Paragon of Sin

Chapter 264: Preparations

Those young elites were given a chance and refused, and picking one of them out and wasting his resources on them was an unappealing option to him.

Zuhei ’s eyes brightened considerably. He was a cultivator that birthed Slaughter and Battle Intent, his species were said to have descended from the mythological Silver Wolf, Fenrir. The hunt, the fight, and the kill was in his blood. He had been cultivating quietly since he claimed his revenge, and Duke Zhao wasn ’t even enough to whet his appetite.

A bloodlust effused from his scarlet eyes.

”You ’ll take victory. As for you Su Mei, I think it ’s time for you to ascend. You ’ve reached an absolute limit at your realm, and your comprehension of mana is sufficient to call forth the Sky-World Lightning Tribulation. ” Wei Wuyin found her comprehension to be terrifying. She was a frightening talent, far beyond him naturally in regards to cultivation. If it wasn ’t for his Celestial Eyes that can see the variations and aspects of mana, he didn ’t believe he could ascend so easily.

While his talent with alchemy was exceptional to the extreme, and his intelligence and comprehension were not low, he knew in his heart that he was a notch or two weaker than Su Mei. He had a sneaky suspicion that her cultivation base wouldn ’t be below his if she wasn ’t feeling apprehensive.

He didn ’t have anything solid for this assumption to stand on, but his heart felt it was the truth. The strange thing was that she didn ’t have any unique bloodline or physique, even her sea of consciousness and meridians were normal. To set a comparison, Qing Qiumu had a trifecta of talent that stemmed from her meridians(Essence), sea of consciousness(Mind), and physique(Physical). They were all wood-attributed and high-grade, allowing her to cultivate an unprecedented path as a Wood Cultivator.

Despite that, Su Mei seemed to not lose to her in any facet of natural talent. She gave birth to Darklight Energies, comprehended Light and Darkness Intents, both high-level, and Saber Intent. These were all cultivation achievements, and she was at Wei Wuyin ’s age. In fact, it didn ’t lose out to Long Chen, a Blessed. To add to this, she didn ’t rely on his Karmic Luck Value.

It was bizarre. It was incredibly bizarre.

Su Mei didn ’t question Wei Wuyin ’s orders. ”Yes, Lord Wei. ” Her pure black eyes were radiant. Just staring at them could cause one to be lost in their light, a benefit of her cultivation method.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”Zuhei. Your aura has traces of a Soul Idol forming, you can ascend. I ’ll give you cultivation resources to ensure a nine-ring Soul Idol. You ’ll also cultivate the Bloodforging Mystic Method, it ’s a Bloodline cultivation method that can improve the physical constitution, improve one ’s bloodline, and bring about unique changes. It ’ll be beneficial to you in the long run. ”

This was the method he obtained from Yuan Longshi ’s memories, the complete version of the Bloodforging Mystic Method. It was the method used by the Bloodforge Emperor, a subordinate of Wu Yu, and likely revered Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivator. He had created the Bloodforge Continent and left his legacy within.

Wei Wuyin had taken nearly a year to excavate the method and using his comprehension of alchemy and the True Dragon Transmutation Method, he had to remove the inconsistencies within. Originally, this technique had a hidden trap within that caused it to only work on those who ’ve been branded with a bloodline seal.

This seal was very minute, nearly impossible to notice, and was there at birth. It was left by the Bloodforge Emperor onto his descendants and relatives. If it wasn ’t for him thoroughly sweeping Yuan Longshi ’s memories, Wei Wuyun would have remained completely ignorant of this flaw. But having known about it, removing this limitation was simple.

With it removed, not only could he finally cultivate the method but so could Zuhei, someone who relied on his physical body and bloodline energies to cultivate and fight. As a beastman, his bloodline powers were thoroughly affected by his cultivation base and vice versa.

It was this very reason why Yuan Longshi advanced so swiftly and had such power at his age.

Wei Wuyin sent a strand of Alchemic Eden Force into Zuhei ’s glabella, the contents of the Bloodforging Mystic Method was branded in his mind. This startled Zuhei at first, not expecting Wei Wuyin to send a strand of astral force towards him, but he didn ’t react or resist. This was because the move was done by Wei Wuyin!

But what shocked Zuhei even more was the information that entered his mind, his scarlet eyes widened in disbelief and uncertainty. He had never heard of someone mentally branding a technique into another ’s mind before.

”Cultivate it well. ” Wei Wuyin passed a storage ring to Zuhei. He was his trump card for the Grand Spirit Trials. With his cultivation base, he should be unrivaled after his ascension. Even if he lost this challenge, he wouldn ’t fall prey to the Alchemist Association ’s scheme. They clearly wanted to give him a request, one he couldn ’t refuse. He didn ’t know what it was, but he felt it wasn ’t appropriate.

Regardless, he ’ll pay off the bet and move on.

When it was just him and Su Mei, he looked at her. Her body was slim yet fierce, her defined and toned musculature outlined accentuating her light armor. With hair and eyes as black as night but as radiant as the sun, she was becoming more exquisite. While she had always been pretty, she was reaching another level of alluring with a unique charm of her own.

When those clear black eyes met his silver eyes, he could feel her impassioned desire to improve and stand by his side. He gently smiled, a trace of warmth circulating endlessly in his heart. This girl…

”You ready? ” He asked.

”Yes! ” She replied.

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