Paragon of Sin

Chapter 338: A Success?!

”! ” A wave of surprised, shocked, and jubilant exclamations resounded. The expressions on the faces of these bevy of beauties, and Long Chen, were quite animated as they recognized Lin Ziyan. 

Long Tingyu cried out, ”Big Sis Lin! ” She was one of the few that had a close relationship with Lin Ziyan, having been with her prior to that wedding crash. At the time, she was merely a fledgling cultivator coming to her own, hiding behind her big brother ’s back as she quietly observed Lin Ziyan ’s astonishing beauty and aura. There was a point in time where she wanted to even be like her, capable of dazzling the world with her mere presence.

”You ’re…back? ” Na Xinyi asked skeptically, her words containing more than one meaning, more than one question. The Lin Ziyan before had been confined in a wheelchair or a bed, unable to properly speak or move as she wanted. Lin Ziyan even needed help to go to the bathroom or bathe, a task that Na Xinyi had assisted her with a few times.

The Lin Ziyan before was far, far too different from the one currently present. A contrast that was incredible to say the least, heaven-shattering to say the most. Especially since her change had happened in less than two days!

Lin Zihan had luscious, full, and flowing blonde hair, a radiant set of ocean blue eyes, a slender and curvaceous body, and blemishless skin that seemed so soft that one could squeeze water from it. She walked on her own two legs with incredible stability, even a little peep in her step. 

Long Chen was the most shocked out of everyone present, his jaws nearly dropped. It had truly been such a sharp difference in such a small amount of time. He was speechless. Lin Ziyan ’s current appearance and beauty nearly left him breathless. A light of elation built itself up within his dark irises, threatening to erupt with crazed happiness.

”Lin Ziyan! ” Long Chen ’s movements contained a little impatience as he rushed forward, embracing her. His movements were a little too fast, shocking Lin Ziyan as she was directly embraced. She had lost her cultivation, forcing her to start once more from the beginning, so she wasn ’t even able to react before her body was wrapped by two arms.

She trembled. Her eyes flashed with all sorts of memories of their life, of their adventures, of their struggles, and an unknown rancorous light flashed within her eyes. Since she had assumed Long Chen was ’the one ’, she had followed him blindly, willing to accept and brave all dangers. She even forgave his pride that led to putting them in awkward or horrible situations. By doing so, by restraining herself, she was subjected to humiliation after humiliation. 

She was beaten. 

She was spat on.

She was tortured so thoroughly that her mind, body, and spirit was shattered. 

At first, she thought it was worth it and everything was going to be okay. That everything was bound to be alright.

Then she learned what she regarded as the truth was actually false. Long Chen wasn ’t the one she was looking for, it was another. Someone who would ’ve never allowed her to be the subject of such humiliation, someone who ’s very name would cause the entire sect to tremble and kneel.

All the struggles, the pain, the suffering, the reluctant acceptances and the adventures had become bitter and shameful. All of it…All of it!!


When she recalled the last words Wei Wuyin had told her, how he would ensure her the sturdiest foundation, how he would help her promote her cultivation to the highest level, how he would restructure her physique and innate talents…the utter ease at which he spoke, the proxy badge he had given her to represent him, and how even with just this badge, a Heavenly Commander Elder, someone she regarded as far beyond her limits before, was so damn respectful to her that others might mistake him as her grandson…

Those thoughts added fuel as a faint dark, ominous emotion simmered within her ocean blue eyes. 

She didn ’t speak, merely tried to push Long Chen away with her arms and shoulders. But her bodily strength was far too low, having just regained her mortal state. She couldn ’t push away Long Chen who didn ’t want to let go, seemingly wanting to melt away into her body. A wisp of anger flashed in her eyes as she grunted softly.

While others saw this as an emotionally charged reunion, especially Long Tingyu who was in tears at this very moment, Wu Baozhai saw something entirely different. She had always been astute, intelligent, and observative of details, no matter how minor. As a Princess of a country, of a country that had a lot of schemes and contentions, she had to. 

She noted Lin Ziyan ’s dark gaze, slowly emitting a repulsing emotion. This wasn ’t directed at the powerful hug, but the person who hugged her. Her eyes brightened with all sorts of thoughts as she calmly said, ” Careful. You ’re hurting her, Long Chen. ”

These carefully selected words broke Long Chen out of his daze as he finally released Lin Ziyan, only now realizing her body lacked the refinement of energies and a cultivation base. She was almost completely mortal, incredibly fragile. The only difference would be her sea of consciousness was far larger than mortals, receiving a passive refinement from cultivating that couldn ’t easily be abolished, even if damaged.

”So-sorry! ” He rubbed his head, feeling emotional. 

Lin Ziyan saw that once lovable and foolish expression, and her heart that would have normally swooned experienced a different reaction. She was about to speak when Wu Baozhai intervened. 

”We can speak about everything after the operation. Grand Sage Qin is about to begin, ” Wu Baozhai arrived by Lin Ziyan ’s side and pulled her away to observe the procedure. Her movements were completely natural.

Long Chen glanced at Xiao Bing, and he calmed his heart. Right, what was important right now was Hong Ru ’s rebirth. He, too, walked to a good vantage point. 

Qin Rui was deeply shocked after witnessing and inspecting Lin Ziyan ’s current state. She was originally so thoroughly crippled that there was nothing the best Medical Sages of the sect could do but alleviate the pain she might be feeling.

Her meridians were shattered, losing the ability to absorb essence and leaking out her bodily refined energies until nothing was left. Her Yin Source was decimated into bits, causing her to lose her identity as a woman, and the energies of her Primal Yin was viciously extracted. Without them, not only would the body suffer an extremely high amount of health complications, but giving birth was utterly impossible. It was no different than castrating a man.

Her nerves had been scrambled, making it so that even moving was like playing with inverted controls that randomized every second. Her sea of consciousness was damaged to the point that the light of intelligence was seemingly siphoned from her eyes, and even forming memory, short or long-term, was extremely difficult. This didn ’t even include her cultivation base being abolished, losing a portion of her mind, body, and soul.

From what she sensed, her Yin Source had been repaired, and since it was untainted by Yang Essence, it had restored her Primal Yin. The light in her eyes were extremely refined, possessing the signs of a complete and thorough control of one ’s body and mind.

She had never seen such a complete crippling, so vicious and heartless, experience a recovery of this level. Or any level, for that matter. She was flummoxed by it all. Moreover, it was less than two days since she was taken away. The speed was heaven-defying!

She had to regain her calm after several minutes of shock. It was only then that she resolved her mind even further to question Tuo Bihan about all this. 

She returned to her previous focus, putting all other things aside. She waved her hand above the operation table, causing a faint yet misty fiery light to emerge, hovering quietly while releasing delicate sounds similar to a baby ’s breathing. Within the light was the outlined yet indistinct figure of a naked young woman.

This was Hong Ru ’s soul!

It had been preserved by Wu Yu via a unique spell, and was still being maintained to ensure her soul wouldn ’t drift away according to mortal laws. As a cultivator that had exceeded Mortal Limits, capable of creating stars and planets, preserving a soul was a minor feat. 

If it wasn ’t for his desire to allow Long Chen to suffer some set-backs, grow into his own, and become independent of his strength, Hong Ru wouldn ’t have died to begin with. While he might be in a spiritual form at the moment, just a fraction of his spiritual strength could ’ve pulled Hong Ru away or frozen the wolf.

Qin Rui calmed her breathing, taking out the eighth-grade alchemical products. She handled them so delicately that others might mistake them as her children. 

”Begin! ” Her powers started to move, following Wei Wuyin ’s instructions to the letter. 

The viewers awaited above with bated breaths. Xiao Bing didn ’t even breathe. Every passing second was extremely tense for her, and even Qing Qiumu ’s presence couldn ’t ease it. It was just anticipation and fear amped up far too highly to be influenced by anything or anyone!

To her, this had to succeed!

She needed her sister back!!

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