Paragon of Sin

Chapter 468: The Message Left Behind

While the elite geniuses of the Myriad Monarch Sect, Elemental Heaven Pavilion, Alchemist Association, and San Clan were exploring the depths of the World Realm, the starfield was still brimming with activity. The most notable was the official name change of the starfield, with many colliding on whether it ’ll be renamed the Imperial Heaven Starfield or changed to the Neo-Dawn Starfield.

This single topic divided neighbors, incited bloody fights, and broke entire relationships, especially among the Myriad Monarch Planet ’s inhabitants. The significance of the name played a huge part into who would be the next ruler of the starfield, but the Myriad Monarch Sect was unable to answer.

They were the only one with a legitimate Realmlord, and they were currently on the deniable rise as they had the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, the most talented alchemist to exist. There were numerous debates surrounding the King of Everlore and the Ascendant Emperor ’s alchemic prowess.

There was the cacophony of cries that Wei Wuyin had better talent, being younger and having endless potential for cultivation. Others said his talent might be overwhelming, but unless he reached the likes of Founding Monarch Wu Yu, Divine King Han Xei, Sacred Elven Queen, or Demonic Abyss Master, he would never rival King of Everlore due to his lack of an Alchemic Astral Soul.

There were a lot of energetic discussions revolving around these two and the topic never found a proper conclusion, except with one party being laid out by the other. It was an absolute mess, but a joyful one! Because no matter what was said or how, they were all extremely proud that they could even have these discussions. Their starfield was once more entering a Golden Age!

So while they might fight, they drank and ate meat to celebrate their happiness soon after. As for their discussions? It was irrelevant, and they all knew it. The Myriad Monarch Sect would decide these matters and the Ascendant Emperor would either be greater than the King of Everlore or not, and there was nothing their words could change about that.

A full year had eclipsed in the starfield, so much had happened.

The Myriad Monarch Sect, eighth level of the Extreme Creation Mountain. Wei Wuyin ’s Sky Palace floated with a bed of clouds as its foundation. There was a powerful horse neigh that shook the clouds followed by crackling lightning as a pegasus broke through the Sky Layer below, arriving at the eighth level.

On this pegasus ’s large body that reached a height of one hundred and twenty meters in height was a valiant figure donned in black battle armor, leathery with metallic portions at certain areas. Engulfed in lightning, Xiao Bai swirled around in an imposing manner, forcing the young woman to lightly pat it.

No longer playing around, it flew towards the Sky Palace with powerful strides. Its aura was terrifyingly impressive, far greater than before. Its growth was heaven-defying, enjoying daily eighth-grade alchemical products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Just the Sky Thunder Bloodline it had awakened was in full flourish, releasing bits of lightning and thunderous booms from time to time. Alongside the expansion of its size, its speed had reached an unprecedented level, being the fastest mount in the Myriad Monarch Sect. As for its strength? It could fight against Sixth Stage Astral Core Realm experts! 

Su Mei directed Xiao Bai to land at the designated spot beside the Sky Palace. When they did, she flew off, throwing a seventh-grade big pill the size of a basketball into Xiao Bai ’s large mouth. Xiao Bai opened its mouth and ate it, chewing on it with a happy expression. It lowered its head, receiving a rub on its snout from Su Mei. 

It released a sound of content. When it was born, it was forced into servitude, but after seeing the life of wild beasts and other beasts, this was the absolute life. The looks of envy it received alongside the respectful treatment was extraordinarily blissful.

By now, most didn ’t consider him Wei Wuyin ’s mount, but Su Mei ’s, but this was even better. Su Mei constantly traveled to different planets and continents, allowing him to stretch his legs and wings beneath multiple skies. Moreover, it had awakened its bloodline and was fed delicious, highly nutritious pills everyday. It was truly the greatest life a pegasus could have.

Su Mei told him to stay, walking inside the Sky Palace. She performed a few handseals at the door. A faint glow of spiritual light effused from the door, and then it opened. In a brisk pace, she walked in. She briefly entered before she encountered two figures.

”Sister Su! ” A soft voice exclaimed. It belonged to a red-haired young woman. Beside her was a white-haired woman with a faint icy-aura, but this iciness was no longer cold and dark, but lively. These two were Hong Ru and Xiao Bing respectively. 

Su Mei saw them, stopping. ”…Sister Hong, ” she was a little awkward saying such a familiar designation. It felt strange to her. Especially considering she knew that Wei Wuyin ’s intentions with them weren ’t explicitly stated. While it felt like he had allowed them in to monitor the resurrected Hong Ru, it could be more than that.

Xiao Bing followed along in greeting with a trace of warmth in her voice, ”Sister Su! ” Since they ’ve been staying here, Su Mei were overseeing all their matters and needs, such as cultivation or outside errands. She organized their families to arrive to see them, and kept them up-to-date on their activities and status. 

As for cultivation, she would periodically arrive with a batch of resources after they ’ve refined their previous batch. It was never-ending, filled with seventh-grade products! At first, they were absolutely terrified by consuming so much wealth and rare resources, but after a while, they grew numb to it. 

They had to constantly remind themselves that this was Wei Wuyin ’s Sky Palace, and Su Mei was a subordinate of his. How could they not have plenty of alchemical resources? 

”Is it time for a refill? ” Hong Ru asked, excited. She had never had such outrageously generous treatment of alchemical resources and a suitable environment in her life. Just the air here was extraordinary, filled with astral essence further condensed and purified by the Sky Palace ’s formations. Just cultivating here for a day was like cultivating a month below. In just over a year, she had already reached the Astral Core Realm, re-entering the World Sea Phase with a far greater foundation than before. She had even reached the Ninth Mortal State! 

Su Mei shook her head, ”Can you two gather everyone into the Main Hall ”

”Oh?! ” The two were taken aback. They had never had to gather before. This must be important. They looked to each other, seeing both the shock and seriousness in the other ’s eyes. Whatever it was, it had to be taken seriously! 

They nodded, ”Of course. ”

Su Mei nodded. Then added, ”Can you bring Na Xinyi as well. ” After that, she left to the Main Hall, leaving the two bewildered. After Wei Wuyin and Qing Qiumu had left for the Gateway Door, Na Xinyi was moved to the Sky Palace. This was the wish of Qing Qiumu, and Wei Wuyin accommodated. 

Soon, the ladies of the Sky Palace had gathered. 

Su Mei stood at the highest platform, looking at this exquisitely beautiful array of gorgeous women, all of which had ample breasts and exceptional figures. It was quite outrageous, each being more vixen-like than the last. 

If it wasn ’t for her in-depth understanding of Wei Wuyin ’s preferences, including his inclusion of all types, she might be a little…she didn ’t know. Looking at her own pair that was slightly below average, she threw those thoughts to the back of her mind.

Sweeping her gaze over the bevy of beauties, she noted each one.

Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Lin Ziyan, Wu Baozhai, Wen Mingna, Na Xinyi, Nyla Shur, Xiang Ling, Long Tingyu, and Xue Yifei. These ten women were all present. 

Even Na Xinyi was up and about, her complexion noticeably better than before. After suffering from the Dark Chill of the Void, Su Mei had helped her regain consciousness after months of gentle nourishment using Wei Wuyin ’s products. While her Primal Yin Sources and Physique were still exhausted and drained, she was well enough to do simple activities.

As for Long Tingyu, she was brought alongside Xiang Ling to cultivate, simultaneously wanting to stay close to her Big Sister Na Xinyi as well. While she was biased against Wei Wuyin before, her feelings had become quite complex after Long Chen ’s actions that day.

Su Mei nodded after seeing everyone had obediently gathered. Since Wei Wuyin left, these women had all entered his Sky Palace at varying times, enjoying the rich environment and resources Wei Wuyin left behind. The current starfield was in a lull, awaiting for change, so they were mostly left with time to freely cultivate. 

”It ’s been a full year since Wei Wuyin entered the Gateway Door, and he left a letter of instructions for me if he hadn ’t returned by then, ” Su Mei announced, taking out a white paper envelope that was still sealed. 

The group of women were taken aback. A letter? They looked towards each other with curiosity in their eyes. Why would he leave a letter? Most of their gazes sought Xue Yifei out. Out of everyone present, she was the only ’official ’ woman of status, a concubine, acknowledged publicly with a definitive connection to Wei Wuyin.

But Xue Yifei gently smiled in the face of their inquisitive eyes, ”Sisters, whatever he left for us to hear, I ’m sure it ’ll be appropriate and beneficial. ” This, for some reason, alleviated their worries. 

Su Mei glanced at Xue Yifei. After a brief moment, she started to open the letter!

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