Paragon of Sin

Chapter 356: All-Alchemic Clash Surrender

The five judges, the audience, and the spectators were immediately sent into a sudden bout of silence. It was produced by their uncertainty, shock, and a rising feeling of unprecedented hype. While it was hard to change a person ’s belief of pre-existing facts, everyone had an innate desire to observe miracles or contradictions. 

At times, it can be surreal. Other times, it can be enlightening.

Furthermore, when Wei Wuyin acted, there wasn ’t the slightest lack of confidence within those gorgeously silver eyes of his. His very body, from posture to facial expressions, revealed a sort of domineering degree of charismatic confidence that they became allured by the prospect of success. His success in ’proving ’ a heaven-defying existence!


Wei Wuyin didn ’t have them wait for long, keeping true to his earlier words. He used a mere few minutes, seven in fact, to use the leftover materials to concoct several elixirs. These were Refraction World-Light Elixirs! To add, they were all deliberately made of different qualities!

In that seemingly brief period of time, under the gawking eyes of the crowd, of the judges, of Qingye Ying, he brought forth three vials of elixirs. Since he was only seeking to create a single portion, it wasn ’t hard to manipulate. The only difficulty was producing a peak-quality elixir. He was confident in making high-quality, but peak-quality was typically a lucky event produced by primed circumstances.

When he actually accomplished this, he was excited! After testing it out, he came to realize that using a wisp of his own personalized mana from within the Zenith Origin State Eden had enhanced the quality of the elixir, easily breaking into the peak-quality. As he held the white-colored elixir that seemed to permeate the endless vastness of all colors, he couldn ’t help but marvel at his discovery.

How did he mistake his other elixir for this one? Looking back at the mirror-like elixir, thinking of the rumored abilities of peak-quality elixirs, he wasn ’t certain what effects a transcendent-quality Refraction World-Light Elixir would have. 

Moreover, he had tested and verified a theory of his. It wasn ’t simply a leak of his personalized mana during the process that had elevated his elixir to such a hidden quality, but likely this so-called Mystic Intent that was scattered and scarce, carried into the elixir invisibly during the concoction process. He wasn ’t certain when or if it was due to his Elemental Origin Intent or Mana that brought it into the cauldron. He was unable to sense or see it, even with his Celestial Eyes. It could ’ve even been unknowingly contained within one of the materials.

This was likely a result of his inadequate cultivation base. It was also due to this very reason that he couldn ’t use certain abilities of his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity. It was only when his cultivation exceeded a certain level that he could use the Eye of Truth, observing the intricacies of the world and its events in a simplified manner. 

Perhaps he ’d need to reach a certain level before being able to view the existence of this so-called Mystic Intent. Regardless, he knew it wasn ’t a process he could replicate at will with his current abilities. 

After finishing up the vials, he brought them out and before the judges. They were all extremely focused, especially Jiang Feilan. Her cold eyes never left Wei Wuyin ’s body for a single picosecond of time, not even blinking. The intensity was noticeable even when Wei Wuyin was concocting.

But since he already decided to reveal his alchemic chops, he held no reservations by allowing everyone to bear witness to his extremely fast concoction times. Unfortunately, none of them could determine his Alchemic Eden Soul, which shook him slightly. He hadn ’t deliberately hidden it. In fact, the entire process from beginning to end was clearly seen, but he knew they hadn ’t determined his true abilities.

When he asked Eden about it, even it wasn ’t certain. But after thinking about it, he came to the conclusion that it must be extremely difficult to determine the quality of alchemic force from its aura if it originates from a higher ranked alchemist. 

Unfortunately, he was incorrect.

The actual reason had to do with Eden. Specifically, the Mind Dao. The quintessential aspect of his Alchemic Force was embedded with the Mind Dao, Eden Energies, and it made observing it with spiritual sense incredibly, almost impossibly, difficult. While they could ’sense it ’ they couldn ’t ’observe it ’. It was like an elusive and camouflaged chameleon in a misty forest. It was there but they couldn ’t recognize it. They couldn ’t even determine his alchemic force level or even cultivation state from it, and they could only attribute it to unique cultivation methods deployed.

To them, Wei Wuyin was simply hiding his arts and means to prevent unwarranted duplication. It was perfectly natural to desire protections of one ’s intellectual process and means.

To Wei Wuyin, however, it was just an unintentional layer of concealment.

Yi Yun was the first to act, observing the three vials concocted by Wei Wuyin in an exceedingly swift and thorough fashion. His heart was endlessly thumping as he tried to retain his cool. In the most casual fashion, Wei Wuyin had just reinforced his belief that the thousand years of studying had been laughable. A despondent emotion swelled within his heart, but there wasn ’t a hint of jealousy or ill-intent.

The new generation will always bypass the old. Wei Wuyin was simply the next era-defining generation, much like the King of Everlore. He was even a little excited, exhilarated by the fact he could live in the same generation as such an alchemic genius. While he couldn ’t experience the King of Everlore ’s Era, the height of developing alchemy, he could see the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn ’s Era. 

That was far better.

When he inspected the three vials, his expression changed. ”These are low, high, and peak quality elixirs. ” He stated, using his power to bring the vials closer to him and the others. They all started to send their spiritual senses into the vials, various degrees of shock radiated from their eyes. 

He indeed made all three qualities of elixirs! Furthermore, they were deliberately performed!

What type of MONSTER was he?!

Lin Ruyan felt her mouth go dry. She had previously witnessed Wei Wuyin finishing his elixir in five minutes, but this was a fundamental difference. This showed that he wasn ’t simply an Alchemic Emperor below the age of fifty, he had the fastest concoction speed in history and could deliberately alter the quality of his concoctions at will!

Gao Zi ’s horns trembled with a demonic sheen, his large eyes shifting back and forth like an uncertain child as he regarded the elixirs and Wei Wuyin. 

The three elixirs before them had the distinctively recorded visual appearances of their respective qualities. The low-quality elixir was possessed by an ever-shifting radiance of the light spectrum, jumping from red to violet. The high-quality elixir contained all the colors at once. The peak-quality elixir was white and seemingly snatched the light from the surroundings. 

If this was the case, then the mirror-like elixir was…

”… ”

There was a world-wide silence as Yi Yun explained and displayed the elixirs to the world. Some weren ’t even breathing. 

Wei Wuyin smilingly stepped forward, ”As you ’ve all bore witness to, I ’ve used the same process for each elixir, including my first. The reason why its surface is fundamentally different isn ’t because its grade is too low, but that it exceeds the Mortal Standard of Alchemy. It ’s reached the Transcendent level! 

”As for its effects, I ’m unsure. But it matters not: Even if this vial is disqualified, I ’ve concocted a peak-grade elixir on my third attempt. I ’ll use it as a replacement for my first submission. ” Wei Wuyin calmly stated before the audience. 

”No need, ” Li Che immediately interjected after taking a deep, heavy breath. There was absolutely no need to continue this segment, and this thought was shared by the rest of the judges. In fact, there might not be a point in continuing this clash.

While Qingye Ying ’s expression was concealed behind a veil they could all sense her extremely chaotic mental state at the moment. She had just bore witness to an unbelievable event, and had challenged someone who had just REDEFINED HISTORY! They felt her pain.

It was hopeless…

Yi Yun echoed Li Che, ”Your first elixir shows a considerable difference from the other three despite possessing the same recipe. While we can ’t be absolutely certain that what you said is real, that this transcendent-quality Refraction World Elixir exists or why it occurred, we can still determine that it is a Refraction World Elixir. Even if it isn ’t at transcendent-quality, I ’m willing to use my reputation to state this elixir of at least at the very apex of the peak quality. ”

Li Che nodded in agreement once more, feeling this judgement was fair. There was no legitimate way to test the effects of the elixir without refining it. They lacked those means nor dared to try to refine it.

Gao Zi breathed heavily outwards, producing a faint booming sound. ”I agree. ”

Lin Ruyan realized this was the officiating process, so she too agreed. While what she witnessed had shaken her world, she was still a leader of this starfield. Her ability to retain her calm and assess the situation was first-class.

Jiang Feilan nodded, her eyes still fixated on Wei Wuyin.

Yi Yun turned to Qingye Ying, ”Objections? ”

Those words jolted Qingye Ying back to reality, completely allowing her to realize that the current developments meant her loss of this segment. She bit her soft lower lip, looking at Wei Wuyin with a hint of a blazing grudge.

She was the Princess of Everlore, the true Successor of the King of Everlore ’s legacy! The one who had an Alchemic Astral Soul! Yet Wei Wuyin blew her out of the water, accomplishing feats near impossible to her while being younger, studying alchemy for less, and having a weaker alchemic background!

How could she not feel disgruntled?! 

Her emotions were riled up and she wanted to bark out her inner heartfelt thoughts, to shout out her unwillingness! But an incoming spiritual transmission shook her. It was from Qingye Yun.

”Ying ’er, this is the product of Overlord-level Alchemic Talent. That ’s the only difference. ”

Those words seemed scathing, informing her of their difference, but it instead calmed her mind. She looked to Wei Wuyin once more, recalling her innate inadequacies, and she realized that she was still too young. 

Qingye Yun added, ”If the King of Everlore had to be described, then it ’s you and him combined into one. You ’re both lacking one of the things the others have, but you have an Alchemic Astral Soul, and your potential can be changed! Not his. Remember that. ”

Qingye Ying fully calmed down, her expression easing up and her eyes brimming with hope. Qingye Yun ’s timely reminder had soothed her heart and allowed her to regain a light of spirit and vigor. She faced the judges, ”I have none. ”

Yi Yun nodded, ’At least she can admit her defeat with grace. ’

”Winner of Elixir Segment: Wei Wuyin! ” Yi Yun announced the world, causing another explosive uproar. To them, this was far, far different than just a victory. It was just revealed that Wei Wuyin might ’ve just broken the tens of thousands of knowledge and beliefs they had! He had exceeded peak-quality!!

He had transcended history! Subverted beliefs! 

He had ushered the world into accepting a new reality, a new possibility!

The Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn! The title was never more fitting than now. If this era wasn ’t his, then whose was it?!




The entire world, pushed by some mystical force, started to chant. They started to chant the name of this unstoppable force! Not simply to announce his victory, but to announce his presence to the future! 

He was coming to claim it.

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