Paragon of Sin

Chapter 359: However You Like

With the end of the All-Alchemic Clash, an innumerable amount of celebratory feasts were held in Wei Wuyin ’s name. There were even numerous societies that had unanimously decided to mark this day on the decadal calendars. They would name it:

Ascension Day.

It would be celebrated with the offering of alchemical products to youths, the future generation. For thousands and thousands of years, the starfield ’s elite alchemic forces, whatever they may be, will generously offer to the younger generation of talents. While those youngsters who devoted their lives to alchemy will receive the respect of countless individuals in hopes that one day they could bring about a new beginning of an era.

Several hours later.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t expected an end like this, but it was met with grateful happiness. He had even met a few individuals that were calling the starfield in casual conversion the Neo-Dawn Starfield. He held a bright smile for a full hour after, unable to stop. 

At the moment, however, he was before the presence of all the hegemonic forces of the world and its leaders. This included the forces that were extremely close, such as the Alchemist Association and Golden Coin Pavilion. They were led by Sixth Stage Astral Core Realm experts, rivaling Grand Imperial Sages. 

But now, these figures were quietly and patiently waiting for Wei Wuyin to speak. Even if they were extremely powerful, even if they could crush Wei Wuyin with their fearsome cultivation base, they wouldn ’t dare. Not only due to Tuo Bihan ’s presence, but merely because of who he was. 

Sweeping his gaze over these figures, he noted the Grand Imperial Sages were present, including some elite figures of the hegemonic forces that rivaled them outside of leadership. There was even Li Che and Yi Yun, who were revealing calm expressions, but the light in their eyes betrayed their intentions. 

”Grand Association Master Yun, ” Wei Wuyin called out Qingye Yun ’s title causing him to take a calm breath, ”You owe me a request for my victory. In that case, I ’ll state it now. ”

Qingye Yun ’s heart tightened. He knew this would happen. Unlike the first wager he lost, there was no optional condition in this one. There was no way they could pay-off their loss. 

Wei Wuyin said, ”The entire Alchemist Association will merge with the Myriad Monarch Sect, joining my personal Faction: the Ascendants. Any objections? ”

”…! ” The hegemonic leaders of the starfield exclaimed, gasps and shock abound. This request was a little too much, no?

Qingye Yun sighed. He looked at Wei Wuyin, his expression regained its calm, and even the light within his eyes betrayed his excitement. He expected something similar to this, and he was well aware of the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s conduct towards personal factions and its rules. This wasn ’t bad.

This just meant that he gave up leadership to Wei Wuyin. While less than fifty years old, he had proven his abilities beyond any doubt. 

However, Qingye Yun didn ’t immediately agree. ”What about those unwilling to join? If they choose to leave? ” 

Wei Wuyin calmly smiled, ”They can leave if they wish. I ’ll only accept willing parties, but I, nor the Myriad Monarch Sect, will accept any ex-Association members nor their descendants for three generations and three hundred years. ”

Qingye Yun felt the viciousness within this remark, but he didn ’t object. He nodded, ”Then, I, as the Grand Association Master, agree. I ’ll talk this over with the others later, organizing and handling the merging process. ” His willingness wasn ’t unexpected, especially considering his Princess of Everlore had fallen to pieces.

There were even a few that were envious, especially Li Che and Yi Yun.

Li Che hastily said with a cautious manner, ”Ascendant Emperor Wei, I ’ve been an independent alchemist, one without a home. I wish to join you. ” He didn ’t state to join the Myriad Monarch Sect, but Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin gave Li Che a long look, causing cold sweat to drench Li Che ’s back. He couldn ’t fathom the amount of pressure he, a prestigious Alchemic Emperor, would feel to ask to join a faction. Normally, there would be numerous forces that sought him out, fought over him aggressively, but now he was praying to the gods known and unknown that Wei Wuyin would say yes.

This was an opportunity that might never come again. After all, who wouldn ’t want to work under the King of Everlore, let alone the heaven-defying Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn! Regardless if it was his technique or exquisite confidence in the concoction process, he knew that Wei Wuyin was a well of information and skills he could drink from. Just a little might heavily improve his skills.

In truth, Wei Wuyin ’s skills were indeed higher than his. This wasn ’t simply due to his Alchemic Astral Soul. His application of alchemical methods, knowledge of observations and various interactions, and control of force were simply of a higher standard. This was evident that he could concoct a ninth-grade product.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”Emperor Li, of course I accept you. It would be my honor to work alongside the illustrious and renowned Imbibing Stars Elixir Emperor. I ’m sure there ’s much I can learn from you. ”

Li Che ’s face blushed after those words, his heart somehow fluttering like a young maiden. While he knew that he would likely be relegated to a subordinate, he was still happy about Wei Wuyin ’s acceptance. 

Yi Yun pouted, turning to the Golden Coin Pavilion. He was a contracted Alchemist and had obligations, but he wanted to leave. Unfortunately, the Golden Coin Pavilion ’s Pavilion Master seemed unwilling to pledge allegiance to Wei Wuyin. This caused him much dissatisfaction. He must find a way to break away.

Wei Wuyin was just about to speak when a cold voice spoke out. 

”Ascendant Emperor Wei, I wish to speak to you in private. ” This voice belonged to the pure-blooded elf, Jiang Feilan, the Palace Master of the Sacred Light Palace. Her words were direct, and her wintry eyes were calmly staring within Wei Wuyin ’s. 

Wei Wuyin heard Wu Yu ’s contemptuous snort in his mind, and he bitterly smiled in his heart. The others turned to observe Jiang Feilan, their eyes curious as to why she spoke in such a direct manner. They all wished to speak with Ascendant Emperor Wei for numerous reasons.

”In due time, ” was all he could say. This only elicited a pair of narrow eyes from Jiang Feilan. Her actions prompted people to remember that her daughter was still held captive on the Bloodforge Continent due to a prior incident. These individuals were well-informed, so they likely felt like it was connected to that.

But they couldn ’t be happier. If Jiang Feilan was so aggressive, then they had one less competitor to become the next Grand Monarch Wu Yu, Divine King Han Xei, or Demonic Abyss Master.

Wei Wuyin proceeded to speak, giving thanks and informing them of his intentions of providing a platform for various products, such as seventh-grade products that were already an extreme rarity. While he wouldn ’t freely allow the access of eighth-grade products, he intended to gather various materials and things from the sect by opening up a business of sorts.

Despite being a member of the Myriad Monarch Sect, he won ’t isolate himself from the rest of the world. While he couldn ’t say that he ’d be the next King of Everlore, he did have the intention of elevating the alchemic culture of the starfield. This hopeful desire fueled them with endless elation.

He had his own plans.

Furthermore, he had even requested for a spare Void Gate. Xue Yifei and the others were still trapped, and after a bit, the Golden Coin Pavilion offered a spare Void Gate that had yet to be affixed to a location. They were initially willing to offer it for free, but Wei Wuyin kindly declined and bought it at its standard price. 

With this, it ’ll be a short while before Xiao Bai, Ying, and Xue Yifei return to him. 

The fortunate aspect of this meeting was that no one held objections over the future of the starfield. They had long since accepted the Myriad Monarch Sect as the leader, and even took the initiative to indirectly suggest making compensations for the previous war that nearly crippled the Myriad Monarch Sect.

They even alluded to the fact that if the Myriad Monarch Sect wanted their planets and flat continents back, they would do so. After all, they couldn ’t prevent Tuo Bihan from claiming these locations if he invaded. His current cultivation meant only their trump cards left by their ancestors had to be used to deal with him, but that was a small portion to a larger issue.

That issue being Wei Wuyin.




Just from his display of concocting eighth-grade elixir with utter ease, they realized his success rate and refinement speed was heaven-defying. These former titles would definitely be born in the Myriad Monarch Sect first, claiming the entire starfield as their own. What they needed to do was keep their head down and cautiously accept the newfound status quo without rocking the bed lest they be erased.

While Wei Wuyin couldn ’t guarantee that future generations of the Myriad Monarch Sect won ’t strive for revenge, he could at least inform them that he had no intentions of destroying any of them completely. While this guarantee might sound somewhat ridiculous and loose, it still allowed their hearts to simmer down.

Even the Princess of Everlore and the Alchemist Association were scheduled to be devoured, so they had no avenue of independence or a future if Wei Wuyin didn ’t allow it. 

The meeting lasted for quite a while with various issues being discussed. Wei Wuyin was a natural leader, acting in the position of power and the central focus. His opinion, at this moment, was the most important. Fortunately for them, he was young and his ambitions weren ’t extremely wild.

The Grand Monarch Lineage were well-known tyrannical conquerors, and they suppressed the other forces to extreme levels before their decline. If it wasn ’t for their ancestor ’s presence, they might have been thoroughly wiped out. But Wei Wuyin was more mellow, like the combination of Grand Monarch Wu Yu and the King of Everlore. As long as they didn ’t overstep their boundaries, they could co-exist. 

With the absorption of the Alchemist Association, one of his main plans he had from the conception of the Ascendants had been accomplished. He would soon become the #1 Alchemic Force in the entire starfield. He would no longer have to strive to provide for every individual member, capable of delegating tasks as he saw fit.

In the end, everyone left with smiles and light hearts. The only that remained in the room were Jiang Feilan, Qin Rui, Qingye Yun, and Tuo Bihan.

Wei Wuyin was somewhat startled by Qin Rui ’s presence. She, much like Qingye Ying, liked to conceal her appearance thoroughly. But from her eyes that looked at him, he had a strange feeling. He didn ’t know how to describe it.

Anyhow, Qingye Yun had stayed behind on his order. 

”Grand Association Master Yun. ” Wei Wuyin merely said his name and he faintly jumped. Those four words contained a questioning intent. Those silver eyes that regarded him were extremely piercing and demanding. 

Qingye Yun sighed in his heart. ”Ascendant Emperor Wei, I ’ll inform you of my intended request, but I must ask you: Can we discuss this at the Headquarters of the Alchemist Association? It would be better to tell you there. ” While this type of request could be misunderstood as having ill-intentions, Wei Wuyin nodded in agreement regardless.

From the beginning, Qingye Yun had tried various manipulative tactics to get him to agree to some request. Now that the Alchemist Association would soon become his, he wanted to know what this request was. Why all these shadowy means? Why not directly ask him?

He had more than just these questions, but all would definitely be revealed when he understood the ’why ’ of it all. 

Qingye Yun felt his heart calm after seeing Wei Wuyin agree.

”You ’re dismissed. ” Wei Wuyin declared, causing Qingye Yun to bow slightly before leaving. He didn ’t even show an ounce of unwillingness in being directly dismissed. But within his heart, there were definitely all sorts of strange and intriguing thoughts.

With that, only four remained. 

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but wonder what Qin Rui wanted. He looked towards her, and her expression tensed!

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