Paragon of Sin

Chapter 241: Ungodly Thing

In the end, Tuo Bihan hid his suspicions and didn ’t press. That little lass had the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity and had clearly bought half the sect somehow. Even under their watchful eyes, he still left without anyone noticing. Even Qi Lang had admitted that he was under orders to not report Wei Wuyin ’s arrival by Wei Wuyin.

It was quite stupefyingly impressive how embedded Wei Wuyin was in the sect in just four years. While his status of Heavenly King was bestowed to him, he truly gripped immense power and influence in the sect in such a short period of time.

If Tuo Bihan knew that even the Grand Imperial Sages had been corrupted, who knew whether he would laugh or cry to an early grave.

They proceeded to return to the subject of Jiang Lanlan. They carefully decided on the compensation they would demand. If the demand was refused or not met then Jiang Lanlan will stay within the sect until it is. If the Sacred Light Palace took action, she would be the first to be publicly executed as they declared war. Their bottom-line was this, it couldn ’t be crossed.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t left any instructions on how to handle this. This was a matter he didn ’t have the power, influence, or status to decide. As for wealth, he didn ’t particularly need this. While rare, high-level astral-grade resources were desired, the Myriad Monarch Sect had most, if not all, that he needed.

It was best that he the task of negotiating for these wily old experts. Likely the Sacred Light Palace might lose more than resources, but territory as well. This was why he didn ’t give any advice or input. In his heart, he had already decided to seek his own vengeance on his own terms when he was strong enough personally.

They handled it perfectly. After everything was settled, they moved on.

”It ’s rare for all of us to be gathered. Shall we talk about other matters? ” Qin Rui said. The eyebrows of everyone rose. It was indeed rare for all five to be gathered in the same mountain. Most of their communications were done via avatars, transmissions, or envoys. While this wasn ’t an issue in deciding things, it was best to handle and discuss important matters in person. There wouldn ’t be any miscommunication, lack of conveyed tone, or lag in their conversations.

”What do you have in mind? ” Ji Changkong ’s canine eyes swept Qin Rui ’s figure, arriving at her concealed face. Her yin aura was so tantalizing that, while he could control himself, his thoughts couldn ’t help but wonder. In the entire starfield, there were less than thirty figures at their level. Of those thirty, Ji Changkong was the only female that still possessed her intact primal yin.

It had been nourished for hundreds of years in rich energies and an exceptional bloodline. If he or Yao Zhen were capable of refining it via dual cultivation methods, assailing the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm in the next decade was possible.

Unlike the other tribulations, the seventh, eighth, and ninth Astral Tribulations were purely destructive. They couldn ’t fail and survived. If you assailed the seventh phase, you must succeed or die. There was no other option. This was because it wouldn ’t cease until it was dealt with. That being said, the benefits received after conquering the tribulation were immense.

The combat difference between the sixth and seventh phases was fundamentally unsurpassable without extreme methods, armaments, or a godly foundation. About 99.9% of all sixth phase experts couldn ’t last a single exchange against those at the seventh phase.

It was a hellish gap, greater than between heaven and earth.

Qin Rui felt Ji Changkong ’s gaze but was unbothered. While her Primal Yin was useful to men, wasn ’t it useful to herself? As long as her Primal Yin remained intact, she could draw unimaginable power from it. It was her best chance in overcoming the Seventh Astral Tribulation.

”There was an incident with Long Chen and Prime Imperial Sage Huangfu Wenghu. ” Her words caused silence to overtake the room. The eyes of everyone shifted to Tuo Bihan. Tuo Bihan ’s expression was indifferent as he shook his head.

Huangfu Wenghu was a Prime Imperial Sage and Alchemic King of his Extreme Creation Mountain. A short while ago, an incident happened with the Huangfu Clan ’s younger generation and Long Chen. To most, Long Chen was a feeble figure that was struggling, but they had already understood some clues of his identity as he kept trudging his way up the rankings.

Just recently, he gloriously ascended the Astral Core Realm, and overcame it with a merged Astral Soul, just like the Sacred Elven Queen once did. It had caused endless ripples and news to resound, and speculation of his potential after breaking a relatively unbroken limitation of cultivation since the Sacred Elven Queen. After all, his Imperial Slaughter Sword Astral Soul was terrifyingly strong!

He revealed unprecedented battle prowess equating to the peak of the Second Stage and dominated the Huangfu Clan ’s disciples in consecutive battle. He easily started to be recognized, and for his efforts and combat prowess, he was given special exemption and became an Earthly Elite rank disciple. The resulting uproar was tremendous as his talents were slowly unearthed and revealed to the world.

As for the clues, how could they be ignorant of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method? It was a lost art that was said to have been discontinued yet it revealed itself in Long Chen. This meant he was likely the next Grand Monarch. This was based on the foundational rules of the sect.

However, their sect had always been fair and impartial. Even your backing outside of sect rules mattered little. Only those who earned or deserved their power were given it, and resources could only be earned, never given without reason. They kept true to their modus operandi.

Despite that, they felt slightly uncomfortable in their hearts. This child had a knack for offending everyone and their mothers. In fact, Ji Changkong, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme War Mountain, the mountain that Long Chen was a part of, received a bold declaration by Long Chen.

Qin Rui was a little frustrated. Originally, she didn ’t like Long Chen because of Qing Qiumu. While Qing Qiumu wasn ’t her direct descendant, she was an exceptional elf with boundless potential who was a part of her mountain. When she first learned of his actions and how he nearly got her killed, including their close relationship, her first instinct was to shut it down. This was before his ascent to the Astral Core Realm and revealment of his status.

She had silently interfered, but this led to nothing. Qing Qiumu remained by Long Chen ’s side, and she felt unwilling to involve herself too much.

Tuo Bihan ’s eyes narrowed. From his understanding, Wei Wuyin and Long Chen were at direct odds. When he was investigating him, he learned that Long Chen ’s personality was unyielding and willing to kill for the slightest grudge. He was quite petty. And according to his way of actions, including the incident with that girl named Na Xinyi, it was unlikely he ’ll calmly accept Wei Wuyin.

He was conflicted, even vague thoughts of killing Long Chen emerged in his heart. He even made a slight comment that led to Huangfu Wenghu ’s conflict with Long Chen. In truth, he was responsible for it all.

Fortunately, that went against his own heart and he was certain that Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t want that. Unbeknownst to him, this was a silent struggle of the Heavenly Daos and two Blessed. If he had taken action, he would merely be stopped by Wu Yu and worsen his karmic ties with Long Chen.

Regardless, Huangfu Wenghu was his responsibility.

But any attempt he made to lessen the conflict was disrupted and only exacerbated the issue. With Long Chen ’s identity revealed, he simply allowed Huangfu Wenghu to do as he pleased, only explaining the vague consequences. After all, he couldn ’t reveal Long Chen ’s identity to others.

”I ’ve done what I can. He ’ll have to handle everything on his own. If he ’s truly the fated successor, if he can ’t handle this much, then he ’ll be useless to the sect. ” Tuo Bihan indifferently said. Ji Changkong nodded, agreeing with Tuo Bihan. Qin Rui remained silent alongside Zen.

As for Yao Zhen, he frowned. His thoughts towards Long Chen were slightly antagonistic. His son had a fascination with Long Tingyu and was pursuing her. While Long Chen and Long Tingyu were supposedly adopted siblings, he still felt uncertain in his heart. He couldn ’t shake this ominous feeling. But with Long Chen cultivating the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, he was the legacy inheritor of the Grand Monarch.

”We should speak about the gateway discovery found near the borders. The Elemental Heaven Pavilion seemed to want to contest… ” Zen said, causing the expressions of Ji Changkong and Qin Rui to brighten. They seemed particularly interested in this matter.

”I… ” Just as Yao Zhen was about to speak his concerns in his heart regarding Long Chen, an odd sound echoed throughout the entire world. It was soft, so soft that it was nearly a whisper, but every last living existence on the planet simultaneously heard this sound.


The five Grand Imperial Sages expressions drastically changed as they vanished from where they stood!

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