Paragon of Sin

Chapter 421: Outside Visitors

ts of someone ’s creation. You can ’t be thinking of acting against us lowly tourists, right? ”

Wei Wuyin calmly looked at the old man, ”Wouldn ’t think of it. Senior, if you have any questions for me, please don ’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your stay. ” With his intelligence, he knew the old man ’s intentions from those words. Furthermore, the old man ’s cultivation was unfathomably high, and he had already verified his own guesses. After making himself openly available, he didn ’t bother with anything else.

After clasping his hands in a respectful farewell, his figure distorted into a misty light and vanished entirely.

The young woman was horrified, taken aback by Wei Wuyin ’s disappearance. She asked with a tinge of panic, ”You killed him?! ” Her words were directed to the old man, thinking he was the only one who could vanish someone so thoroughly.

But the old man frowned, and that frown was extremely deep and his eyes held a contemplative light that was heavy. This caused the young woman ’s heart to shake instantly as if an earthquake was born within its depths. She had never seen the old man so serious, so solemn. She realized there was far too much she missed through this short exchange.

The old man ’s expression soon softened, ”Haha! Kill him? He was never even here. ” When the old man said that, the young woman ’s expression was filled with surprise. 


Never here?!

He was right there!

The old man sighed, despite his granddaughter ’s unfathomably high cultivation base despite her age and exquisite legacy from a lineage of experts, such as himself, she was still too wet behind the ears. ”Did you not notice that no one else in our surroundings reacted to him suddenly arriving? When others turned to look at us, they didn ’t react as if they just saw the man who just overtook their city? ”

When the old man pointed that out, she looked around and realized that his words were true. No one reacted to their conversation or his appearance. ”But…how? ” 

The old man didn ’t smile, frown, sigh, laugh, or reveal any expression after hearing this question. He merely stated in a flat tone: ”We were in an illusion. ” 

”An illusion? Illusions don ’t work like that! They bring one ’s mind into a false environment that affects the five senses, distorting their perception. But this is real, and only he was fake? That ’s against the principles of an illusion, more in line with a hallucination, afterimage, or a conjured decoy. If you told me he was an incarnation, then maybe, but we were in an illusion? I scanned him and saw his cultivation base! He was real! ” The young woman rejected such an outlandish statement. She knew the current world was real, and they were never brought into an illusionary world, so it shouldn ’t be possible.

The old man didn ’t explain this time, but his heart was quivering despite his cultivation. He had noticed they were in an illusion early on, the moment it happened in fact, but he found that the only aspect of that illusion was Wei Wuyin. Everything else in this world was real, he was the sole product of their imagination and mind.

Otherwise, how could he approach without him noticing until he was directly behind his granddaughter? He wasn ’t that old and muddleheaded. He knew that Wei Wuyin was far, far more terrifying than he originally estimated. When he thought about Wei Wuyin ’s Elemental Origin Intent, two Astral Souls, and ten centimeter-sized Astral Cores, he knew that Wei Wuyin was…


In the City Lord ’s Tower, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes finally opened, being blessed by Ai Juling ’s inspective expression. When she noticed him open his eyes, she looked away and just rested herself in his arms once more. The City Lord was fixed into his chair, gripping his armrest as he stared at Wei Wuyin with fear. He was sweating bullets, clearly under some extreme pressure.

Wei Wuyin furrowed his brows, his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity ’s Eye of Illusion deactivated, alongside the eden energies that it carried via void force. He felt somewhat exhausted as he used eden energies and void force to bypass the need for visual connection of the eyes using his Eye of Illusion. 

The mechanism he had left in his mental transmission wasn ’t an unprepared one, causing him to instantly utilize Instant Transmission to project his eden energies stealthily with the powers of his Eye of Illusion to construct a mental link with the one who triggered the mechanism. The only reason the young woman was also affected was due to the old man simultaneously triggering his and her mental transmission trap.

The exquisite usage of his trio of powers left him a little exhausted, as he hadn ’t projected an entire illusory world with the Eye of Illusion, but merely projected his image connected to their five senses, which was far, far more advanced and less intrusive. He wouldn ’t have done this if he hadn ’t felt a feeling of unfathomableness from the old man. Instead, he would ’ve caused a brief lapse of attention via mental burst and then ensnare them using the astral formation of the city.

And he definitely wouldn ’t meet that person directly. What if he was instantly killed? Who would he cry to? 

°Others from outside…are they here due to the Temporal Reincarnator or for something else entirely?° His thoughts stirred as he contemplated the numerous possibilities, but he couldn ’t determine it. But now he had a glimpse of more variables, causing him to reassess his plans once more.

After a brief moment, he turned to the ’former ’ City Lord. With a faint smile, he asked: ”Now, will you answer my questions peacefully or will I have to… ”

As his voice trailed off, the ’former ’ City Lord heavily gulped, fear effusing from his normally imposing eyes.

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