Paragon of Sin

Chapter 600: Reborn

While some faced trials that ’ll decide their future, and three went to search for the whereabouts of someone that ’ll resolve their pressing issues, a few were made aware of their unique circumstance, and others arrived at their new home—the planet, New Everlore.

They included the leaders of the four hegemons of the Everlore Starfield: Wu Baozhai—the Grand Princess of the Myriad Monarch Sect; Jiang Feilang—The Palace Master of the Sacred Light Palace; Gao Zi—Mountain Lord of Demonic Abyss Mountain; Lin Ruyan—Pavilion Master of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion.

They had all unanimously chosen to restart their forces upon the newly created planet with their remaining and willing members. Those who sought to explore the world and etch out on their own, they were free to do so. None of these leaders kept them back, only emphasized that they would always have a home to return to, either in their success or failure. 

In truth, this move was a common leadership move as they too wished to learn more about the world, but establishing a reliable base of operations was more pressing. But with these members traveling and learning for them, they could obtain knowledge without risking their own lives and maintaining their core strength when they eventually returned.

They hadn ’t left the World-Shifting Net with the others, staying for roughly ten or so minutes longer before they were all transported away and onto their new planet. During this, the leaders gathered those united in their cause. It wasn ’t just the four hegemons, as other forces just short of their strength were also present. While they were subordinates before, this new opportunity gave them a chance to rise. 

The new planet was named New Everlore, dubbed such due to it being created solely for the residents of the now-destroyed Everlore Starfield. It was located in the Everlore Domain, so they would surely be protected, but it was relatively far off and at the edge of the Domain, almost at the edge of the starfield.

On the surface of the planet, the Solar Star that was utterly gigantic in size seemed as distant as their smallest Solar Stat before. Clearly, this location was incredibly far away from the central regions, likely the areas that contained the greatest resources due to Mystic Radiance exposure.

Alongside Wu Baozhai was Qin Rui and Yao Zhen. Zen and Ji Changkong were both beastmen and have vanished alongside the rest, but the three choose to stay with the Myriad Monarch Sect resolutely.

Yao Zhen was next to his son, Yao Wei. While the young demon with a talent and appearance similar to his father wanted to choose the third option, his father wasn ’t having it. There was a large lump on Yao Wei ’s head after his insistent whining to choose ’recruit ’.

Yao Zhen couldn ’t help but think how idiotic his son was. Others can be stupid, but he surely couldn ’t be. This was a new world with new rules. Not everyone was as open-minded as the Myriad Monarch Sect, and why did they even need to join another force?

They had Wei Wuyin!

While he seemed to be absent, it was unlikely that would remain the case for long. Considering this Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn was an outrageously talented alchemist who single-handedly elevated the standards of the Myriad Monarch Sect, he wasn ’t about to allow his son to leave off and venture into a strange, unknown world.

What if he ’s killed?

What if he ’s killed just for being a demon? 

Or fighting for resources? 

Or just for offending someone due to his youthful arrogance?

That cultivator they saw was absurdly strong, and he had the means to transport an entire starfield! AN ENTIRE STARFIELD! That might not even be the limits of their abilities. He wasn ’t even certain if Grand Monarch Wu Yu or the Demonic Abyss Master had such means or abilities. 

His son, even himself, had no backing in this new world. Who could avenge them or stop others from slaughtering them? They were even getting news that a strange continent had just arrived in their starfield a few days ago and had numerous Realmlords and quite a few Timelords. Their own force had one Realmlord.


But they had the Ascendant Emperor. In just a few years, sixth-grade alchemical products flooded the market, and seventh-grade products that were absurdly rare that even the five million Astral Core Realm cultivators in the entire starfield had likely only consumed one, or maybe two, in their entire lifetime, became readily available.

They earned it with Imperial Points, accomplishing missions, or just being of a certain rank. It ’s unlikely they ’ll receive better treatment, fair treatment, no matter how advanced this new world was. It was best to stay put and wait, leaving only when one has sufficient strength.

Yao Zhen ignored his son ’s pout as they arrived, inspecting the world with his spiritual sense. This planet was large-sized, sufficient to house trillions if need be. There were mountains, grasslands, lakes, rivers, and a warm climate. There weren ’t any oceans, but the lack of a vast body of water was substituted by an interconnected network of water streams and locations. The rivers and lakes all flowed through each other, forming a complete diagram of sorts. 

It was actually quite exquisite. It was as if the entire world was irrigated naturally, lending it to have a massive amount of natural farmland. This was extremely well-suited in cultivating various flora. Unfortunately, there was no fauna on this planet.

It was a little unfortunate for those who liked to eat meat. The ecological system seemed designed to sustain itself without any type of creature, and its self-sufficient structure was quite moldable. As long as rivers are properly redirected and connected to the lakes, the waters will always flow.

Even Wu Yu within his ring was amazed by the planet ’s design. ”This world was created by a cultivator at my level, likely multiple of them. ” His astonished remark sent waves of surprise in Wu Baozhai ’s heart.

”Your level? How strong is that? ” She knew about the realm beyond the Astral Core Realm, the Mystic Ascendant Realm, but she wasn ’t too clear about the stages or phases. She didn ’t even know what stage Wu Yu was in.

”Hm? ” Wu Yu broke free from his thoughts as he pondered for a moment. ”The Mystic Ascendant Realm is quite strange when one enters it, but there ’s a strange phase where one is both a Mystic Ascendant and Astral Core Realm cultivator, like a fusion of the two, and one that is fully a Mystic Ascendant. I guess you can call the latter the First Stage, but I ’m not sure. Anyways, I was in the latter. ”

As someone who only reached the Soul of Mysticism Phase, the ’First ’ Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, was that. But the ’other ’ First Stage, the Mystic Star Realm had been reached by others, such as the Elementus Knights that Divine King Han Xei were so proud of. 

Wu Baozhai digested this information. The Mystic Ascendant Realm was so profound that even Grand Monarch Wu Yu hadn ’t fully understood its beginning levels. She felt a burning passion to reach that level, to break past Mortal Limits.

Qin Rui walked over, ”There were completely no resources above the lowest level. Barely any can help Foundation Establishment cultivators, let alone Qi Condensation Cultivators. What should we do? ” Despite being a Prime Imperial Sage and former Grand Imperial Sage, she still rightfully deferred to Wu Baozhai for the decisions, only seeking clarification. 

Wu Baozhai looked at this alluring woman before her, feeling her rich yin energies and aura, and pouting slightly. There was a hint of frustration as she recalled Wu Yu tricking her into giving up her virginity to Long Chen. If it wasn ’t for that, perhaps she would have a chance…

She hurriedly put that grudging thought out of her mind as she focused. ”Since this is our new beginning, we should expand our sect ’s design. ” She said, causing Yao Zhen, Qin Rui, and the other Heavenly Commanders, Imperial Sages, and Prime Imperial Sages that decided to stay to come over. They naturally gathered while the lesser members looked on.

Wu Baozhai was shocked at the abrupt audience. From their gazes, a light of unlit passion remained in their eyes. They merely needed a trigger. 

She took a deep breath, and shot into the sky. The members, disciples included, all looked upwards as Wu Baozhai unleashed her Imperial Heaven Aura to the world. She seemed to become the focal point of everyone ’s attention, as many admired her demeanor and grace, including her royal disposition that rivaled the Grand Monarch ’s of legend.

Some of those old folks even remembered the former Grand Monarch. How dazzling he was, yet he seemingly paled before this striking young woman that carried a charismatic charm. However, was she able to translate that to something tangible? 

With her voice infused with spiritual strength, she spoke: ”Many of you have your doubts, I know. Many of you are confused, uncertain about where we ’ll go or what we ’ll do after our world had been destroyed. Left homeless and without resources, left to our own devices, is there even a future for us? But I ’m here to tell you the truth: OUR WORLD WASN ’T DESTROYED!

”Our world is RIGHT HERE! ” She touched her hand to her chest, feeling the rapidly beating heart. Despite its pace, she felt calmer than ever. ”In me. In you. And we carry it wherever we go. As long as it exists, we are not homeless; we are not lost. We are cultivators, those who belong to the great Myriad Monarch Sect, the home of the Grand Monarch Lineage.

”We survived wars! We conquered planets, even an entire starfield before! Our future is ours to decide, no one else ’s. And the Myriad Monarch Sect is not at its end or at its lowest, its at the beginning of its unstoppable rise! ”

Her words riled up the hot-blooded youths that couldn ’t help but feel her passion. Who here wasn ’t feeling lost? Despondent? Angry and depressed? Their home, family legacy, resources, everything they established for numerous years with blood, sweat, and tears had vanished and they weren ’t even given a choice to die with it. Now, they were to live here, and while this planet might be beautiful, it was severely lacking.

Even the Solar Star was so far away! 

Some felt hopeless. Some felt regret at not choosing ’recruit ’ or the second option, deciding to risk their lives to establish themselves elsewhere. After all, the Myriad Monarch Sect was certainly outrageously weak in comparison to the true leaders of this new starfield. Why stay in a sect that can ’t even offer them resources? Starting from nothing? Was there a future?

Many had clans to feed, children to raise! Yet they might not have anything for hundreds of years? Not everyone was an Astral Core Realm expert, having over a thousand years of life! 

Those words however brought the spiritual senses of even other sects over. After noticing the land was vacant of resources for cultivation, even the astral essence was a little lesser than their old planet, they felt a sense of regret and wallowing sadness ensnare their hearts. But Wu Baozhai ’s words drew their interest regardless.

Wu Baozhai could still see some doubt in their eyes. She realized her words weren ’t enough. Right now, she wasn ’t enough. 

She closed her eyes, touching the ring that had her name etched on it. She felt his presence and remembered his words. In his mind, she was a natural-born leader. 

Slowly, she opened her eyes with a renewed sense of self, resolute and firm in her belief. When her eyes swept those present, she didn ’t need to say a single word. Just that gaze alone that carried unimaginable will shook them fiercely.

Those old and young felt hope in those eyes. 

To be charismatic, to ensnare the hearts of others with your words, one must truly believe in it and themselves. While she had the former down, the latter was lacking until this moment. 

”In a few years, this planet? This planet that seems empty and void? It will just be a memory, and we ’ll make our mark on this new world. They ’ll know our name. But we ’ll no longer be known as the Myriad Monarch Sect. Our name, from now on and will be spoken in their mouths with respect and reverence will be: THE ETERNAL MONARCH SECT! Because we, WE will never fade as long as we have this. ”

She smacked her chest heavily with her right hand, pressing against her heart. The thud caused the hearts of everyone to tremble. She took a portion of this starfield ’s name and established another identity! 

The definition of eternal is to be everlasting, to have no beginning and no end, but to exist forever. 

”Are we monarchs? ” She asked in a low tone, her eyes sweeping the world before her.

”… ” The crowd watched, their blood roaring hot and their eyes burning with a new flame of life. So what if they had to start off with nothing? They came from Monarchs! Grand Monarchs! They conquered entire worlds, fearlessly faced three hegemonic forces and waged war against an entire starfield! And WON!

What was this? 

”Are we monarchs?! ” Wu Baozhai ’s voice grew louder.

”YEAH! ” They responded, but not all.

Wu Baozhai smacked her chest again, causing her heartbeat to echo throughout the world. They could feel her surging passion and she shouted out, her Imperial Heaven Aura flaring ever-higher, ”ARE WE MONARCHS?! ”

”YES WE ARE! ” At this point, there wasn ’t a single person that didn ’t feel like a king or queen capable of facing any challenge.

”THEN WE ARE ETERNAL! AND NOTHING, I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN STOP OUR ASCENT TO SUPREMACY! ” Wu Baozhai reminded, erupting with an even fiercer burst of her Imperial Heaven Aura.

The crowd went absolutely wild with shouts of roaring excitement. They weren ’t expecting to be riled to this feverish state, but their morale had suddenly shifted upwards. None of them felt like there wasn ’t a future any longer, and they felt that they could make their mark on this new world no matter how low they started! No matter what they lacked!

Quite a few forces had even felt that joining the Myriad Monarch, no, the Eternal Monarch Sect might be a better alternative! 

”…You ’re truly amazing. ” Wu Yu earnestly praised. He thought she would tell the world about the resources Wei Wuyin left her, or use his name to reassure the citizens, but she didn ’t. There was a pride that was unfathomably deep in his soul now, a pride for his descendant and bloodline.

Long Chen never had this quality.

Wu Baozhai ’s heart was explosively racing and she was short of breath, even her eyes were slightly reddened, but she felt a rushing wave of relief and euphoria. She touched her ring, remembered what Wei Wuyin said, and she felt more certain of herself. Sometimes, having someone believe in you is enough to embrace your truest self.

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