Paragon of Sin

Chapter 357: Basking In the Moment

”We ’ll proceed with the next segment: the Pellet Segment. ” Yi Yun announced as the judges started to retreat. Jiang Feilan was the last to retreat, her eyes still fixated on Wei Wuyin. Wei Wuyin didn ’t hide from her gaze, meeting those pair of wintry orbs with a slight smile. It was only after a long moment that she followed the others, exiting the barrier and sealing the two up once more.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but inwardly shake his head. But Wu Yu scoffed, speaking his thoughts on this matter without any qualms or sensitivities. 

”Such a slut. Just like her Ancestor. ” His words were extremely blunt and scathing, clearly stating Jiang Feilan ’s intentions. 

Wei Wuyin could only bitterly smile. He wasn ’t a fool, so he didn ’t feel the need to comment on what he already knew. But Wu Yu was relentless, completely ignoring his status as a Grand Monarch, ”She wants to ride the dragon just like the so-called Sacred Elven Queen. Unfortunately, this youngster is not nearly as top-shelf quality as her. ”

According to Wu Yu, the Sacred Elven Queen had used her looks to enter into the King of Everlore good graces. It was sufficient enough for him to study for twenty-years to make-up for her mistake, nearly forcing his subordinate into death, and still hadn ’t shown her any anger after. 

Amongst the various elites brought to great heights during the King of Everlore ’s era, the Sacred Elven Queen was the only female that exceeded the Astral Core Realm, entering the Mystic Ascendant Realm. While there were women that were extremely close, none could take that final step, not even Wu Yu ’s wife. 

Wu Yu continued his rant, ”The only reason she even reached her current heights was by climbing the cultivation ladder of men until she came into contact with him, using only her beauty to do so. It ’s so pathetic! ”

Wei Wuyin slightly furrowed his brows. He didn ’t believe she was in the wrong nor would he refer to her as a slut. In fact, it was perfectly normal to use your talents, whatever that may be, to climb higher in the cultivation world. After all: Cultivation is difficult. This worldly recognized mantra of all cultivators existed for a reason.

Even the Divine King Han Xei was little more than nothing before the King of Everlore showed up, same for Wu Yu. It seemed very hypocritical to say these words when it was very likely they had similarly whored themselves out to the King of Everlore, performing to the best of their abilities to please him like little rat servants wanting cheese.

Considering he ’d claimed extremely high influence in the Myriad Monarch Sect, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t unfamiliar with the lengths others would go to for a longer lifespan, greater power, and higher status. There were people pimping out their daughters and granddaughters, even their unborn children.

When he thought about this, a bolt of realization struck him. ”Did you and the Sacred Elven Queen have an intimate relationship? ” He asked out of idle curiosity, but the response was…


”… ” Wu Yu.

Then, he lost contact with Wu Yu. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin was silent for a long moment before he chuckled. You got climbed on top of and now you ’re mad at her? Why aren ’t you mad at the King of Everlore? Oh right, you were also his little whore!

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but hold his stomach, feeling an unbearable desire to laugh. He could only say in a laughter-stifled message, ”You were all a part of the King of Everlore ’s harem, and you ’re mad he had a favorite?! ” 

While he was simply joking, he hadn ’t expected his words to hit very close to reality. This caused Wu Yu ’s spiritual aura to fluctuate in an abnormal manner. If Wei Wuyin wasn ’t looking at the unassuming black ring in his laughter, he would ’ve missed it.

”Wait… ” Wei Wuyin abruptly halted himself unnaturally. A strange light flitted through his eyes. Was it possible?! When he thought about it, it was extremely strange that the King of Everlore was so generous in the first place, especially when he had dedicated subordinates. It would be like him giving out top-tier products to others, something he wouldn ’t do for anyone besides those a part of his faction.

Or his…women…

”Don ’t tell me you… ” Wei Wuyin had so, so many questions. And as if sensing these questions, Wu Yu ’s heavy sigh resounded. There were no words said, but Wei Wuyin felt that in his soul.

”…Wow. ” Wei Wuyin just stayed silent for the longest moment. Just processing it all. 


…actually made so much sense.

”Are you going to pick?! ” He heard a womanly voice, bringing his attention to the present. He was still a little rattled by the discovery. But he soon regulated his mental state. There was nothing wrong with Wu Yu ’s choices. After all, he reached his current height because of it. 

After accepting this, he turned to see Qingye Ying who was unhappily pouting beneath her veil. He couldn ’t for the life of him understand why all her expressions were so cute. Maybe it was because she thought no one could see her, allowing her to freely express her emotions without restraint. 

”Right. I ’ll choose the Ninth-Grade, Low-Tier Hell Flame Inferno Pellet. ” He simply shot off what his intentions were, but when those words were said, Qingye Ying ’s expression revealed extreme shock.

Before she could even respond, the judges revealed themselves by entering the platform in an instant.

”SHE SURRENDERS! ” Qingye Yun shouted instantly, entering alongside the judges. His emotions were vividly displayed in his eyes as he looked at Wei Wuyin in abject horror. He didn ’t expect such deliberate viciousness from Wei Wuyin.

Qingye Ying was startled by their appearance, and even Yi Yun and Li Che had very solemn expressions. They hadn ’t even waited a few seconds before interfering! As for surrendering on her behalf, Qingye Ying was taken even more aback by the act. She looked to Qingye Yun who was staring at her with a steel-like gaze.

Wei Wuyin smiled, understanding this outcome. The Ninth-Grade, Low-Tier Hellflame Inferno could bring harm to careless Realmlords, and involves manipulating fire-attribute energies far beyond the acceptable limits for lower-phased cultivators like themselves. After all, offensive pellets, especially fire-based pellets, had the greatest violent nature and were the hardest to succeed with.

Qingye Ying was only at the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the World Sea Phase, so she was utterly incapable of manipulating such violent energies, and she didn ’t possess Fire Intent to alleviate that issue. The slightest mistake and not just her but the Absolute Overlord Cauldron could be destroyed in a fiery blaze. 

There was no way Qingye Yun would allow this to happen. 

But this type of tactic was actually another means to claim victory, often used in All-Alchemic Clashes, especially using pellets. It was a suicidal tactic. And this had to do with a rule within clashes. If both parties were unable to succeed in concocting after three attempts or unwilling to continue, then it ’s a draw, but if neither party attempts to concoct the product, then the victory belongs to the segment ’s selector.

Qingye Yun feared Qingye Ying would actually attempt it, so did the other judges. But they were more here to question the validity and certainty of Wei Wuyin ’s selection, not surrender in his stead. They weren ’t expecting Qingye Yun to do so either.

This caused Yi Yun and Li Che ’s expressions to ease up. To them, Wei Wuyin mustn ’t suffer the slightest bit of harm, not even to the edges of his robes.

Qingye Ying was silent for a long while, staring at Qingye Yun. If she surrendered her, if she lost, then she likely lost the entire clash. She had already suffered a loss in her own segment, and that was already a fatal wound, but this would be the final nail to her coffin. If Wei Wuyin chose a paste that Yang-possessing men had a better chance of concocting of a higher quality, then she would lose 3-1, even if she won her next segment.

She bit her lower lip once more, truly wanting to try it. But considering this was a ninth-grade pellet, she had no certainty to do so. And all Wei Wuyin had to do was not even try. Simply watch her as she failed or hurt herself, claiming victory anyways. 

How vicious!

But All-Alchemic Clashes weren ’t designed to be gentle, and losing in your own category gave a hellish disadvantage. Even if she lost this segment, if Wei Wuyin entered a draw with her in the remaining two, she ’d lose. He could, theoretically ensure her loss, by selecting an extremely easy paste to make at peak quality and succeed in the first attempt. They both would perform equally, but she had no hope to match Wei Wuyin ’s concoction times.

Considering his willingness to use this strategy of a ninth-grade fiery pellet, he certainly wasn ’t beneath this in her eyes.

Qingye Yun ’s words meant surrendering not just this segment, but this entire competition. A feeling of helplessness overtook her heart.

Wei Wuyin, however, remained absolutely calm in the face of the pitiful beauty. He had no mercy for her, and always intended to test her upper limits. While she wasn ’t willing to select ninth-grade products, he was. As for choosing a free and easy win? He never planned on doing that. But his actions caused a cascade of emotions and events he hadn ’t anticipated.

Qingye Ying ’s heart had already produced a seed of inferiority, and this event caused it to grow rapidly. When she looked at Wei Wuyin ’s unearthly handsome face, a feeling of invincibility was felt from him. In her mind, she was no longer his match.

She was flawed.

So how could she be?

While others couldn ’t see behind the veil, Wei Wuyin saw the signs of wetness on the corner of her eyes. Her emotions were spiraling and they threatened to spew out. This only caused him to inwardly sigh. While unbeknownst to him her struggles, he couldn ’t help but want to comfort her.

It was definitely his natural male instincts kicking in. This was especially so due to her exquisitely beautiful looks and shapely figure. 

Qingye Ying gave one last look at Qingye Yun, and spoke softly: ”I surrender. ”

This caused Yi Yun and Li Che to nod, accepting this as the best result. It ’s to be expected that Wei Wuyin would win his segment, so they should move on. It ’s not like her hopes were completely dashed. After all, she could still strive for a tie with the easier paste segment coming up.

But Qingye Ying ’s next words shook the audience and judges: ”I admit my defeat to you, Wei Wuyin. As I am now, I ’m not your match. You win. ”

”…! ”

She clarified, ”You win this All-Alchemic Clash; I surrender. ”

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