Paragon of Sin

Chapter 647 - 642: Intense Three-Hours

Region. ”

Her words were chaos piled on already fragile legs. Her intent, whether to harm those who wanted to buy it, or if she truly believed this, was irrelevant. What mattered was her wording.

She had mentioned it ’ll produce the ruler of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, not just the Aeternal Sky Starfield! The Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, while heavily affected and reduced in number of active starfields due to the ancient Imperial Clan ’s wide and rapid conquering efforts ages ago, had a total of twenty-three thriving starfields.

The Aeternal Sky Starfield was merely the strongest on the surface, with the best environment thanks to the Mystic Radiance Belt and its gigantic Solar Star. However, that did not mean it lacked competitors. Despite the cautionary tale of the former Imperial Clan ’s ambitions, other starfields similarly annexed and merged weaker starfields to grow in strength and talent. The original tens of thousands of starfields within the Grand Cyclic Region just a few tens of thousands of years ago had been reduced to twenty-three, so it was clear none of these starfields lacked sufficient means or strength.

The Ninestar Starfield ruled by the Ninestar Sainthall had a genuinely recognized Alchemic Saint, the Ennea-Hall Alchemic Saint. They were often considered the second strongest starfield in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, so one could see just from this that the Aeternal Sky Starfield was not without its competitors.

The words of Liu Fei stirred everyone. In a mere three hours, not just the Aeternal Sky Starfield ’s sixteen greatest forces were participating in the auction, but several other starfields. While they hadn ’t purchased a ticket to the Grand Demonstration, they paid an absurdly high, outrageously exaggerated fee, to gain a seat at the Golden Auction.

The Golden Life Pavilion was a business. As long as they could make money, opening a window for those wealthy enough was within their modus operandi. There wasn ’t an ounce of dissatisfaction spoken. For fear of being excluded…

However, there were those with doubts. Not from outside the Golden Life Pavilion but from within. The Third Branch of the Golden Life Pavilion was managing this entire procedure, as it was within their authority to do so. But the other branches were completely ignorant of the validity and effects of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. Like most, they believed it would just be fantastical, not utterly world-shaking!

There were questions raised in dissatisfaction from the other branches regarding the Third Branch ’s decision to publicize such an outrageous product, to keep hidden such a talented alchemist! They were outstepping their authority and acting in self-interest! Is what the dissenters cried, even if untrue and hypocritical.

Their thoughts were similar to Ma Sujiang. It was similar to Liu Fei. This product will rearrange the world ’s structure, but to publicly sell it? Who would ever do such a thing? While the effects might not be immediate, give it a thousand years, and there would be an outrageously clear difference between similarly aged geniuses.

An unsurpassable, chasm-like gap.

That force would eventually be set to rule the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region! That could ’ve been them!

That old Ma Zheng must be a fool!

However, those with a little bit more intelligence would come to realize that Golden Life Pavilion ’s Third Branch actions weren ’t bad at all, especially in terms of gaining an advantage. The sheer wealth they ’ll obtain from the pill will generate endless benefits. These benefits will include mystic-level resources and materials, cultivation grounds not one bit inferior to the Devil War Realm, perhaps even entire planets.

The Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill might elevate their geniuses, produce high-end experts in a thousand years, but those resources could be used on Starlords today to enhance their chances to become genuine Ascended. Could be used on Ascended to reach the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase or breakthrough into an Earthly Saint. It was short-sighted not to see these immediate advantages, especially since a large portion of the profits belonged solely to the Third Branch, specifically, the Ma Clan.

Furthermore, they still had full and free access to the product, greater than any other force. They lose very little. Let alone the scandal if this Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill was revealed on other ’s terms. The blowback would be explosive, but now, they controlled the narrative, and everyone was forced into an acceptingly passive state, unable to criticize or strike.

They can freely purchase the product soon. Even be the first amongst many to obtain it. Who knows, they might be able to buy the concoction method with enough wealth and goodwill or reverse engineer the product for their own uses. Why wage war for a pill that wealth can buy?

Many of the forces were just waiting for an idiot to act, hoping to jump in and obtain the Golden Life Pavilion ’s favor to obtain better benefits by crushing them. After all, the Golden Life Pavilion wasn ’t an alchemic association, but a merchant association. They sold more than just a single pill.

This upcoming Golden Auction was bound to be intense. To obtain the lead in developing geniuses, in reverse engineering the pill, in restricting their enemies from having it, not a single force worth its salt on the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region was going to miss this.

The three hour mark was hit.

And the Golden Auction began.

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