Paragon of Sin

Chapter 644 - 639: Grand Demonstration Conclusion

The moment had arrived to decide if this pill could truly perform the feats it claimed to. Can it really create a Domain Seed for a cultivator? Furthermore, without a price? Numerous experts were skeptical of this.

In Origin, on the skyship of the Lin Clan, the elder who had grown meek before decided to speak up at this moment. ”It shouldn ’t be possible; even the World-Infusion Realm Pill wasn ’t capable of this. At least, not without consequences. ”

Lin Xianxian frowned, but her own thoughts echoed this. But at the moment, the name Wei Wuyin was causing her to feel strange and uncentered. The name was strangely familiar, but she couldn ’t quite pinpoint it. Just like the others, she was sending out an investigation to obtain any information about him.

Lin Xianxei ’s heart was pounding from the name being said, and it enveloped her every thought. It was only when the elder spoke that her thoughts were freed, and she directed her attention towards the elder. As if trying to seek out a lifeboat, she asked: ”Why not? ”

Lin Ming ’s mind jolted from her voice. He, too, was absolutely shook by the name. Wei Wuyin? That Wei Wuyin?! Born in the Everlore Starfield? Under fifty? Wasn ’t this a perfect freaking fit?!

The elder looked at the Saintess of their sect and young miss of the Lin Clan and faintly smiled, putting on the appearance of a kind and knowledgeable senior.

”The World-Infusion Realm Pill created a Domain Seed, but how is a Domain Seed created? It requires a cultivator ’s foundation, their Soul Idol Rings, Spatial Resonance Ripples, Primary Light Source, and Gravitational Central Mass to gather and establish the Domain Seed. If this is performed prematurely, then a cultivator can ’t ascend the Seventh Astral Tribulation; their path on cultivation would ’ve been diverted too much. ” The elder explained confidently.

Lin Ming ’s left eyelid started to twitch. He was an actual exception to that rule, so to him, this elder came off as an ignorant idiot. He had used the foundation of others to create his.


That ’s right!

He used the foundation of others to produce his Domain Seed, so he didn ’t suffer any consequences and his path was unhindered! As if it clicked simultaneously, both Lin Ming and Lin Xianxei glanced at each other with a faint realization. A light of joy for different yet similar reasons manifested in their eyes.

”You ’re brainless. Don ’t speak again, ” Lin Xianxian didn ’t feel like getting slapped again because of this elder. She still felt the faint slap that she caused herself on her cheeks.

The elder yelped in surprise, and then looked down despondently. Clearly, he accepted her order.

Lin Xianxian glanced at Lin Xianxei, not wanting her daughter to accept misinformation. ”The pill is meant for Soul Idol Phase cultivators and above, so from the onset, spatial ripples, primary light, and gravitational central mass isn ’t present or required. If alchemy was only known for one thing, it ’ll be for producing what cultivator ’s lack. Let ’s just watch. ”

The mood became solemn. Their spiritual senses focused on the demonstration.

Ma Luling grabbed at the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill with trembling hands. As a prospective Chosen, younger than thirty, and an absolute talent, she was extremely aware of the advantages that this pill would give her if it was true. Her hand trembled for a moment before the alchemic light and mist it emitted relaxed her.

With a steady hand, she consumed the pill and then sat down on the platform to refine it.

The level of expectations were outrageously high. If Ma Luling gains a Domain Seed, a Worldly Domain, access to Spatial Force, and all that without any consequence, then this would be absolutely world-shaking. It ’ll alter the entire standard for geniuses and timelines for cultivation.

Since most cultivators had to reach the peak of the Astral Core Realm at five to seven hundred years before being ineligible to pay the 800 years of lifespan cost to Ascend, this would be endlessly beneficial to everyone. Just the sprint to third stage to seventh stage of the Astral Core Realm was on average two to three hundred years for most who wished to Ascend.

Not everyone was capable of doing so.

The significance of this pill ’s existence could not be underestimated.

Ma Sujiang and the rest observed every fluctuation from Ma Luling. Those with more powerful spiritual senses could see the entire process that was occurring within her body, while those weaker could only observe her from outside. Still, there were certain things they all felt.

The sword howl of defiance from Ma Lulian ’s Nexus Astral Sword Soul. It fought fiercely as a silver radiance started to encroach on every location of her existence. But after it was taken over by the silver radiance, the Nexus Astral Soul Sword ’s sword howl became a screech of defiance to a keen of joy.

This shook almost everyone who could see it. It was extremely rare for astral souls to react so lively, in any manner. They were often just silent, agitated usually by their cultivators ’ hectic actions, or being pressured by external forces, but never in such an animated fashion. For a second, it seemed alive.

Ma Luling didn ’t experience the same defining memories and emotions that Na Xinyi had as her Soul Aura was grafted onto the pill. Instead, she started to smile like an absolute idiot. Her eyelids fluttered constantly to reveal her unfocused eyes behind it, and they were dilated.

While she didn ’t feel euphoric and orgasmic pleasure, she felt an absolutely explosive feeling of joy and happiness. She would chuckle like an innocent child at times, making others feel like she was just a child.

Her entire body took on a silver color, but her features were clearly defined for all to observe. They couldn ’t help but wonder what she was experiencing at this moment. It must be amazing…

To smile and laugh so foolishly…

How many experts wished they could still do the same?

Before long, Ma Luling ’s entire body started to manifest elemental energies, multi-colored Primary Light, swirling gravitational forces, and refined spatial energies infused with Spiritual Mana, creating a distinctive aura similar to Spatial Force. All these energies and forces intermixed, replicating an aura distinctively seen in the event of the creation of an entire world!

The pill within her settled in her Dantian, acting as a substitute framework for a Domain Seed. A Domain Seed forged by her Soul Aura, perfectly compatible as if it was an organ she had lived her entire life with. It started absorbing the energies and forces that swirled around her. These energies and forces weren ’t very powerful, but they were remarkably pure.

Unfathomably so.

Even the spiritual senses watching were astounded by the level of purity. They had never seen multicolored Primary Light together in the outside world, bringing even the Ascended a new experience.

The entire process lasted roughly fifteen minutes, far longer than Na Xinyi. A clear distinction in their bodies ’ talents. After all, Na Xinyi refined a high-quality pill, taking less than a few minutes, but Ma Luling took fifteen for a low-quality pill.

The silver radiance receded into the newly established Domain Seed. Ma Luling was broken out of her thoughts. When she awoke, realizing where she was, she started to cry. It was a gracious cry, lacking even an iota of sadness. She couldn ’t help it, even snot formed in her nostrils as she laughed and cried, sniffing crazily.

The world watched a young girl, who looked no more than sixteen years old, begin to cry her heart out in contented joy. They were unable to process this.

”Ma Luling, status? ” Ma Sujiang arrived beside her, touching her shoulder. Whatever Ma Luling experienced, she could feel the genuine happiness in her. What type of pill was this? There was even a temptation to take it herself.

Moreover, she was utterly floored by the refinement time. What the hell was this? Even Ascended took a week to refine eighth-grade products, but this was completed in a quarter of an hour? She expected the demonstration to last for months, if not several years, and so did everyone else! This was a peak-tier, ninth-grade alchemical pill! There was an entire procedure that was meant to accommodate this long wait.

She wasn ’t supposed to complete the refinement, just begin it. How terrifyingly miraculous was this pill? Was it designed to be easily refined?!

If before everyone was shocked by the possibility of the pill ’s effects, now these top-tier experts were completely horrified at the short amount of time needed to refine it!

What type of pill was this?!?!

Ma Luling soon gathered herself. She looked at Ma Sujiang and then inspected herself. She saw the Domain Seed orbiting her Nexus Astral Sword Soul like a lunar satellite. The Astral Soul would send out wisps of spiritual energy to touch the Domain Seed, as if caressing it joyfully.

It was a little too intimate, if she had to say so herself.

However, she felt a definitive connection. Out of curiosity, she interfaced with the Domain Seed and sent her spiritual sense into it. When she did, she was flushed with a strange feeling as she felt as if the world had suddenly entered her control. She felt her body grow lighter

Her Worldly Domain unfurled as her Soul Idol with nine-rings of a dark-colored sword manifested vaguely behind her.

”… ”

”… ”


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