Paragon of Sin

Chapter 598: Elven Sanctuary

n and demon race, the former seemed more likely.


Suddenly, a loud, thunderous sound drew the attention from everyone. They looked to the skies to see numerous figures arriving as if from thin air. This was an indicator of using a Void Gate to arrive.

Ai Yin used her astral force to protect Ai Juling and her mother, at the ready for any unexpected event. While she might not be powerful in comparison to the beings that could bring them here, it didn ’t mean she was willing to accept whatever fate they had for her. But her vigilant expression changed after noticing the appearance of the arrivals.

There were four figures at the lead, and they looked remarkably similar to the four Elven Tribes of the Four Extreme Continent. Extremely, outrageously similar! Furthermore, they all had auras that left her feeling overwhelmed.

It wasn ’t that unseen pressure from those who exceeded Mortal Limits, but that terrifyingly forceful pressure that indicated they were at the peak of Mortal Limits! They were all Starlords! 

To add, there was an old elf with a hunched back, an ancient aura, and a pair of dimly lit sapphire-like eyes that looked emotionally at the tens of billions of elves below. He had two notable gills, one each at both sides of his neck, and navy-blue scales that littered his body without rhyme or reason.

Directly in front of him was a middle-aged elf that was handsome. He didn ’t have a haphazard set of aquatic scales on his body, but only around the gills on his neck and one at his glabella that was shaped with a curve on the sides, bent at the bottom triangle. It glistened with an aquamarine light that radiated the feeling of the ocean, vast and peaceful. 

His appearance seemed more orderly, more stable, and even his eyes were ocean-blue, not the overly shiny sapphire-color of others.

One of the other leading figures had traits very similar to the Black Mountain Elves, with a burly elf with skin like soot, and eyes that were distinctively a fiery crimson. His hair was white like ash, and he seemed to embody the essence of a volcanic mountain. 

There was a dark green-haired, light green-eyed woman with a willowy figure that made her seem graceful, as light as a breeze, and close to nature. She resembled Verdant Forest Elves, except her eyes were lighter, exuding an airy aura within, and her hair was darker, giving it a feeling of being similar to plantlife. She just felt purer by comparison. 

There was another woman of bronze-skin, but it wasn ’t lightly shaded, and it had a particular sheen that exuded healthy and strong. 

It was quite obvious that these four had characteristics that strongly resembled the four elves. In fact, they might even be mistaken as their ancestors. This caused all the elves below to gawk at those above, not just their auras, but their appearances were extremely close to their own. 

Ai Yin ’s eyes narrowed as she spotted another familiar figure behind one of these leading figures, the woman with green hair. There was Qing Qiumu. She was the elf that had tried to halt the conflict between Wei Wuyin and that one human…she couldn ’t recall his name. 

It wasn ’t just Qing Qiumu that was present, but nearly a hundred or so elves. 

The old Starlord with a hunched back slowly floated to the front, lowering himself as he did as he swept his gaze across the others. He recognized that some of them weren ’t from the Four Extreme Continent ’s four tribes, likely originating from that starfield they were whisked away from.

Still, he calmly spoke: ”To those who don ’t know me, My name is Shui Jin; I ’m the Ancestral Master of the Navy River Elves. I ’ve led the tribe through the Season of Devils for centuries. I ’ve come bearing news about this new world, and a choice you now have. ”

He took a deep breath, continuing to speak with his voice amplified by his power. ”As some of you might have found out, the elven race is not a dominant race within this new world. We are a minority, a great, devastatingly low minority. Be it in terms of strength or numbers. But we ’ve eked out our own territory, and these four here, ” he pointed his wrinkled finger towards the four figures that calmly stared at those below, ”are the leaders of the four Sacred Sects, collectively known as the Sacred Elven Sanctuary. ”

The crowd was flabbergasted, riled into a strange frenzy of disbelief and confusion, sprinkled with unwillingness. Especially those from the Sacred Light Astral Territory or Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, ruled by the Sacred Light Palace and Myriad Monarch Sect respectively. They belonged to the proud race of elves, one of the hegemon of their world!

While their population was somewhat low, when have they lacked figures at the strongest level? Qin Rui? Jiang Feilang? But neither of them were here, having chosen the first option alongside many others.

The Four Extreme Continent ’s elves weren ’t so aggressive in their response. When haven ’t they been suppressed by humans? The Holy Bloodlines were all humans, the top-tier forces were all humans, and even the Grand Priests and Priestesses that represented the divinities they worshipped? All humans.

The lives of their line of elves never experienced hegemony or strength, only hope after Wei Wuyin ’s unbiased manner of forming a relationship with the Grey Sands Elves! Yet that dream shattered with the movement of their continent and subsequent movement of their race.

So they were less affected, merely just unwilling. 

Shui Jin noted these different levels of reactions and sighed heavily in his heart. ”The choice you have before you is similar to your choices before: You can either choose to enter one of the three Domains or join one of the four Sacred Sects. Each of the four sects have their own planet, and they have elves like me and you there. ”

The elves were once again met with a choice, but their information was still mostly incomplete. Why was entering the three Domains bad? Was it even bad? After all, they couldn ’t all just be stuffed on four planets, right? But…what if…

”I ’ll be joining the Sacred Aquatic Palace. I hope those of the Navy River Elves will join me. ”

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