Paragon of Sin

Chapter 183: Power

”… ” Zhao Yan ’s eyes shrank slightly. ”Y-yet? ”

Wei Wuyin shook his head slightly. ’You ’re the Vice-Commander of the Knight of Enforcement, the authority that handled punishment and order within the sect. How did you become so skittish? ’

While Wei Wuyin knew that the Grand Axis Faction Incident had instilled fear in others, scaring the monkeys quite thoroughly, he hadn ’t realized that his three years of concoction and networking had spread amongst the elite circles. He was like a factory for sixth and seventh-grade products as he bribed his way through everywhere.

In fact, he found out that one of his direct subordinates was a spy for Wei Wuyin today, giving detailed information to Su Mei. Furthermore, while this went against the code of conduct, they couldn ’t be punished?

This person literally cursed him and said, word for word: ”You want to fire me? You ’ll have to ask Heavenly King Wei ’s permission first. ” Then, he casually handed him the transmission crystal. He could only stand there and have his eyelids twitch ceaselessly.

After all, wasn ’t he on his payroll too? Furthermore, he went to him! But seeing the level of corruption was quite impressive nonetheless. He had a sneaky suspicion that even the other four Vice-Commanders were similarly bribed. After all, the Captain-class Knight handling this matter wasn ’t even his subordinate, yet according to various reports, a mere mention of Wei Wuyin ’s name had triggered her.

Was she already on his side?!

This was fear; this was influence; this was power.

In a mere three years, the sect was already tainted by his aura. How many products did he use to establish such a sphere of influence and so swiftly at that? No way mere reputation could cause that.

Wei Wuyin had truly taken wide-spread action in the sect. Unlike in the Scarlet Solaris Sect, he had something others didn ’t have: Wealth. He could concoct several high-quality seventh-grade alchemical products in minutes, when others took decades. As for sixth-grade alchemical products? He had too many to count, and mostly experimented with them and sold them off, having Su Mei establish a network to collect rare artifacts and information.

After all, information was key.

Luckily, while sixth-grade products were typically suited for upper-phase Qi Condensation experts, there were quite a few products that could help lower-phase Astral Core Realm cultivators in their cultivation. The majority of cultivators were at the Qi Condensation Realm anyhow.

Zhao Yan audibly gulped. ”What do you mean…yet? ”

Wei Wuyin smilingly replied, ”I once gave my word on this matter. How about we go and see the situation before we jump to conclusions? ”

Su Mei no longer paid Zhao Yan any attention. With a powerful snort, Xiao Bai turned into a black lightning bolt and pierced through the Sky Layer.

Zhao Yan rubbed his forehead, trying to smooth out his mental worries. He could only hope matters weren ’t too simple. If Wei Wuyin decides to make another showing off power, even he might be implicated. He could only sigh as he gave orders for the pegasus to follow.

As they pierced through the Sky Layer, Zhao Yan ’s eyes bulged as he sensed Xiao Bai already reach half-way. His speed was exceptionally fast! The pegasus he rode couldn ’t even keep up. In fact, it might be dozens of times faster. The pegasus neighed in defiance, jade light swirled around its beautiful wings as it stomped on the air and sped up. It trudged downwards with all its might, yet in a few moments, it lost sight of Xiao Bai.

When they entered the seventh-level, Xiao Bai was nowhere to be seen. They couldn ’t even see the black streak through the Sky Layer that acted as the foundation for the seventh-level! It shot downwards faster, pushing its limits.

Breaking through the Sky Layer and re-entering the sights of the Extreme Mountains, they finally saw Xiao Bai. He was standing upon the air while its eyes regarded the beast and man with the utmost degree of derision. It said to the pegasus in a sound only they understood: ”We got here at least an hour ago, how slow! Did you take a piss break along the way? ”

Not only did the pegasus ’s eyelids twitched, but Zhao Yan, who didn ’t understand what it said, couldn ’t help but feel insulted.

”Mad? You want to fight? ” Xiao Bai snorted.

Wei Wuyin shook his head. This attitude deeply reminded him of Bai Lin, causing him to lift his head towards the sky and miss that beautifully arrogant creature. She was still only three years into her nine years nirvanic resurrection. When she returned, he planned to travel more.

”Let ’s go, ” Wei Wuyin said. He had waited for Zhao Yan because it would be easier to settle the situation with him there. Otherwise, he would ’ve gone ahead. On his word, Xiao Bai calmly flew towards the Extreme War Mountain with Zhao Yan flying alongside him. They no longer sped like madmen. The only reason they did that was because being inside the Sky Layer was an uncomfortable experience.


Extreme War Mountain, Platform of Criminal Execution.

The Platform of Criminal Execution was located on the first level of the Extreme War Mountain, and was a vast square that could house hundreds of thousands of people. At the center of this square was a clear-view tower that reached ninety-nine feet high, and had a guillotine that was often used in mortal executions there. The hole tainted with dry multicolored blood that housed the necks of those awaiting to be sent off was adjustable. After all, demons were sometimes larger, taller, and thicker than average humans or elves.

There were numerous individuals present, both on the wide floor of the tower and in the spectator square. Those below who were watching the event weren ’t originally numerous, but it quickly reached over capacity with nearly a million watchers.

On the tower, there were dozens of figures, and shockingly, not all of them belonged to the Knights of Enforcement, but several disciples, elders, and even a Prime Imperial Sage. This Prime Imperial Sage was a veiled woman with a thin and tall physique, and she was Qing Qiumu ’s ancestor, Qing Lingjiu.

Bei Ming, the Captain-class Knight of Enforcement and current overseer of this incident, was quietly waiting beside a shackled and imprisoned Qing Qiumu. She was a tall, icy-cold human beauty with tied-up black hair, chilly black eyes, and a beauty mole at the side of her upper lip.

Directly below the execution platform, Long Tingyu and her Heavenly Commander Ancestor, Jar Vin, were tied, their cultivations sealed, and were surrounded by Knights of Enforcement. He was a demonic dwarf with black skin, violet pupils, and violet hair. The most notable feature was a gloriously wavy beard that flowed without wind. He looked nothing like the young teenaged beauty that was Long Tingyu.

Her black hair had violet highlights and her dark eyes would flicker with violet flashes from time to time, but her flawlessly pale skin was still exceptionally beautiful and quite jade-like, almost resembling a porcelain doll. Furthermore, her chest was showing an exceptional rate of growth, already being more than an average handful.

Given a few more years, she would definitely become a world-shaking vixen-like beauty that could only bring calamity to the hearts and groins of men.

A few ways off was a familiar figure that Wei Wuyin would immediately recognize. Her eyes revealed undisguised worry as she focused her gaze on Long Tingyu.

Despite nearly four years having passed, she still remained exceptional. With those full lips that were painted with red, akin to freshly cut roses, and a voluptuous and curvy figure that seemed to be moulded to perfect. Her eyes, lips, thin eyebrows, slightly sharp nose, and jet-black hair that flowed downwards like a cascading water was still as perfect as that day.

It was Xiang Ling!

It was her who brought all of them to the Myriad Monarch Sect, and shockingly, she did it for these two who were currently about to be imprisoned or executed. Next to her were several women and a lone male.

This male was Long Chen, his eyes seemed calm, but a light within exuded boundless murder and a desire to kill. Next to him was Na Xinyi, Lian Yu, Wu Baozhai, Hong Ru, and Xiao Bing. The others were as beautiful as always, and Hong Ru with her fiery red hair and scarlet eyes that faintly revealed the light of flickering embers and Xiao Bing whose white hair released faint chilly air, were definitely no less beautiful. Moreover, they were both…well…well endowed.

At the moment, several Knights of Enforcement locked them down with their spiritual auras, awaiting word from Bei Ming.

Hong Ru, with her burning eyes, looked towards Na Xinyi and hesitantly asked, ”Are you sure you ’re…his wife? ” Her eyes drifted to Long Chen in suspicion. There ’s no way Heavenly King Wei, the Prince of Everlore ’s wife, would be so close and familiar with another man and suffer such mistreatment, right?

Why was she a Null Disciple? While she can ’t exceed the Nascent Dust rank due to strict rules, shouldn ’t she at least be at that rank and enjoying immense wealth, status, and environmental benefits? With the backing of a King Alchemist, reaching the Astral Core Realm and joining the five million elites shouldn ’t be too difficult.

Xiao Bing coldly said, ”How could she be? This is a ploy to stall for time. Long Chen, will you use that? ” As she spoke, her eyes sneakily took a glance at Long Chen ’s ring. Her icy disposition was on full display as she directly rejected the idea. After all, Long Chen and Na Xinyi were closer than most and it was utterly impossible for her to be another man ’s wife with those actions.


As she thought of this possibility, Hong Ru said with disbelief: ”Are you having an affair?! ” Her words were somewhat subdued but there were quite a few with keen hearing, especially beastmen.

A hush clamor occurred with exclamations and gasps. While a few felt this was outlandish claims, a few others couldn ’t help but love a scandal.

Na Xinyi ’s eyes nearly burst out of her sockets! ’This idiotic woman! Why are you speaking so loud? Are you trying to make sure everyone hears you?! ’Hong Ru was renowned for her no-filter mouth and loose lips, but this was outrageous. Was she truly an idiot? Did all her brains go to her chest?!

She was already feeling very anxious about this entire thing, and those words only exacerbated her anxiety. But this was the only solution that had come to mind at the critical moment to save Qing Qiumu from death. Wei Wuyin had experienced a monstrous rise within the sect, his name known to most, unknown to very few, and was easily a household name. In most casual conversations, he would be brought up.

Even she was shocked by his current status and reputation! While they weren ’t even fully disciples, he had caused countless waves and shown the world his exceptional talent. In comparison…her eyes moved to this man who once swore revenge for her, who once fought against and then forever with, and the words of Long Tingyu, Wu Baozhai, and Lin Ziyan echoed endlessly.

”Big Brother will definitely surpass that silver-eyed idiot! ”

”He ’s the man I chose, and I know that he ’ll reach heights that goes beyond the sky, into the starry skies, and even further beyond. ”

”Na Xinyi, he has boundless potential and a hardy life. You made the right choice. You won ’t regret it. ”

Her hesitation before…

Long Chen ’s lips twitched a little before he said, ”Quiet. ” He directly ignored all their words and thoughts as he communicated with the ring. Unfortunately, it was currently in a weakened state. He hadn ’t been able to find nourishing materials for it. However, at this critical juncture, only it could carve out a path of hope.

He had already failed Lin Ziyan, could he simply watch as Long Tingyu was imprisoned and Qing Qiumu was executed?! He absolutely couldn ’t! However, all his actions to communicate with the ring ’s spirit was met with no response.

He balled his fist and gritted his teeth. ’Why am I so weak? If I had enough strength, I could sweep aside all this with a single word. ’

Unfortunately, he swiftly learned a very cruel fact about cultivation: It was difficult. In the five years since he ’d ascended into the Eighth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, he had met numerous fortuitous encounters and benefited greatly from rare resources, but his Qi Essence count was merely eighty-three with both Natal Souls!

He desired to embark on the peak path with two Natal Souls, reaching the Zenith Mortal State in both! This was the only path to a true martial elite, and if he settled at the beginning, his future would definitely be gated! He knew this because only those who reached the Zenith Mortal State could reach the realm beyond the Astral Core Realm!

This was what the spirit living in his ring told him, and he believed it thoroughly. He couldn ’t settle! He wouldn ’t settle!!


A thunderous explosive boom erupted in the sky, causing numerous heads to simultaneously lift their heads to see two winged shadows descend.


He was here!!

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