Paragon of Sin

Chapter 318: It Reappears!

An impromptu auction was outside of everyone ’s expectations, that included these top-tier powerhouses of the Tri-Vision Starfield. Additionally, it was being initiated by a junior. If it was any other junior, these ruling-class figures wouldn ’t entertain such a spontaneous declaration.

But the Prince of Everlore truly held the qualifications to confidently start such an event. Furthermore, everyone present couldn ’t resist participating. While they might have some ill-feelings from the failings of their juniors or the death of their younger generation, the value of a Spatial Spirit Pill was truly too valuable to be short-sighted. 

What ’s done is done, but the future waits for no man.

A Spatial Spirit Pill could enable another figure on the same level as the Grand Imperial Sages to be born if given the appropriate nurturing and protection. Therefore, they all were very desirous for this pill. They were even willing to offer up all sorts of rare treasures to enter into this competition in the hopes of claiming that pill. 

As for the other treasures offered by the hegemonic forces, such as the Spiritual Mana, Sacred Essence Liquid, and an unhatched egg of a Baleful-Gale Star Hawk, they weren ’t nearly as valuable as the Spatial Spirit Pill. A Spiritual Mana was highly dependant on innate talent, Sacred Essence Liquid required an astonishing amount of alchemical products to be brought to its fullest potential, and a Baleful-Gale Star Hawk needed an obscene amount of resources and time simply to rival a Third Stage Astral Core Realm cultivator.

Even the Soul Spirit Pill, similarly an eighth-grade pill, offered by the Alchemist Association couldn ’t rival the Spatial Spirit Pill. That was because of a single factor about this particular Spatial Spirit Pill: it was of low-grade. 

While it was commonly known that low-grade was the lowest official classification a product could receive, this ’low-grade ’ meant a product without any impurities and had 100% effectiveness in their abilities. However, there was a lesser classification for products that still contained impurities, and these products harmed the body, increased aging, and even weakened a person ’s cultivation base if accumulated within the body in large quantities. 

This classification was called the impure-grade. There were various ratios for the impure-grade, ranging from 50% to 1%. Anything more than 50% is considered entirely unusable with more detrimental effects than benefits. Yet these impure-grade pills were often sold by the Alchemist Association and used by cultivators of lesser status.

The San Clan ’s Ancestor had hoarded high-grade impure products for his descendants. It was this level of exceptional forethought and preparation that allowed the San Clan to become the ruling power of the entire starfield that it was today. 

The higher the grade of the product, the harder it was to remove all the impurities within, which contributed to one of the major reasons as to why it took an exceptionally difficult time to concoct products. It was also why alchemists often worked together to refine products because their joined effort would make the purification process easier and quicker.

The Soul Spirit Pill offered by the Alchemist Association was of the 8% impure-grade, while the higher-tiered Spatial Spirit Pill was of the low-grade. To add, the Spatial Spirit Pill refined by Qin Rui that allowed her to reach her current accomplishments was of the 11% impure-grade. Imagine what a low-grade Spatial Spirit Pill could do!

Thus, a blazing desire was ignited in the hearts of all these elders, disciples, and rulers ’ hearts. Witnessing the lack of objection from the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Grand Imperial Sages at this move made them become even more invigorated at the prospect. 

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled as he saw the burning light within the eyes of everyone. He didn ’t immediately bring up the losses of these individuals, and simply acted to assuage their heated feelings by dangling a piece of seemingly fat meat before them. This was what they all wanted. As for their offered prizes for first place?

None of them could even rival it, so they wouldn ’t care so much for losing it. Now, their attention would be focused on each other in competition. In their minds, the eighth-grade pill was a lucky creation generated by the sacrifice of the Myriad Monarch Planet ’s vital energies, so they hoped to obtain it. After all, who knew when or if Wei Wuyin or another Emperor Alchemist would open availability of such a product to others. 

If they knew that Wei Wuyin had already concocted hundreds of similarly graded products, their desires might be more conflicted than shocked.

To them? It was a heaven-reaching treasure.

To him? It was just an hour or two of work.

Therefore, he treated it with very little importance. Just as he was about to set the rules of this impromptu auction, a figure walked forward and took the spotlight. It was a young woman who wore a veil, her body ’s curves were exquisitely tantalizing, and she exuded a refined air.

This air seemed to originate from a Dao and it perpetuated her uniqueness. The blazing eyes of desire and greed of these elders, juniors, and leaders were subconsciously shifted towards this young woman as their Astral Souls shook faintly with intense desire.

’Dense Alchemical Energies? Such a refined alchemic aura… ’ Wei Wuyin ’s eyes fixed on this young woman, his Celestial Eyes instantly activated to easily pierce through her veil and see the hidden treasure behind it. 

He was startled for a moment. 

Luscious, silky, warm golden-blonde hair adorned her head and reached mid-way to her back, paired perfectly with a set of bright golden eyes that seemed to contain unfathomable purity within. It was purity that one could easily lose themselves into for days, and willingly do so for life. Her slim body had curves that seemed far too perfect, seemingly unreal even. With her ample breasts that seemed to be more than a handful for any man, she possessed an astonishing sexual appeal that was impossible to ignore. 

Just these could cause many men to devolve into their most primal instincts, so her facial beauty was truly overkill. The proverbial straw that could break the camel ’s back if the camel was the common male ’s sanity. Even Qing Qiumu could only be even with her in terms of looks, which was why Wei Wuyin was startled at first sight.

While she wasn ’t a match in his eyes when compared to Xue Yifei, she was extremely close. 

When she took the center stage, the leaders of the various powers seemed to have easily thought of something, looking at the location from which she walked out from. They saw Qingye Yun, the Association Master of the Alchemist Association, calmly watching with a firm gaze. 

Just from the extremely dense alchemical energies and refined alchemic aura from the young woman ’s body, something even Wei Wuyin lacked, they quickly deduced her identity. They couldn ’t help but be startled by Qingye Yun actually taking this figure with an endless future out from the safety of their headquarters to here.

After all, if any of them had ill-intentions, something disastrous could easily happen. It was commonly known that those with an Alchemic Soul were essentially defenseless. This wasn ’t the same as Wei Wuyin, a legitimate cultivator with three Grand Imperial Sages and a planetary formation guarding him. It would be suicide to attack him, but her? 

They couldn ’t help but wonder what Qingye Yun was thinking, but they were interested nevertheless. They quietly waited for the incoming developments.

A delicate yet firm voice emanated from beneath the veil, ”My name ’s Qingye Ying, and I greet Seniors and fellow Juniors. ” Her initial greeting was quite notable, and many soon came to verify her identity. According to the rumors, the legendary, elusive, and exceptional Princess of Everlore was Qingye Yun ’s descendant.

When she mentioned her name, in a corner of the area, Long Chen ’s eyes brightened considerably. Qingye Ying! He now knew the name of the Princess of Everlore. The words of Wu Yu resounded in his heart on repeat. As long as he could obtain the wholehearted support of the Princess of Everlore, he had a chance of overcoming Wei Wuyin. After all, Qingye Ying had the potential to reach levels equivalent to the King of Everlore himself.

Qingye Ying soon turned her attention to Wei Wuyin. Meeting him in person, seeing his appearance, her heart was truly given quite a shock. It was entirely different than watching him on screen. One simply couldn ’t get the gist of his otherworldly handsome features unless they combined it with his ever-confident and dominating aura.

She was momentarily rendered breathless, not out of attraction, but out of a faint sense of reverence. Of course, this had to do with Wei Wuyin ’s hidden Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality. Even while concealed, it exuded an imposing pressure towards the Alchemic Dao. Since Qingye Ying ’s entire cultivation base resolved around that, it wasn ’t shocking that she would respond in such a way.

The difference between a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist and all those beneath was like the different between a King and its subjects. After all, a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist had reached the very peak of the Mortal-level of the Alchemic Dao. 

Still, her will was not weak or fragile and she quickly acclimated by continuously reaffirming her mission to establish confidence. It was sufficient enough for her to act normally. This was something only she could achieve.

She softly cleared her throat and clearly said, ”Alchemist Wei, I, Qingye Ying, challenge you to an All-Alchemic Clash!! ”

”…! ” Her words caught everyone off-guard as many exclaimed.

Wei Wuyin was taken aback for a moment. He truly hadn ’t expected this. Was this a desperation play because of their inability to pay the wager? He couldn ’t help but feel like the Alchemist Association kept trying to win against him for a reason he wasn ’t certain of. Since he became the so-called ’Prince of Everlore ’, the Alchemist Association had been performing some strange moves.

Even the Grand Spirit Trials inception felt like a bait simply for him.

This intrigued him and he felt an impulse to know what their end goal was. It clearly wasn ’t to enslave him, capture him, or kill him. There was very little ill-intent from what he could perceive, yet their moves continued being strange.

Regardless, he wasn ’t going to back down to an All-Alchemic Battle. He decided that he would probe their intent by seeing what they wanted from this battle.

”And what do y- ”


Wei Wuyin stilled. 

The entire world stilled.

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