Paragon of Sin

Chapter 708 - 703: Fear The Unknown

llar region from the others, in the Imperial Clan, it most certainly would! 

The core reason for this wasn ’t the Worldly Saint themselves, but the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint ’s potential. The King of Everlore vanished shortly after his ascension as Worldly Saint Alchemist, and he was a neutral existence that didn ’t care about much except the Alchemic Dao in the eyes of most. A benevolently neutral existence that sought greater heights, not wealth, authority, and territory.

If she could concoct this product once, she could do it again, and again, and again! In the end, the amount of Worldly Saints born in the starfield after ten thousand years will certainly be numerous, and limited solely to the Imperial Clan!

While it wasn ’t certain, an unclear timer formed in the hearts of too many powerhouses. A ticking clock that would determine their eventual submission, loss of culture and tradition, forcefully assimilated into the Aeternal Sky Starfield. 

A threat.

She was a threat to their independence.

She was a threat to their authority.

She was a threat to their lives, their family, and their descendants.

Sometimes, only an idea was enough to push the needle.

The twenty-two starfields could feel the looming pressure, hearing the ticking timer that would eventually lead to their end. Furthermore, it wasn ’t only felt by the other starfields, but numerous forces within the Aeternal Sky Starfield felt it. This was especially so for certain organizations that were at odds with the Imperial Clan, surviving off the mythical oaths established thousands of years ago.

Normally, they wouldn ’t be afraid. A Mythical Oath was insidiously difficult to break. However, difficult did not mean impossible. A Mythical Oath ’s strength was relative to the parities swearing the oath, much like how the degree of backlash was dependent on the one who swore the oath. 

For others, but not a Worldly Saint Alchemist! Prior to his abrupt disappearance, the King of Everlore left seven products called the Seven World Wonders of Everlore, detailing and theorizing seven Mystic-World grade products.

One of which was the pill that could potentially create a Worldly Saint! The very same pill the others believed to have been concocted! Another was of an elixir that could shatter a Mythical Oath if forged by those at or beneath the Earthly Saint Phase! Like all oaths, a seed is planted within all those enforced by its limitations and rules, and this seed was vulnerable to high-level cultivators and the Alchemic Dao.

Wei Wuyin had given Tuo Bihan a Spirit Cleansing Elixir, a product of similar design whose primary effect was removing Spirit Oaths and secondary effect could purify the spirit of impurities. These products have existed.

The only oath that couldn ’t be broken was Heavenly Oaths, and that was only because the resulting power or means to do so was incredibly difficult, almost making it absolute and unshatterable by almost every existence. Yet its vague nature of decision making made it very unreliable. 

If this product was successfully concocted by the rumored Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint, then the livelihood of every single force within the Aeternal Sky Starfield was no longer protected. They, too, felt that pressure. No longer protected by their past oaths, where would they go? How would they live?

A few of the Noble Clans didn ’t even have Earthly Saints, attaining their right to own rich resources and occupy an enriched environment from the supermassive Mystic Radiance Belt, including the protections promised by the Aeternal Sky Saint! Without those oaths, they would be kicked out or worse, outright slaughtered. 

How could they not be afraid?

The straw that truly broke the camel ’s back, that pushed that needle to an unstoppable spin, was the Golden Gate Pavilion. When the theory was wildly thrown about, the top-tier forces didn ’t just seek answers from the Imperial Clan, but from the Heavenly Seers! 

However, what they received was unexpected! While Ascended had protections against being peered against by some Seers, it wasn ’t absolute. If the Golden Gate Pavilion truly sought out information, none could hide from their all-seeing gazes. This was evident by their conflict with the Imperial Clan thousands of years ago, spilling their crucial secrets. 

Yet when asked about the origins of the phenomenon, the Heavenly Seers response was: ”Unknown! ”

A single word. 

To them, it was enough….

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