Paragon of Sin

Chapter 745 - 740: Soldier Of War War Soul Exchange

Karmic Luck Value: 43,809.6

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 16 Years.

Karmic Luck Value: 44,122.9.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 16 Years.

The flow of the world resumed. 

The Bloodline of Sin ’s tattoo had changed. Wei Wuyin experienced the same thing he felt when he touched Bai Lin after her subsequent slaughter of the Trueborn, an obscure and elusive Evil Organization operating within the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, and the destruction of one of its bases in the Ninestar Starfield. 

Still unable to visually inspect the tattoo, Wei Wuyin accurately felt the elevation of Karmic Luck solely based on its aura. His awareness was developing as he kept experiencing the mysterious ways of the Heavenly Daos with each contact. 

”313.3… ” Wei Wuyin was amazed, then baffled almost immediately as he took a short breath. He thought for a moment before he clenched his fist tightly, only unclenching it after a while. This burst of Karmic Luck infusion could be considered extremely massive, absolutely outrageously high. 

Bai Lin ’s actions had almost netted him over thirty-thousand Karmic Luck Value in a single burst. However, the Shadow Egg was festering with those with Karmic Sin, so this was terrifyingly massive, yet this was spread out over millions of cultivators, and while they might not all be Sinners, there was bound to be more than a few. 

This woman either must ’ve performed sinful acts on the regular to accrue an immense amount of Karmic Sin or there was a reason he earned a low-by-comparison score for Bai Lin ’s actions. ’Could secondhand killing of Sinners give reduced returns for Blessed or will some of it remain with the killer? ’ When this thought struck, a heavy weight was slowly pulverized from his mind. Either way, both explains why there was a stark contrast. The only issue was that he didn ’t know how much he claimed from Bai Lin if it was the latter.

”Did you kill her? ” A voice sounded from behind Wei Wuyin, catching his attention. 

”Yeah, she ’s dead. ” Those words leaving his mouth were emotionless and unfeeling. This gain of Karmic Luck Value verified his theory, sort of. ”Do you have something in your possession that reveals your knowledge of the War Soul Exchange and the Nexus Battlefield, enough to gather an overview of this place? ” 

”Anything like that? ” Guan Yu was shocked when Wei Wuyin said this, and for a moment, his expression became guarded and fearful, but then it struck him that this monster of a being had already deduced the existence of the War Soul Exchange and he had told this information to Wei Wuyin already. 

Since this was the case, that question likely didn ’t contain any ill intent. Guan Yu replied after that brief pause, ”Maybe. Why? ” 

Wei Wuyin sighed. ”Let me see, ” he gestured as he stood up, holding out his hand towards Guan Yu. Guan Yu frowned, contemplating the pros and cons, then he saw the dead skeletal being with a hole in its skull. Clearly, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t against killing. He was spared because he was different from this sadistic woman, so he gulped slightly and sighed.

Guan Yu withdrew a jade tablet of sorts. It was palm-sized rectangular and had strange esoteric markings at the four edges, on both sides. ”This is a Recording Jade Plate. The information here is two hundred thousand years old. However, unless you know the power secret spell that corresponds to it, it ’s impossible to access it. ” After explaining this, he hesitated briefly before arriving beside Wei Wuyin and handing it to him.

Wei Wuyin held out his hand and reached out to its general location, grasping the smooth jade tablet. He felt a strange mana within. He thought for a moment and then activated his Mana Dominance of his Zenith Origin State. Suddenly, the four esoteric markings started to morph and spiritual light flitted through the surface of the tablet. 

A series of written characters manifested. 

Wei Wuyin ’looked ’ at Guan Yu, as if saying: ”Secret Spell? Impossible? Really? ” 

Guan Yu, however, had his jaws dropped and his eyes bulging. His voice cluttered in his throat as he stumbled over his words, unable to process what had just happened. He looked at Wei Wuyin with a level of incredulity that was nearing the zenith that his expression allowed! 

Wei Wuyin scoffed softly, touching the characters with his hand and reading it. Jing Jiu had cultivated an incomplete Origin State, but he still possessed the ability of Mana Dominance. While it might not be on the same level of his own, it was still a centric aspect of the Origin State.

After reading everything, he handed the jade tablet back to Guan Yu. ’Well, this proves that both of them were Sinners deliberately sent on Jing Jiu ’s path. I no longer have any doubts that Jing Jiu was destined to either obtain immense benefit here or the right to observe the Obelisk of War. In fact… ’ 

”After a Soldier of War leaves the Nexus Battlefield, can they return here? ” Wei Wuyin asked, unable to find this piece of information in the jade tablet. 

”Return? ” Guan Yu was still out of sorts, unable to fathom how Wei Wuyin unlocked the jade tablet without possessing the secret spell to do so. Moreover, he had done so instantly without any indication. It was as if the jade tablet automatically opened to its king. 

”Uhm…No? Well, not as a mortal being. Many have tried, every last one of them failed. You ’ll need to attain qualifications as an Ascended being to do so, but that ’s impossible. I guess? ” Guan Yu was inspecting the tablet with a sharp gaze, even waving it around, and turning it over. What the hell did Wei Wuyin do?! 

Wei Wuyin thought about this and frowned. It wasn ’t realistic that Jing Jiu obtained the right to observe the Obelisk of War as a mortal being, that was clear from the 10,000 Spirits of War that must be defeated and the total lack of Ascended beings present here.

However, if this was just an opportunity to gain awareness of its existence and later return to claim the right after he Ascended, then this made some sense. He couldn ’t be certain, but Jing Jiu lacked the means to weaponize the Myriad Gravestone Poison, so there ’s no way for him to benefit from it like him.

He ’looked ’ towards the woman and frowned. He reached out and took her spatial ring, inspecting it and noticing there was a seal upon it. Additionally, it was mystic-graded. He thought for a moment, and wryly smiled. The Heavenly Daos truly had a way about things.

The seal was mana-based. Once again exerting his Mana Dominance, he unsealed the spatial ring without an issue. Was this the culture of advanced societies? Using mana-based seals to restrict things? If that was the case, Jing Jiu had the literal skeletal key. Well, so did he. 

However, thinking about it, recalling Spiritualist and high-end cultivators, as well as the Origin State being something to ascend to the Heavenly Saint Phase, the Sixth Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, it made sense to use fortified mana-based seals to protect possessions. 

After doing so, he swept his senses into the ring and discovered that it was roughly half the size of Cai Liuyang ’s ring. Was this Jing Jiu ’s upgrade? That was truly a little unfair. How much Karmic Luck Value did Jing Jiu use for the Heavenly Daos to deliberately set forth these convenient events for him? No wonder he gave so little in his death. 

”Oh?! That ’s a little too convenient, no?! ” Wei Wuyin exclaimed. He had originally thought the poison was Jing Jiu ’s reason to fortune, but that was dismissed after realizing he didn ’t have the means to weaponize it, but this ring actually contained the exact thing that Jing Jiu needed!


This sadistic, death-loving, poison-exuding woman had a hexagonal crystal that contained the extremely rare, almost impossible to acquire Sky-World Lightning Essence, the only thing that could make Jing Jiu ’s incomplete Origin State complete. If he completed it, he would gain the ability to comprehend Mystic Intent with greater ease and elevate his limits of cultivation! 

Considering Jing Jiu was at the peak of the Mortal Dao, this was timely. Extremely timely. 

”… ” After regaining himself, Wei Wuyin inspected the rest of her possessions and discovered what he was looking for. The Myriad Gravestone Poison, enough to create a large-sized lake. Since this woman used Myriad Gravestone Poison to cultivate her body, then she must be in possession of some for emergency recovery or cultivation.

It was similar to the Draconic Blood Pearls that he kept in his possession at all times for the purpose of restoring his Bloodline Source if exhausted or damaged.

However, if there was no more, he would be left with having to refine her entire body. This was one of the reasons Wei Wuyin didn ’t treat her like Guan Yu. And she was a poison expert, so he didn ’t feel like dealing with some absurd trump card she might possess.

’Well that settles it. Jing Jiu ’s fortune is not to obtain the right to observe the Obelisk of War, ’ Wei Wuyin determined. Because even with a complete Origin State, he wasn ’t able to take down 10,000 with his means, and Wei Wuyin was aware of all his means. It might be possible if he tried to ascend here, but according to the Nexus Battlefield info of Guan Yu ’s clan, doing so here was extremely fatal.

Since Jing Jiu would ’ve gained the same information, then there was no way he ’d risk it. It was far more likely that he ’d come back after ascending to the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase as a prepared Battalion Commander, observe the Obelisk of War and gain whatever benefits it provided. 

”Did you find something? ” Guan Yu asked after calming his mind, keeping the jade tablet. 

”Sure, ” Wei Wuyin indifferently said. He inhaled deeply and softly sighed, ”I, Soldier of War, seek to exchange my War Souls! Heed my desire for war and victory, War Spirit of the Nexus! ”

Guan Yu ’s expression changed.


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