Paragon of Sin

Chapter 149: Extreme Creation Mountain

Xiang Ling patiently waited as she explained Bo Kay ’s status and race to Long Tingyu and Qing Qiumu.

He originated from a demon born from a special type known as the Gale End Leaf Demon and was of its lineage. In this grand world, there were two types of demons: those born naturally and those born from reproduction. The first type was where all true demons were born from.

Unlike humans, elves, or beastmen, demons, true demons, were not humanoid in origin. In fact, they were an entirely different species and quite varied at that. They could be born from a drop of water, a leaf, a block of ice, or even a drop of blood. They were a byproduct of an unnatural heavenly event called Soul Impartation.

In this world, souls are born at the creation of living things, but most objects and materials don ’t have souls. These types of things are given souls by the Heavenly Daos. Why? No one knew, but with souls, one can embark on cultivation, gain awareness, and inevitably gain humanoid form and procreate amongst the other living existences.

Their species were varied and consisted of many lineages. Some were noble and powerful, originating from materials or objects that had exceptional origin and thus exceptional power. Or, they had mundane origins and thus were ordinary. This was why Xiang Ling had once said that demons were either exceptionally talented or useless, there was no middle-ground.

The second type of demon was the vast, vast majority in existence. They originated from the lineage of those natural-born true demons, but were products of reproductive actions from other humanoid races, such as humans, elves, or beastmen.

Bo Kay was of the second type, originating from the Gale End Leaf Demon lineage, a rather exceptional lineage, and the elven race.

Just as Long Tingyu and Qing Qiumu were in utter awe at this newfound knowledge, Wei Wuyin turned towards Xiang Ling knowing that Bo Kay wanted to take him away. ”You ’re coming? ”

Xiang Ling heart raced for a moment as she saw Wei Wuyin offer to bring her along. She softly bit her lips and shook her head with a hint of reluctance. ”I need to take Long Tingyu to orientation and Qing Qiumu to the Imperial Sage. ”

”Oh? ” Bo Kay looked over and spotted the veiled Qing Qiumu. ”That ’s ’her ’ descendant? Oh, what immense natural endowments. She has an elemental physique, unique mind ’s eye, and meridian structure! How exceptional, how exceptional. ” Bo Kay held nothing back as he praised endlessly.

Qing Qiumu had a trifecta of natural endowment. Her Wood Yin Essence Physique, Innate Meridians of the Nine Meadows, and Violet Forestry Palace of the Psyche were all exceptional if it was simply one person who had one of them, but all of this gathered onto a single person was an immense heavenly blessing.

”She ’ll be an exceptional Wood Cultivator. Perhaps the best in the entire sect if raised properly, perhaps in all of the starfield ’s history. ” Bo Kay was truly not stingy with his praise, causing Qing Qiumu to feel somewhat shy at his gaze.

Xiang Ling similarly agreed. When she learned that Qing Qi, that idiot of a father, hadn ’t sent her over immediately, she held a wisp of rage in her heart. She was now decades behind others in terms of what she could be. Luckily, she had a high-ranking ancestor in the sect, so she might be able to make up for this in the long run.

Unfortunately…she was attached to a possible waste.

Dual Cultivation was fine and all, but when the difference is too massive, it only serves as an anchor. Wei Wuyin understood this fact clearly as his essence was mostly one-sidedly given to Mei Yang. He was losing out in the exchange even.

Wei Wuyin understood, agreed, and nodded. Qing Qiumu was a once-in-a-million-year talent. Unfortunately, Qing Qiumu and him had to separate. He felt relaxed and at peace with her, simply a little conversation made him forget his worries.

He also had an urge to get closer to Xiang Ling. She was a striking beauty and he desired her. Unfortunately, she had other matters to attend to, and he couldn ’t pull her along.

”Then, I hope we can meet again. ” After giving a smile, and similarly saying his goodbyes and good wishes to Qing Qiumu, Bo Kay exerted his strength and they flashed atop the Sky Pegasus.

Its back was so broad that even Bai Lin was capable of sitting on it with folded wings. Bai Lin felt an immediate feeling of superiority as she cried out orders as if the pegasus was her mount, beneath her authority and forced to be ridden.

Bo Kay and Wei Wuyin saw this and laughed aloud. It was so synchronized and abrupt that they stopped at the same time and looked at each other. A glint flashing through their eyes and a moment of understanding later, and they laughed again even louder than before. It wasn ’t long before Bo Kay and Wei Wuyin became kindred spirits and struck an instant friendship.

As Qing Qiumu saw their vanishing figures, her heart felt a sensation of disappointment and reluctance. ’Regardless of others ’ grudges, I don ’t think I can accept him as an enemy in my heart. I hope we do meet again. ’With the ongoing hate and conflict between Wei Wuyin and Long Chen, she originally felt uncertain, but now she felt her heart come to a decision.

This belief and decision going forward will bring about exceptional change in her life, change that she was unaware of.


Flying towards the Quintuple Extreme Imperial Mountains where the sect was located, Wei Wuyin and Bo Kay both had relaxed expressions. Bo Kay started to inform Wei Wuyin more about the sect in casual conversation, but this was considered orientation.

According to him, the Quintuple Extreme Imperial Mountains was the designated name of the five sky-piercing mountains, but the overall chain of mountains were called the Penta Dao Mountain Range. As for each of the sky-piercing mountains, they were strictly divided into purpose and focused on a specific type of Daos in cultivation.

The Extreme Creation Mountain contained those who cultivated the Dao of Alchemy, Dao of Forging, and the Dao of Design. Those who took these paths were referred to as Alchemists, Forgers, and Architects, collectively known as Creationists.

While Alchemists were easy to grasp in terms of overall path, Forgers and Architects were more broader and varied. Those who cultivated the Dao of Forging are commonly seen as blacksmiths of armaments and tools, talisman crafters, and tailors. Those who cultivated the Dao of Design were more like scholars, and they focused on designing spiritual spells, formations, arrays, cultivation methods, qi arts, and astral arts.

They studied and explored these categories endlessly.

However, there was a lot of cross-connection, such as formations and arrays were incorporated in the Dao of Forging and talismans were used as formations flags for arrays and arts.

The second mountain, the Extreme War Mountain, focused on the Dao of War. This included the Weapon Dao, such as saber, sword, spear, battle, slaughter, etc. Those in this mountain cultivated Ethereal Intents and had exceptional battle prowess.

’If Long Chen overcomes the examination, he ’ll likely be sent here. ’

The third mountain, the Extreme Origin Mountain, was focused on the Material Dao, such as the nine elements, or other forms of energies like scarlet, jade, etc.

The fourth mountain, the Extreme Demon Mountain, was a mountain engulfed in demonic energies all year-round and facilitated the housing of demons. This was their optimal environment for cultivation, so over ninety-percent of demons lived here. It didn ’t have a true focus in terms of cultivation, and was just a housing mountain for the species.

Bo Kay lived in the Extreme Demon Mountain, but he was a member of the Extreme Creation Mountain. While there were some invested demons that simply stayed and represented the Extreme Demon Mountain, it had the lowest population of all mountains. Because of its year-round exposure to demonic energies which was very inhospitable to other races, only demons stayed there.

The last mountain, the Extreme Monarch Mountain, was the core and central mountain of the five. It was similarly a housing unit, but this was for some Elders and Imperial Sages. It was an absolute cultivation haven for high-ranking experts, but most of them were a part of the Extreme Creation, War, or Origin Mountains. The most notable of its purposes was a platform for challenges, wagers, and discussions. Furthermore, all the Cultivation Methods, Spiritual Spells, and other cultivation manuscripts were located here.

After flying for a period of time, they finally were close enough to see all the intricate features of the five mountains.


His sea of consciousness trembled as his eyes focused on a single mountain amongst the five. This mountain was shrouded by a thick layer of violet-colored mist. It roiled and coiled around the mountain in a miraculous and mesmerising fashion. It was highly unusual, like the violet mist was alive.

From his sea of consciousness, originating from his Alchemic Eden Natal Soul, he felt an intense desire. This startled him as he was unable to understand its desire or why, simply that it wanted to enter the violet mist.

Could his Alchemic Eden Natal Soul have a desire for demonic energies? His expression changed as he recalled the origin of demons. He had long known of the differences amongst demons since he was young, and knew they were typically born from objects being imparted a soul.

Could it be that the Tree of Eden he refined still lived and had changed due to merging with his Alchemic Natal Soul?

His brows furrowed deeply as he pondered, looking at the Extreme Demon Mountain. ’I ’ll have to investigate when I have a chance. ’

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