Paragon of Sin

Chapter 377: Original Heart

While the heated and impassioned questioning was ongoing, Wei Wuyin was slowly waking up from his abrupt descent. His eyes that emanated silver radiance had slowly dimmed, revealing his regular pair of exquisitely silver-colored eyes. They roamed the skies as he laid within the crater, trying to grasp the events that had transpired.

Hurriedly, he lifted his upper body into an upright position as his hands roamed his body. He was unsure if he would end up nude or worse, experiencing a sort of lag still. But much to his excitement, his clothes were intact and his current state was normal. Sighing with relief, he looked up to notice a grey-bearded face looking away.

’Tuo Bihan? ’ A surge of joy emerged in his heart as he quietly exclaimed, ”It worked! ” As if hit with a jolt, he quickly lifted his right sleeve and his excited expression was reduced to a wry smile.

Karmic Luck Value: 1,356.7 → 982.0.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 7 Years.

”Well, at least I ’m alive, ” was his greatest consoling words he could tell himself at the moment. He had known that using the raw material to construct a Void Gate alongside a Void Disk interconnected with another Void Gate to create a temporary Void Portal was an extremely risky endeavor. But it was his only option at that moment.

Fortunately, using his Void Space which possessed the unique qualities of time and space, he forcefully conjured a portal and traversed through it. Furthermore, he had done so safely. But he decided to never try it again, not knowing the exact details that the Heavenly Daos had to go through to ensure his survival. 

This was also a test. He wanted to know if a self-provoked calamity based on circumstances would force the Heavenly Daos to act. From what he originally gathered, as long as one ’s Karmic Luck Value was high enough, survival of a calamity was a certainty without any consumption of value. It was like a passive advantage for higher valued Blessed, and this came in tiers. 

When the Black Skeleton had informed him of his lacking Karmic Luck, she also mentioned that he didn ’t even have enough to survive or benefit. This had verified to him that the Heavenly Daos can ensure one ’s survival.

This caused him to grow tense. What amount of Karmic Luck Value was needed to undergo Temporal Reincarnation yet similarly unable to allow the Heavenly Daos to forcefully intervene to assist you. He wasn ’t certain if the calamity was just far, far, far too great or if it was merely due to it being self-provoked while lacking the means for the Heavenly Daos to assist.

In the former case, it would be an utterly massive calamity that was brought by their own actions. In the latter case, then it was merely unfortunate. He felt more inclined to believe the latter, because the Heavenly Daos seemed to be trying to ’correct ’ their weakness by giving the Blessed a second chance.

In the end, he could only sigh at these unverified theories. With a loss of 374.7 Karmic Luck Value, this was the most costly use of his Karmic Luck, but also the greatest fortune. After all, what greater fortune was life? 

”Little Boss! ” Tuo Bihan ’s urgent voice resounded from above the crater ’s edge, peering over in shock. He seemed to be reluctant to rush downwards, still a wisp of fear flickering within his eyes. Wei Wuyin observed this curiously. What happened to make a Realmlord feel fear? 

He slowly lifted his weary body upwards, feeling the newfound spiritual energies course throughout his body. He was momentarily shocked before he heard a spiritual transmission. 

”What are you doing?! ” A familiar voice shouted out in questioning. Wei Wuyin realized it belonged to Wu Yu, causing him to be somewhat shocked that Wu Yu was present. Wasn ’t the ring containing his spirit left with Su Mei. 

Wei Wuyin looked upwards and lightly jumped, exiting the crater with ease and stretching his stiff bones and muscles. Tuo Bihan seemed to suffer from a fright at his arrival, flinching backwards but not fully retreating. Whatever he was expecting hadn ’t happened. 

When Wei Wuyin saw Su Mei alongside Xue Yifei and Xiao Bai ’s massive form, he couldn ’t help but be a little surprised. He noted the flickering cyan-colored light hanging on Su Mei ’s neck. 

’Xue Yifei? ’ His attention was focused on her, however. She was far more gorgeous than when he first met her, with those hazel eyes with specks of blue that radiated an unfathomable depth of intelligence and clarity. Those curiously roaming eyes of hers reminded him of Wu Baozhai. 

Before he could say anything, the ring on Su Mei ’s neck flickered off it, arriving next to Wei Wuyin. He wasn ’t hiding his abilities any longer. ”Do you know what you brought to MY Planet?! ” A wave of exasperated rage emanated from his tone. 

Wei Wuyin looked about, noticing several dead individuals. He spotted Qing Qiumu currently shouting at Long Chen with tears in her emerald eyes, clutching Na Xinyi ’s unconscious body. There were others engulfed in Tuo Bihan ’s barriers of astral force. They were being pumped with energies to sustain their fragile lives.

He frowned slightly, uncertain as to what just happened. Did something get brought here alongside him? But considering his karmic luck, should it have led to other people ’s deaths? He wasn ’t certain. In fact, he was slightly confused.

”What happened? ” Wei Wuyin calmly asked Wu Yu.

Wu Yu ’s ring quivered slightly, but soon calmed down. ”Where were you? How did you bring so much Chaos Mana to the planet? What was that Void Portal? ” He fired off consecutive questions.

This prompted a frown from Wei Wuyin. ”Chaos Mana? What ’s that? ” He hadn ’t heard that term before. 

”… ” Wu Yu went silent for a moment, realizing that Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base wasn ’t at the Star Core Phase nor beyond. Only those of that level would understand what Chaos Mana meant and how destructive it was to life. He still calmly explained, ”Chaos Mana is the unrefined, unfiltered Mana produced by Solar Stars. Others often call it Chill of the Dark Void due to its extremely pervasive and cold-like qualities. 

”It is an extremely deadly substance, unable to sustain life or the various energies produced by the Star Cores of Continental Flat Earths or Planets. It is the opposite of the Mana you ’re familiar with. It has other names, such as Dark Mana or Lifeless Air. Regardless, how did you bring so much with you through a Void Portal? More importantly, how did you survive? ”

Wei Wuyin was enlightened. He ignored Wu Yu ’s two questions and looked at the sky, ”How come Chaos Mana isn ’t here? ”

”… ” Wu Yu realized that Wei Wuyin was unwilling to speak on the topic, frustration emerging in his spirit. With a hint of reluctance, he quickly explained: ”Chaos Mana IS present here. Chaos Mana is the unrefined and unfiltered state of normal Mana. It is filtered by Sky Layers of Continental Flat Earths and Planets, and further refined by their unique Star Core aura.

”This produces the state of Mana you ’re familiar with. But as long as you leave the Sky Layer protection, you ’ll enter the Dark Void and be washed with Chaos Mana. It invades and eradicates various energies and essences, but its refined version does the exact opposite. It nourishes energies and essences, allowing cultivation to thrive. It is because of this very reason the starfield has three solar stars, one of which was created by me. It ’s to better the quality of energies and essence born by all the Continental Flat Earths and Planets for the future generations.

”If it wasn ’t for us, the current era without the King of Everlore would ’ve long been reduced to its original state—unable to produce a Fifth Stage Astral Core Realm cultivator, even with alchemy. ”

Wu Yu sighed a little as he said this.

Wei Wuyin was flabbergasted by this information. While he knew Wu Yu had conjured a Solar Star in the starfield from their conversation on Junia during the Grand Spirit Trials, he hadn ’t understood the exact motive behind it. It seemed it was done to improve the starfield ’s state.

When he thought of this, his heart started to quake slightly as he recalled the two starfields that lacked any semblance of a Solar Star. Was it…stolen? Could those two solar stars above be…

The thought flitted through his mind for a moment before he discarded it. Wu Yu had already said that Solar Stars can be created by some powerful Mystic Ascendants, so he didn ’t feel it was very likely.

While everything, their conversation and thoughts, seemed to have taken a long while, it had been completed in a few seconds through spiritual exchange. After he finished this conversation, Tuo Bihan similarly barraged him with questions and concerns. He was aware of the Chill of the Dark Void and its life-destroying properties.

Wei Wuyin inspected his body, realizing no damage was present. It was only after questioning Wu Yu once more that he learned what had happened. Wu Yu had to exercise a little, using his unique Imperial Heaven Aura and spiritual strength at the Mystic Ascendant Level to eradicate the chaos mana prevalent in the world. If he hadn ’t, the chaos mana would ’ve infected everything, passing from one life to another until everything was extinguished. 

A cold chill coursed through his spine, realizing how unfathomably lucky he had been. If he hadn ’t conjured a Void Portal directly here, directly where Wu Yu was present, he could ’ve brought an end to all life on the planet. Of course, Wu Yu had only said it was like this due to the extremely high potency of the chaos mana he brought. If it was normal chaos mana of their starfield, it wouldn ’t have killed anyone.

The existing mana would ’ve clashed with it and destroyed it, and many cultivators here could ’ve withstood it until it dissipated on its own. As long as they had reached the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, establishing their own Personalized Mana, they would have resisted it with some loss of their cultivation base stability.

But the chaos mana he brought was simply far too strong, requiring a Starlord at least to quell it. 

For once, he was thankful for the Heavenly Daos.

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