many Mortal Gods stayed at the early-stage, the Sixth Phase, despite it only requiring essence stones, was time! Time to absorb, refine, direct, and consolidate!

The average time for an average cultivator to absorb the entirety of a single essence stone was about a year. This was talent. And a year was still decent. While other forms of energies were determined by physique affinity, essence was pretty much universally difficult.

Su Mei ’s cultivation talent wasn ’t tested when she was taken from her family and brought to be a concubine, but she needed a fourth of the time to refine a single essence stone. This was insanely good! As for Wei Wuyin, he had needed five months.

In comparison, he was far less talented in terms of cultivation talent than Su Mei, but he made up for it with skills, planning, and will. He forged his path.

The fact that the Dao of Alchemy can accelerate one ’s innate talent to absorb two hundred essence stones in three months felt surreal. It felt almost as if it shouldn ’t exist. It was the height of unfairness. After all, everyone has limited life.

The trio walked along the paved path to the gathering spot, with countless people watching from afar in amazement or conversation. There were countless famous figures from all over the continent here or still arriving, so there was much to gossip about.

He and Su Mei were discussing the future. They didn ’t bother about these famous characters or to learn their backgrounds. They simply didn ’t care. The chances of them actually entering the sect was very low, otherwise this wouldn ’t be such a rare event and the sect behind Fairy Blessed Spirit would do recruitments after a certain period.

Shockingly though, Su Mei had told him that she didn ’t have any intention to join the sect as a disciple. If the sect was anything like the Scarlet Solaris Sect, then following Wei Wuyin as a subordinate, or even a maid, would be better than being a lower-tier disciple. She didn ’t believe that Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t obtain an exceptional status, and grow even faster than her.

He was a King Alchemist, a Godlord that could one-shot Godkings, incredibly intelligent, and strong-willed. His innate talent in essence aside, his comprehension ability was unheard of. After all, he birthed Elemental Qi with nine high-level Elemental Essences, Saber Intent, and had his current attainments in the Dao of Alchemy all before the age of forty.

Since it was basically certain he would be a disciple, she could follow him dutifully and obtain greater benefits than she would receive struggling as a disciple embroiled in schemes and conflicts.

Wei Wuyin respected her decision. If he was in her situation, he would likely take the same route.

They soon arrived at the grand square that was originally the wedding venue. It was not a flat ground with even greater land, allowing all these newcomers to find a location and camp out until the designated time. There were numerous tents, carriages, and even miniature palaces spread across everywhere.

It was truly a sight. Furthermore, all these gathered elites and powerhouses were all quiet and obedient. Incredible!

They soon found an empty location in a corner and with Bai Lin ’s body, they comfortably set-up here. She laid down and they sat and leaned against her body as she did. In moments, she dozed off.

Wei Wuyin and Su Mei weren ’t idle, talking about cultivation during this time of wait.

Soon, several figures arrived and drew the attention of the majority. The reason for this was its gorgeous yet enviable composition. There were five female beauties and a single male walking, with the single male in the lead. Each beauty had a different air about them, but they were all nation-topplers and world-shakers. They all seemed to have a decent relationship with the one very, very, very lucky man and there wasn ’t a hint of discord within.

While there were a few young elites that brought their harem for pastime purposes, or simply bragging rights, all of these women revealed youthful auras, unmatched bearings, and exceptional cultivations!

They were all Mortal Gods! At least!!

They were like colorful peacocks in a grey world.

The man that was blessed enough to be surrounded by beauties that could make every man feel envy and a tinge of hate was none other than Long Chen!

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