Paragon of Sin

Chapter 433: The Hunting of Wei Wuyin

Wei Wuyin was unsure how to feel about this unexpected development. However, when he considered the Void Bloodline and the characteristics of the fourth astral tribulation, he had no choice but to accept it. 

His four Astral Souls had fully initiated and completed the fourth astral tribulation, the Nonuplet Spatial Resonant Tribulation, and he felt that they ’ve overcome nine full levels, reaching the Nine-Ripple Spatial Resonance Phase. While he hadn ’t felt their reckless manner erupt, strengthening the tribulation far beyond its limits, he knew they had.

The quality of fixed-type spatial energies infused within each World Sea was far, far greater than his original estimations. This was similar to their actions during the Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation, increasing the benefits and advantages received by the tribulation manyfold. 

He could feel the active refinement of his astral force, and felt the knowledge of Spatial Prison and Spatial Mark had already integrated with his Sea of Consciousness. Through his Astral Souls, he felt their faint resonance towards ambient space increase, and even realized he could draw the ambient spatial energies around to himself. It felt invigorating!

In nine months of time, he had undergone massive improvements to his strength and cultivation base. Not only did he reach the Spatial Resonance Phase with utter ease, but he had reached the peak Mark of Mortal Myth, entering the limits of his current Draconic Void Bloodline, and cultivated a Mystic Ascendant-level Cultivation Method, the Bloodforging Mystic Method, to a high level.

He still had five or so million desolate pearls left, numerous astral crystals, and other materials held within the female Realmlord ’s spatial ring. He was currently set for cultivation resources, no longer needing to plunder other cities or search for those desolate pearl locations that Seekers sought.

Wei Wuyin decided to find the so-called Holy City that likely held a Token of Elementus, continuing with his original mission. Before then, however, he still had the transcendent-quality elixir that he had yet to take! The Refraction World-Light Elixir was the first and only transcendent-quality alchemical product that he ’e ever fashioned, and it was extremely, unfathomably, unimaginably beneficial for cultivators seeking to assail the Light Reflection Phase, the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm! 

The Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s primary function was to modify the body ’s innate characteristics, allowing it to act as a medium to refine certain light energies prior to reaching the Light Reflection Phase. According to the records, the peak-quality allowed a cultivator to channel True Light from the world, refine it, and improve the Primary Light typically developed.

However, there were no records mentioning transcendent-quality effects. All Wei Wuyin knew was that the effects of transcendent-quality products would vastly exceed their peak-quality counterparts. Understanding the vast benefits of light energies, Wei Wuyin didn ’t hesitate to float down to the crumbled mountain and retrieved four vials of Refraction World-Light Elixir. 

Abruptly, a thought emerged in his mind. ”Do I need four? ” The effects of the Refraction World-Light Elixir was about transforming the body, allowing the channeling and refinement of light energies prior to reaching the Light Reflection Phase. This allowed cultivators to develop a greater Primary Light Source, which ranged from Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and White, from lowest to greatest.

He originally assumed each Astral Soul needed a separate vial, but he had only thought this out of habit. This elixir wasn ’t for them, but for himself, for his physical body. As long as his meridians, cells, and body could absorb and refine light energies, they would be able to absorb it without any changes to themselves.

He had nearly forgotten that while these Astral Souls could refine alchemical products by themselves, circulate to passively absorb energies, they lacked the control to trupy cultivate or ascend phases without him. With a faint breath, he put away the other three vials and unhesitatingly imbibed the other vial.

When he did, his silver eyes vanished, pupils and all, while the sea of white that was his sclera had become translucent and obscure. Soon, crystalline-like light started to flicker across his skin, causing his flesh and bones to become increasingly transparent. The raging sea of grey dragon ’s blood surged through his veins and arteries, revealing itself to the world!

If one looked closely, they would notice his meridians were bright, releasing a crystalline-like light, as if it was absorbing reflecting this unique light. The light started to ripple, alongside his vanishing flesh and bone! As it did, without warning, his eyes became mirrors!

They reflected the entire world, and so did his skin, his flesh, and his meridians! This lasted for mere moments before it ended, returning Wei Wuyin to his original state, regaining the radiance of his silver eyes, the solidity of his physical body.

With a rough, exhausted breath, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes trembled with utter amazement, unable to conceive the words of what he ’d just experienced. He could only think about how mystical it felt! 

Wei Wuyin intensely looked at his two hands, moving them animatedly in front of his eyes. The light in his eyes was investigative, seeking answers, inspecting changes, after he felt that his body had become extremely different from a moment ago.

With grasped the air, and light twisted around his hands. He wasn ’t controlling the ambient light, but absorbed it into his flesh, entering his meridians, bones, and being refined and funneled into his Astral Core, further integrating with his Astral Souls. The mirage-like appearance was quite ghastly, but when he exerted a little more, the area around his hands became completely black.

It was as if he had observed a blind spot in his vision, unable to process and perceive the light within the area around his hands. These two hands were completely devoid of light energies, and whenever new light energies attempted to integrate and reveal it, they would be twisted and drawn into his hands at an extremely fast rate.

Wei Wuyin heavily shook his hands, dispelling the absorption force. The light returned to normal and he could finally perceive his hands once more. A sense of comfort surged through his heart. 

”No wonder those who consume this elixir have higher states of Primary Light. The light energies are drawn into my body by minute amounts passively, but actively, its similar to absorbing ambient spatial energies. The affinity one has with light will increase manyfold, reaching untold heights. How could they not establish higher states of Primary Light? ” As he surmised this discovery, he felt wonderment within his heart.

”True Light… ” When he recalled the True Light mentioned by the records, he felt increasingly awed. It wasn ’t light at all. It was the source of all light. The wild and unverifiable theory that True Light was the origin of all light was wrong, but it was the source of all light.

As he thought about it, feeling the contradiction, feeling the confusion pile within his mind, he realized his mental energies were being rapidly consumed with the faint aura of the elixir brimming within his mind. But he refused to halt this opportunity, pondering heavily on this topic! 


A drop of blood swiftly leaked from his nose, carrying traces of intracranial fluid. His head was throbbing, but he refused to stop! Wei Wuyin ’s Sea of Consciousness shook like an earthquake with a scale of ten, causing his vision to become blurry and leaking tears mixed with glaring crimson blood!

”…! ” Eden ’s roots extended to all parts of Wei Wuyin ’s Sea of Consciousness, piercing into the sea of mental energies, pumping it fiercely with its own energies, trying to offset the heavy consumption Wei Wuyin was experiencing. It further stabilized his Sea of Consciousness, but that only prevented its collapse.

However, Wei Wuyin was in a dazed state, his silver eyes absent yet present, as if he was far off into another world. 

”…Why the risk? ” Kratos and King simultaneously asked, sending their energies to Eden, supplementing it further. Despite their question, they helped without any hesitation.

”Since he doesn ’t ask why, why should we? Why should we? ” Ori poutedly exclaimed with fierce rebuke, sending its energies in larger quantities than the other two! 

”… ” The two went silent. The four took risks all the time, rarely explaining their plans because they knew that Wei Wuyin would act cautious, likely spending too much time planning. It was an established habit he developed after experiencing numerous betrayals, sinister schemes, and the loss of those he loved.

He never took wild action without deep contemplation, rarely acting willful and reckless. This was clear by the delicate planning he took towards Yuan Longshi, with over a hundred contingencies. While this wasn ’t wrong, and if it wasn ’t for this trait, they might have already perished in this world of cultivation, but it revealed a flaw in his Heart of Cultivation.

They acted because they knew what he wanted; they acted fast and reckless because they knew what he was experiencing and facing! It wasn ’t just the Heavenly Daos, this mysterious controller of all things, but Hell itself! He didn ’t have the time to plan! They didn ’t!!


Wei Wuyin fell to his knees, his silver eyes dimmer than ever, nearly becoming black in color. The mental energies of his mind were being drained considerably quick, but the faint light of comprehension remained at the very depths of those dimmed eyes. It was relentless, searching fiercely!

”More! ” Eden ’s voice rippled, heavy and harsh. It knew this was the unexpected effect of a transcendent-quality Refraction World-Light Elixir! 

Kratos started to wildly thump, a faint ripple spread throughout space from Wei Wuyin ’s body. ”There ’s someone coming! ” It shouted in warning, but sent more energy after that brief delay. Wei Wuyin ’s heart was pumping fiercely, sending copious amounts of refined blood into his brain, stabilizing it as it throbbed in an abnormal manner!

”Tch! ” King felt the timing was quite horrible, about to externalize, but it was grasped by Ori. 

”No! No! No! Stay! ” Ori was violently trembling, the Astral Core showing signs of cracking. It was pushing itself even harder than the other two, with only Eden experiencing greater burden. It was the central figure to prevent Wei Wuyin ’s mental collapse.

”… ” King halted. It didn ’t respond, just answered with its actions. Its Astral Core trembled, starting to crack, and it sent vast amounts of its innate energies to Eden. It didn ’t hesitate, releasing with even greater energies than Ori. This lightened Ori ’s burden, causing the trembling to become less frequent.

”How long?! ” Kratos anxiously asked, feeling the approach of a familiar aura. The fierce beating of Wei Wuyin ’s heart betrayed its panic. 

”He ’s comprehending the Origin of All Light! Don ’t stop! No matter what!! ” Eden explained in haste. It knew what Wei Wuyin was searching for, and if it wasn ’t for his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity ’s unique abilities, Eden ’s integration into his Sea of Consciousness, four extremely powerful Astral Souls, and his extremely refined mental energies, this would have ended in swift failure. The fact he had this opportunity was miraculous, he could not let this go! 

”She ’s here! ” Kratos shouted, a faint draconic roar erupted.

A few hundred kilometers away, a figure arrived in a flash of silver light. The figure held a glowing parchment, looking at Wei Wuyin ’s location. ”You think I wouldn ’t find you? ” With a sneer, the figure blurred forward.

If Wei Wuyin was aware, he would be startled by this person! It was the female Realmlord of Grandquake City!

She found him!!

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