Paragon of Sin

Chapter 317: Unexpected

The Grand Spirit Trials met an unexpected end. The numerous spectators could only watch as Wei Wuyin claimed victory without fighting a single battle during the tournament. Not a single participant among these usual hot-blooded youths with much to prove possessed the courage and vigor to offend the Prince of Everlore. 

The four great forces and the Alchemist Association could only bear bitter smiles and headaches from it all. This unexpected development left them speechless. 

In the Alchemist Association ’s abode, the numerous elders and leaders of the association had dark, sullen expressions. They were more aware of the deterrent force that Alchemists possessed more than anyone within the starfield, so seeing it in full force here only left them with a nasty taste in their mouths. 

While the others had just a few things on the line, they had a bet with Wei Wuyin on who would claim victory. Their chosen participant had been eliminated in the second stage of the Grand Spirit Trials in such an unfortunate and unmemorable moment. Furthermore, it was by the hands of beasts. 

They could only wallow in their fate.

A wrinkled-faced elder with silver-grey hair and long beard sighed, ”We lost. ” His voice was filled with depression and dejection. His words seemed to be like an infectious virus as the members of the alchemist association, be it youthful talent or old fox, had realized the hole they were in. Of course, they had long since prepared their loss after Wei Wuyin revealed his one centimeter Astral Core.

As for where their depression originated from, the reason for the Grand Spirit Trials creation was based off of a bet. A bet that started because of them but hurriedly spiraled out of control by Wei Wuyin ’s deliberate taunts and forcefully increasing the wager until the cost exceeded their limits.

”A hundred high-quality Astral Sea Pills, a hundred Sky World Pills, ten thousand Astral Dipper Fountain Pills, ten eighth-grade Spatial Spirit Pills, ten Soul-Spirit Pills, and an Astral Ocean Pill… ” As the wrinkled-faced elder listed off the disastrous cost of their loss, the expressions of everyone became extremely ugly to behold. This wager was outrageous! It was simply impossible to fulfill!

They agreed to this wager due to their absolute confidence in their nurturing ability, but ended up with egg on their face as they realized that the ceiling of true talents, such as Zuhei and Lin Ming, exceeded their nurturing by a considerable degree.

Qingye Yun, Alchemist Association ’s Association Master, had a calm, stoic appearance as he seemed to be unaffected by this loss. Unlike the others, he remained composed. This showed his outstanding mental stability. Despite the devastating loss that could be said to put them in an unpayable debt, he could still remain calm.

”Association Master, what is our next step? ” An elder asked. They had all swore a Soul Oath, so a wisp of fear couldn ’t help but emerge in their hearts. But they hadn ’t lost hope, especially considering the Association Master ’s calm appearance.

Qingye Yun softly inhaled before exhaling out a turbid breath of air. His eyes gleamed with light for a moment as he slightly smiled, ”We ’ll go all out. While we ’ve suffered a setback, unable to achieve our goal in one go, we still have our most powerful trump card. Knowing his personality, he ’ll have no choice but to fall into it. ” He turned towards that veiled young woman.

The eyes of everyone else focused on the young woman, and the gloomy tension within the atmosphere had lightened up considerably as if hope had been found. The young woman, Qingye Ying, tightly clenched her dainty fists beneath her sleeve. Her eyes reflected an impenetrable resolve.

Qingye Yun warmly smiled as he observed this great-great-great granddaughter of his. She was the pride and joy of his entire familial lineage, and she would usher the world into a new era that was defined by the Alchemist Association. If the King of Everlore had established himself before, she would follow his path and achieve great things.

”Let ’s go, ” Qingye Yun said. The Grand Spirit Trials had come to its conclusion sooner than anticipated, in a fashion that was rather unexpected. For now, they had to continue forth until an opportunity presented itself. With its end, the top-tier hegemonic forces were to gather and deliver the prizes to the victor. 


After Wei Wuyin went unchallenged, claiming victory, the participants were soon sent out of the planet. They were brought upwards and away to the planetary-engulfing platform. A specific location had been fashioned to accommodate the winner ’s ceremony. 

The Four Hegemonic Forces were all present. The Sacred Light Palace, Demonic Abyss Mountain, Myriad Monarch Sect, and Elemental Heaven Pavilion. While the San Clan, the ruler of the starfield, had remained absent, it was still an astonishing sight. The spotlight leaders were all present, revealing their extraordinary bearing and auras. 

The Sacred Light Palace ’s Fu Bingwei, a gorgeous elf with silky black hair and a willowy physique. She was the Sacred Light Palace ’s Palace Master, and a member of the Fu Clan, a ruling clan of pure elves within the palace. She had a rather cold gaze, that warded off any intentions to get close. Her wintry attitude was supplemented by her chilly aura that made icy crystals form and dissipate sporadically beside her.

A brawny humanoid male dressed in violet-colored heavy armor stood nearly three meters in height. His bewitching white hair, eyes that were entirely grey-colored from irises to scleria, and night black hair gave him an imposingly demonic feeling. This demonic aura was furthered by the two straight horns above his head that extended for an entire foot of distance and possessed the thickness of a baby ’s fist. 

This was the Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s Mountain Lord, Gao Zi! This figure ruled the demons of the starfield and carried a prodigious bloodline among demons. 

The last notable figure with an aura that vastly exceeded the others present was a gorgeous human woman with sharp chin, limpid yet intelligent eyes, and an extremely attractive figure. Her short white hair and blue eyes caused her to stand out from all the women present. It was Lin Ruyan, the Elemental Heaven Pavilion ’s Pavilion Master.

Behind each of them were elders and members of the younger generation that had participated or watched the contest. There were nearly two hundred people here, and not a single one lacked backing or potential, and not all of them belonged to the four hegemonic forces. The Golden Coin Pavilion was similarly here, as the number one merchant force within the starfield, they too had their own participants.

The Myriad Monarch Sect were here too. Ji Changkong, Qin Rui, and Yao Zhen were hosts of this event, so they had more upper echelon members attend. In terms of position, each Grand Imperial Sage was equivalent to a Sect Master.

There was a strange atmosphere forming between each group as many held complex feelings towards the abrupt and ridiculous end of the Grand Spirit Trials. While these elders had admonished their younger generation for their lack of courage, they knew it was mostly irrelevant.

The younger generation wasn ’t aware of Wei Wuyin ’s outstanding combat strength, but to them, the spectators who observed all happenings, how could they not know? Furthermore, Zuhei was already a ferocious and nearly insurmountable challenge, but Su Mei, another subordinate of Wei Wuyin, didn ’t seem remotely lacking in comparison.

They knew the outcome had been decided during the Trial of Beasts, so they had enough time to adjust their mind and rid themselves of any hope. It was just that they hadn ’t expected these normally hot-blooded youths to surrender so completely to Wei Wuyin without him lifting a single finger. It was a little depressing.

As for their loss? They had each offered up a special item as a prize to the victor, but their loss wasn ’t too massive. In fact, it was negligible in the long run. They weren ’t like the Alchemist Association who had wagered beyond their capabilities and had lost so utterly that they had little to no chance to stabilize the situation. 

Soon, the Alchemist Association ’s members arrived with Qingye Yun in the lead. He didn ’t seem too dejected, maintaining a calm regal bearing that betrayed none of his inner thoughts. It was as if he hadn ’t lost such a devastating bet.

They swiftly found their designated location and remained quiet. They seemed truly unaffected by these developments.

Step. Step. Step.

Moments later, crisp footsteps resounded as a figure arrived. His unearthly appearance and exceptional aura made him the center of attention. Furthermore, he was the winner of the Grand Spirit Trials. Wei Wuyin! The numerous

With a slight smile, Wei Wuyin calmly took the center spotlight. As if he was the host of the entire event, not the winner, he swept his glance across everyone present. ”On behalf of the Myriad Monarch Sect, I would like to first say thank you all for participating in the first-ever Grand Spirit Trials. We hoped you were able to enjoy your experience. ”

When he said these things, no one from the Myriad Monarch Sect voiced any objection. The other forces were somewhat shocked as the victor took to thanking the losers. While a bitter taste would usually form in their mouth from this, they couldn ’t garner any distaste for it. Wei Wuyin was truly too outstanding and clearly had the latitude to do whatever the hell he wanted.

Even speaking to these top-tier powerhouses as equals wouldn ’t receive any reproach. No one would dare voice it out even if they did. 

Wei Wuyin continued, ”I ’ll be accepting all the rewards for the event. As for the matter of my Spatial Spirit Pill, I welcome all those present to bid on it. Since this entire event was originally designed to find a suitable candidate for this pill, I won ’t take away the opportunity for it to be obtained. ” 

”…! ” Everyone was startled. The eighth-grade Spatial Spirit Pill was the legitimate reason why everyone wanted to participate in this event. It was this very pill that allowed Qin Rui, a Grand Imperial Sage, to form a strong enough foundation to reach her current level of cultivation. How could they not want something like this?

As for obtaining it from the Alchemist Association? That was an impossible dream. There was likely no force that would ever allow the pill to be obtained by outsiders, and the only reason they had a chance to fight for it was due to their own treasures. Now that Wei Wuyin had said this, how could they not be surprised?

Those present couldn ’t help but glance at Qin Rui, Yao Zhen, and Ji Changkong. Was this actually happening? Was it allowed? But…

Those three remained calm and impassive. While they hadn ’t known that Wei Wuyin was going to allow for an open-bidding war for the eighth-grade pill, they weren ’t disturbed in the slightest. In truth, they knew they had no say in the matter. Since he won, he could do whatever he wanted. Let alone the fact that he concocted the pill himself.

Wei Wuyin chuckled lightly at the dumbfounded expressions, ”Shall we begin? ” The single-item auction was starting immediately!

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