Paragon of Sin

Chapter 532: A New Continent An Inescapable Demise


The apocalyptic flood of power was mere inches away from those enlarged wings, seemingly intent on destroying everything in its path when a sound similar to the initial flight of a newborn chick resounded. It was the sound of that familiar first flap that signaled their beginning of aerial freedom!

Yet for this, for the people on the continent who were met by large grey-scales that overtook their sight of the calamity, like a protective hand of a parent trying to shield one ’s eyes, it was the sound of their saving grace.

The continent in its entirety, with Wei Wuyin at the pilot, traversed the void! They directly shifted through the folds of space, breaking through the constraints of the void with such massive mass, and departed! For those on the continent, they only saw the protective scales that guarded them from calamity.

The Void wasn ’t an existence that others could casually glimpse at. Wei Wuyin could only negate the effects due to his Void Bloodline and Eden ’s control over his Sea of Consciousness. Just a glimpse and you ’ll peer into the information of all things. Just the information of a single particle of air from its creation to its present was enough to overwhelm almost all intelligent mortal-tier lifeforms.

To counteract this lethal possibility, Wei Wuyin had to expand his wings to engulf the entire continent from tip to tip, ensuring on gaps between. Furthermore, to move the entire continent, he had to use every last of his void force to ensure a gapless flood. 

Wei Wuyin had never expected to cut it so close. He hadn ’t expected Spatial Shifting in the Elementus Cache would lead him outside the World Realm and bring him to his original starfield. It was a gross miscalculation on his part, mostly due to his ignorance on how a World Realm ’s Core was established and isolated in-depth.

Fortunately, he made it in time before the destroyed World Realm ’s artificial supernova power crashed into the Four Extreme Continent. If he was just a second late, a second too slow, everything would ’ve been obliterated. But he wasn ’t.

Right now, he had to guide the massive continent to where he originally was, bringing it to the only location that could sustain it and the numerous lifeforms living there! 


In the Imperial Dawn Starfield, above the Auric Sea, the four forces were still waiting for their juniors to leave the World Realm that the Gateway Door led to. They weren ’t very anxious. Its been less than three years, and the situation would only become dangerous at the ten year mark when Tuo Bihan, their only legitimate Realmlord, has to act to send a Void Gate into the world by force.

For now, they relaxed as they cultivated in the strange environment that was the Auric Sea. There wasn ’t much interaction amongst these leaders. As for the chaos of the world outside, the reclaiming of continents and planets by the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s elites, it wasn ’t worthy enough for them to leave.

Qin Rui had recovered from her injuries after overextending herself, undoing the failings of her stubbornness. When Lian Yu had been pulled by the strange force of the Auric Sea, she had gone against Wei Wuyin ’s orders and the result left her unconscious and her foundation somewhat damaged. In the end, Wei Wuyin resolved it all.

Whenever she recalled it during these years, she felt a wave of regret flood her heart. She had stuck to her pride and stubbornness in a hopeless situation. Others might consider that a defining characteristic worthy of a cultivator, but this wasn ’t the right situation to act in such a way.

She had a wisp of bitterness at the sides of her lip, tugged into a faint frown. Her entire mood had been in a foul state since. Furthermore, she had revealed her appearance before the world due to her actions. There were numerous glances her way and some secret spiritual transmissions from all sorts of elders.

Tuo Bihan noticed Qin Rui ’s mood and sighed, ”It was your choice to make. Don ’t dwell, look towards the future. ”

However, Qin Rui bit her lower lips as aggrieved emotions flickered in her eyes. ”What future?! ” Her current appearance was extremely beautiful, and could evoke all sorts of pitying and protective emotions from her male counterparts. Unfortunately, she was once more covered by obscuring mist.

Qin Rui had asked Tuo Bihan about the requirements to become a Realmlord, to successfully ascend to the Realm World Phase, but the answer shattered her entire dream. She learned that it required, at minimum, a Seven-Ringed Soul Idol, Seven-Ripple Spatial Resonance, Indigo-colored Primary Light, and a powerful Intent.

And from his words, a mid-level Elemental Intent would do. Unfortunately, her foundation wasn ’t even close. She had a Five-Ringed Soul Idol, Six-Ripple Spatial Resonance, and a Green-colored Primary Light. She didn ’t comprehend any high-level Elemental Intent, only the four basic elemental intents.

While certain things could be made up for by having a higher degree of foundation or a more powerful Intent, she had neither. This meant, no matter what, she would 100% die to the Realm World Astral Tribulation. This meant her cultivation journey was over. She was dispirited, and the only chance of being nurtured and retroactively changing her destiny had been shattered by her own stubbornness. 

Tuo Bihan sighed. Even as a Realmlord, he couldn ’t decide who the little boss decided to invest in nor could he help promote a cultivator that had long since established her foundation, which was extremely lacking. Unless the Princess of Everlore or Wei Wuyin decided otherwise, none of these old elders likely had a single chance of ever reaching his limits.

It was a fate for the next generation.

Just as he was contemplating such sorrows, his eyes glowed as he looked to the Dark Void. It wasn ’t just him, the San Emperor ’s fiery mist also trembled strangely as he lifted his eyes above, but a few seconds after Tuo Bihan. They both moved their heads simultaneously, however, to stare at Qin Rui.

Qin Rui was still pouting when a voice was transmitted into her mind. Her entire body quivered.

”Leave the Auric Sea! ” The voice was extremely familiar. It was Wei Wuyin ’s! Her eyes narrowed as she looked around, and then at the Gateway Door. How did he send her a spiritual transmission?! 

Confused, her heart was twisted in uncertainty. When she looked at Tuo Bihan, who seemed to be frowning her way. She bit her lips and was hesitant. She took a few seconds before she gritted her teeth, sending to Tuo Bihan: ”I ’ve just got a spiritual message from Wei Wuyin! He said to leave! ” 

Tuo Bihan sighed, a bright smile on his face. Wei Wuyin had also sent him a message, but he was to wait for Qin Rui ’s decision for a few seconds. A way for her to redeem herself, and know that Wei Wuyin hadn ’t given up on her yet. This relaxed his heart considerably.

With a nod, he sent messages to the other elders, an absolute order carried within. They were shocked for a moment, but after hearing it was the orders of Wei Wuyin, no one questioned it. A few were already lamenting the sad fate of Qin Rui, taking her actions as a lesson.

The elders gathered together with Tuo Bihan, and he turned to the Alchemist Association. He sent a transmission to them, and then a flash of silver light enveloped them as he used his spatial force to move them. They vanished as a silver comet in the distance. 

Qingye Yun was taken aback after receiving the message and seeing Tuo Bihan leave. Before he could make a decision, the San Emperor enveloped his Envoys in silver light that was similar yet somewhat weaker than Tuo Bihan ’s. They, too, left.

”We leave! ” Qingye Yun was just as decisive. He ordered his fellow elders and they moved to the upper limits of the world to create a temporary Void Gate. The Auric Sea ’s unique environment made it impossible to establish a long term Void Gate. They had to set-up a temporary Void Gate to leave lest they be trapped, only able to escape through traversing the Dark Void.

The Elemental Heaven Pavilion was confused, but everyone had left without warning. Uncertain of what was happening, Lin Ruyan was still a cautious and quick-thinking leader. She gave the order to leave as well! 

As they ascended, establishing their Void Gates at the utter limits of the atmospheric layer of the Auric Sea, the Gateway Door exploded!! It transformed into endless bits of material and light that sparkled the surrounding world in chaotic spatial power.

What was left was a cacophony of sounds!




These dragon sounds weren ’t that of screams any longer, but they were tinged with excitement!!!

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