Paragon of Sin

Chapter 638 - 633: Mother-In-Law

Timelord Duhan was about to leave. This caused Lin Ming to be startled. He recalled that Timelord Duhan was in a rush. There was a product demonstration and first-time auction being held for a heaven-defying object, supposedly.

Now, he asked again: ”Wait! Can you tell me why everyone left? Why couldn ’t they just learn about the product after? ” He was truly a little peeved that no one was present for his triumph, but he wasn ’t too vain to think the world revolved around him.

Timelord Duhan had already exerted his control over the ambient mana, about to take flight when he halted. Before, he had ignored Lin Ming due to his ignorance and inconsequential status he had in his heart, but Lin Ming had just shown the potential to become an Ascended. This wasn ’t true for all Chosen.

Many of them fail to become Ascended or never earned the qualifications to even assail the Mystic Ascendant Realm. There ’s a recorded statistic by the Golden Gate Pavilion that detailed all successful attempts, while the respective identities were hidden. If you accounted for those ’Mystic Star Phase ’ or Tenth Stage of the Astral Core Realm cultivators as Ascended, then there was a 1 in 74 chance for a Chosen to ascend.

If one removes the controversial phase, then the chances are severely reduced to 1 in 1,016 for a Chosen to ascend. And this was in an entire generation of the Aeternal Sky Starfield. This counted all those who were Chosen, including those who later lost their qualifications due to age or failing to meet the competitive requirements with time.

This might seem high, but there were typically only three Chosen even amongst Mystic-tier forces. Overall, there were roughly 40,000 Chosen in every centennial generation, accounting for all eligible forces and independent cultivators. Not every force was qualified to have a Chosen.

To translate, in a 100-year generation, roughly 40 true Ascended were born from Chosen. Of course, this number was actually heavily eclipsed by non-Chosen, simply due to the outrageous numerical difference, but the chances were much, much, much lower.

With Lin Ming ’s Apex-level Intent and Domain Seed prior to the Realm World Phase, Timelord Duhan no longer ignored Lin Ming ’s question. He stayed grounded, turned to Lin Ming and patiently explained: ”The Golden Life Pavilion is a long-living business, and this isn ’t the first time they ’ve announced this type of sudden event. However, they have never disappointed once. They ’ve always brought forth outstanding resources, even new alchemical product recipes or multiship designs.

”Their practice is simple: this product demonstration and first-time auction is to determine the price of the product they wish to sell, and whoever buys it gets further rights to buy more with priority. This priority could save decades or even a century of time waiting. So the competition is often incredibly fierce, with no one wanting to lose out.

”However, to gain qualifications to enter the first-time auction, you MUST buy a ticket to the product demonstration or you won ’t be invited to the auction. This ticket is incredibly pricey, and it can allow millions to observe. So the various forces often bring their elite disciples and upper-echelon to observe. ” Timelord Duhan explained clearly, ensuring he got all the details.

Lin Ming was awed. There was such a thing?

Wasn ’t this driving a competitive atmosphere? Wasn ’t this drumming up fierce discussion revolving around whatever they sell? Buy the qualifications just to participate in the auction?! There was a wisp of disbelief in his heart for such practices.

Lin Ming frowned, ”What about the others? ” He couldn ’t help but look at the empty cavea of the coliseum. Even if the top figures and disciples left, what about those normal disciples and elders? Couldn ’t they have shown up?

Lin Xianxei said, ”The Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation is only for top-tier figures and disciples to observe. Every seat is reserved for a specific person. This is a rule that won ’t be changed so conveniently. ”

”Oh… ” Lin Ming understood now, feeling a little disappointed. What crappy timing, huh?

Timelord Duhan thought for a moment and then said: ”The product demonstration hasn ’t started yet. Shall we all go? With your status as a Chosen and yours as a Saintess, entering will be easy. ”

The two Lin ’s eyes brightened. There was still a chance? They had thought it was already underway, but there was still time? How could they not be a little excited? After all, this event would likely involve billions of individuals.

Lin Ming looked at Lin Xianxei, wanting to see her thoughts. When he saw her looking at him, nodding with acceptance, he smiled brightly in return.

”Where is it held? ” Lin Ming couldn ’t help but think that they ’ll travel to the Endless Prosperity Domain, likely via Void Gate. But Timelord Duhan gave him an awkward stare, then chuckled.

He answered, ”here. ” With that, he once more exerted his mana control and lifted himself up. With a thought, he soared away startling Lin Ming.

Lin Xianxei levitated, ”The product demonstration is observed through a Spiritual Projection Obelisk. It ’ll be too hectic and costly to pay for the transportation or expect other forces to pay for a two-way trip via Void Gate or waste months, even years, traveling across the starfield using Voidships. ” She gestured and followed after Timelord Duhan.

Lin Ming awkwardly rubbed his nose. Right. They took several months just to travel from nearby Domain to Domain with continuous travel, and the Endless Prosperity Domain will be outrageously costly for millions to travel to, let alone the tens of billions that ’ll likely be watching from every Domain.

He swept his gaze across the empty seats. ’One day, I ’ll be so great that no one would dare ignore or miss a single act I do. ’ With this promise, he flew after Lin Xianxei and Timelord Duhan.


In the Endless Prosperity Domain, the Grand Horse Realm, there was a simple rectangular platform that wasn ’t very large, being relatively small, and even designed simply. It wasn ’t very eye-catching, but this was obviously deliberately designed to not subtract from the product being demonstrated or the individual presenting the product. Hanging above this platform was a cyan-colored disk that slowly spun.

Beyond it were walls and roof of the building, brightened by soft light emitting stones that were soothing for the eyes and senses. There weren ’t any seating arrangements in this auditorium-like venue, just a single podium at the forefront of the platform, clearly designed for a speaker.

Currently, several dozen experts, all at the Ninth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Star Core Phase, were rushing about to inspect the various formations that were established. Surrounding the platform, on the walls, and roofs were numerous exquisite lines of runic markings that were beautifully structured.

These were the specialized Architects of the Ma Clan, proficient in formations and arrays. They were all relatively old, of all genders, but their eyes were bright and focused as they hurried along.

Outside of the building, Ma Zheng, his old and wrinkled figure, was sitting comfortably on a bench. He stared absentmindedly at the sky of the Grand Horse Realm. His eyes revealed the vicissitudes of the ages and his thoughts were inscrutable to the common mortal.

A series of steps resounded, soft yet noticeable. A voice announced themselves, ”Patriarch Ma. ”

Ma Zheng didn ’t look away, merely exhaling out a little.

The one who spoke was a familiar woman that seemed to be in her early twenties, having a head full of healthy dark-grey hair, and dressed in light battle armor alongside a tight-fitting robe. It accentuated her figure. She was Ma Sujiang, the one recently demoted to becoming the Guardian of the Grand Horse Realm.

She was respectful as she bowed before Ma Zheng. As she was no longer the Assistant Manager of the Third Branch, she no longer wore her daoist robes. She stayed bowing for several minutes before Ma Zheng spoke, ”You have questions? Doubts? ”

Ma Sujiang nodded while bowing, ”I do. ” She didn ’t question why she was demoted. It was a matter that has already passed, and she learned her lesson regarding that. She acted on her greed, thinking selfishly, and almost ruined whatever Ma Zheng intended to do. She was lucky she wasn ’t executed on the spot. If it was anyone else, they might have done so for her insubordination, so she was incredibly fortunate that Ma Zheng, her own father, was passing down judgment.

Ma Zheng glanced slightly at this last child of his, a product of his impending crisis to feel young once again after his life was nearing its end, and no breakthrough was in sight. He had reached his limits, found a talented young wife, his last one, and she bore him a single child: Ma Sujiang.

He had raised her to inherit his skills in business, an adequate successor, or so he thought. He knew she had ambition, and that was okay when moderated, but to act in such a way disappointed him. Besides that moment, her actions were all above-board and her status was achieved without his intrusive help. He didn ’t want her to be his Assistant Manager, however, she refused to be placed in any other Branch.

He selfishly wanted the Ma Clan to keep control of the Third Branch. After all, they were already slowly losing influence and control of the Golden Life Pavilion, at this rate, they would lose their Managerial Status after his passing, so he consented.

There was a time when he was its leader.

A long, long time ago.

He calmly looked back to the sky, ”Ask. ”

Ma Sujiang looked at the aging father before her. With each passing day, the air of death increased around him. She calmed her thoughts. ”My doubts stem from this demonstration and auction. With that alchemical product monopolized, the Ma Clan ’s future would be abundantly fruitful and limitless. Given a few thousand years, we… ”

She halted her words, implying it all.

Ma Zheng slowly said, ”Your thoughts aren ’t wrong; the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill could send us to great heights in a few thousand years. ”

With the added time it ’ll provide during the early years, the geniuses will all be able to become Realmlords, and invincible ones at that. At a certain point, there will be a differentiation between talents and geniuses. Those who have a Domain Seed prior to the Realm World Phase and those who do not. The extra hundreds of years of time not spent on comprehending the Spatial Resonance, Light Reflection, Gravity Emission, or fearfully preparing for the Realm World Astral Tribulation, will create an unfathomable gap between centennial generations.

Ma Sujiang wasn ’t wrong with her line of thinking. This pill might not be able to create Ascended, but it ’ll facilitate the growth of numerous talents that ’ll eventually become Ascended. They ’ll have greater foundations than those of equal ages.

”Then why? ” Ma Sujiang questioned. By revealing this to the others, isn ’t this removing their potential lead? Couldn ’t they wait a thousand years? At least a few hundred! It ’ll be best if they just kept it a secret, never revealing it at all.

Ma Zheng ’s expression remained unchanged. He merely asked in return: ”If the King of Everlore wanted you to prove your worth, would you destroy this Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill from existence? ”

”…! ” Ma Sujiang was startled. King of Everlore? What did he, that legendary figure, have to do with this? Could it be about that silver-eyed alchemist? But since her father asked her this question, she seriously considered it from all angles.

In the end, she decisively shook her head: ”I would. I ’ll do whatever I can to prove myself. ” The King of Everlore was an Alchemic Saint with astonishing talent, and his future was boundless.

Ma Zheng nodded, ”The King of Everlore could, in a mere thousand years, change the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. His origins are mysterious. Some say he originated from the Everlore Starfield, that he was born there. Others say he was sent there as a child, a test for developing talents of a clan that far exceeds the scope of our understanding. There are even a few who believe he ’s the reincarnation of an Alchemic Heavenly Saint, or an Immortal-Rank Alchemist.

”We don ’t really know the truth, but the fact remains: he was extraordinary. All those who followed him, proved themselves, was worthy enough to experience world-defying changes. ” Ma Zheng had rarely spoken so many words, and his voice seemed a little tired.

Yet Ma Sujiang ’s heart was nearly beating out of her chest. While Ma Zheng hadn ’t explicitedly stated his thoughts, she had an assumption. She wanted to scream out that it was impossible, but no words came out.

Could this silver-eyed alchemist have the same potential as the King of Everlore?! When she thought up to here, remembering her actions of assaulting his concubine, her spine felt a terrifying chill.

Ma Zheng added: ”Silver-eyes; Millions of high-level alchemical products; Outstanding foundation that exceeds imagination; Outrageous Alchemical Talent; Unverifiable background; Raised in the Everlore Starfield; Younger than fifty; A quasi Demi-Lord servant. If I had you make a guess as to who this person could be, who do you think it is? ”

”… ” Ma Sujiang was stunned, confused by such a string of details. But when she grasped the entire picture, her heart and mind exploded with the force of a supernova. She would ’ve never thought about it until pointed out in such a manner.


Could it be?

The King of Everlore ’s…descendant?!?!

”Whether its true or not, it doesn ’t matter. ” Ma Zheng slowly said before rising from his seat. He started to walk towards the door to the building. It was about time to begin.

What mattered was that he was interested in seeing what this young man wanted. After all, that young man clearly didn ’t give him the product to hold and develop his own forces. That was a ridiculous plan that ’ll take longer than that young man has lived to pull off. Whatever he wanted to do, the Golden Life Pavilion, no, the Ma Clan was courageous enough to follow.

And this was the first step.

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