Paragon of Sin

Chapter 785 - Shocking Discovery

”… ” The Dark Void descended into a brief silent state after the Legion Commander ’s disappearance. The azure-robed Soul Rising Saint observed the location where the Legion Commander floated. Her slender eyebrows were furrowed slightly as her eyes flickered with azure light.



Two figures arrived directly to her right and left. They were the Soul Enlightening Saint and Soul Erupting Saint. They carried curious expressions. The former gave the Soul Rising Saint a glance, ”You allowed them to take him into their Shell World? ” The wisp of shock in his voice was quite prevalent.

This was the Soul-Rising Domain, and the Soul Rising Saint harnessed the incredible might of the Grand Mystic Domain Array that granted her extreme control over the ambient mystic-graded mana and essence emanating from the Mystic Radiance Belts. It also afforded her some heightened control over the fixed space in this area. If she so desired, she could ’ve attempted to halt the Shell World Pearl ’s activation.

The Soul Erupting Saint interjected, ”A Shell World Pearl is a unique spatial talisman at the high Mystic-Earth grade at least, and even then, that ’s quite difficult to hinder. Furthermore, it seemed to be fueled by two Earthly Saints with powerful spatial energies. Don ’t underestimate those from Trueborn. Since they took action, how could they not factor in this widely-known variable? ”

The Soul Enlightening Saint ’s eyebrows lifted as an enlightened glint emerged in his eyes. He faintly nodded and silently retracted his criticism. 

The Shell World Pearl contained a portable World Realm that lacked life-sustaining capabilities yet was extremely stable. It could be adapted as a restrictive cage or location to have isolated fights. A sparring session between Earthly Saints can devastate entire domains; even Demi-Mortal Lords fights were far too dangerous to freely allow. A casual attack can destroy planets. 

If the Tang Clan and Bai Lin hadn ’t wanted to avoid destroying Blueglow for their own reasons, the fight would ’ve been far more widespread and chaotic.

If it wasn ’t for the lack of mystic energy in the Legion Commander ’s moves, the three Earthly Saints would ’ve been forced to intervene much earlier regardless of Ma Sujiang ’s words. The Earthly Saints believed this was a deliberate act of his to prevent himself from causing wanton destruction of the Ninestar Starfield, attracting the ire of themselves and their allies, so they remained on the fence.

”He said he was under orders, ” the Soul Rising Saint ignored those two as she murmured out curiously. The two Earthly Saints frowned. They, too, noticed this detail. 

The Soul Enlightening Saint couldn ’t help but ask again: ”Is he an Avatar or an Incarnation? ” The absence of life aura from him bewildered them. There was a chance it was a byproduct of a unique cultivation method and refined physique, but it felt so abnormally strange that it still baffled him. 

The Soul Erupting Saint ’s eyebrows twitched, his gold eyes flashed with radiant light. ”The last princess ’ words may be true. ” After Ma Sujiang warned them of the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn ’s connections, they were hesitant to act. When this avatar-like Ascended being arrived with the strength of an Earthly Saint, it only furthered their hesitation. Now, this Ascended being had said he was under orders to act against the Tang Clan. Did this mean that his arrival was on purpose, that it was an order to get revenge for the Fire Phoenix ’s capture attempt?

”The Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn… ” The Soul Rising Saint ’s eyes narrowed slightly. 

First, this mysterious existence revealed himself as a Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist of absurd talent using the Golden Life Pavilion ’s Ma Clan as a mouthpiece, introducing a world-changing product. After, this being could evade their Heavenly Seers and Oracles divinations. Then, an unknown and abnormally powerful Soul of Mysticism expert dominated in the contest between the Golden Life Pavilion ’s factions. That man was reminiscent of a quasi Demi-Mortal Lord, bringing numerous speculations of his origins and identity. Now, this even stranger Earthly Saint level Ascended being had arrived to avenge the Fire Phoenix. 

”This Ascended being had generated a Vanishing Point-like event, then manifested a miniaturized Void Portal. This suggests that he was indeed the Earthly Saint that took down the Trueborn ’s Shadow Egg. No wonder they took action immediately after, ” the Soul Erupting Saint commented. The Trueborn ’s Earthly Saints had remained hidden until they verified their target, and that Void Portal conjuring was sufficient to be evidence of his involvement. 

”Do you think he ’s a part of the Void Voyage Sect? Or was this the Void Voyage Sect ’s Sect Master in disguise? ” The Soul Enlightening Saint was filled with endless questions. This entire event was far too abnormal.

”The Void Voyage Sect ’s Sect Master is most certainly a woman; that ’s something I can verify from my own experience encountering her once before, ” guaranteed the Soul Rising Saint.

”…Well, he could still be affiliated with them. I ’ve never heard of any Earthly Saint remotely similar to that Ascended being. ” The Soul Enlightening Saint mused, trying to think of anyone with a similar power-set amongst Earthly Saints, but to no avail. After saying this, a spark ignited in his eyes as he glanced at the Soul Rising Saint with a wisp of weariness, ”5th Runic Ascendant? He seems to have a keen eye. ” 

”…! ” The Soul Rising Saint ’s expression drastically changed for a brief moment before she regained a neutral expression, complete with an indifferent smile. ”That man ’s senses are clearly dysfunctioning, likely due to the Grand Mystic Domain Array that I control. ”

”… ” The three Earthly Saints went silent after that. An awkward and tension-filled atmosphere enveloped them.

The Soul Enlightening Saint sighed in his heart. If that Ascended being was correct, this information leaking would cause huge waves to flow throughout the Ninestar Sainthall. After all, he had ascended as a 3rd Runic Ascendant. This rang true for the Soul Enlightening Saint, including three of the other Soul Saints of the Sainthalls. If what the dragon-head Ascended being said was true, then the Soul Rising Saint ’s innate talents were far greater than she had publicly revealed! That or she had encountered some incredible opportunity!


Wei Wuyin sat in the lotus position as he formed a hand-seal. He had regained mobility swiftly after consuming a few ninth-grade elixirs and pills designed for recovery. He just had to stimulate his dormant Astral Souls, then have them externalize and rapidly digest the products. They had already recovered roughly 3% of their full reserves. 

While this might seem small, it was anything but. Every iota of Wei Wuyin ’s refined energies was of the highest quality, and he had the capacity to store an outrageous amount of astral force and energies throughout his physical cells, Sea of Consciousness, and World Seas. 

Wei Wuyin exhaled out a wad of pure air that contained a faint sweet smell. His alchemical products lacked any and all forms of impurities, so even the expelled fumes were extremely pure and beneficial to cultivation. He inhaled the air back in, cycling it throughout his body and refining it using his own efforts. 

Finally, he lifted his head with his eyes still closed. ”To think the Legion Commander would be so powerful. ” That Spirit of War showed astonishing abilities, and while he couldn ’t visibly see for himself, he could view through Bai Lin ’s real-time generated memories of events that unfolded. She was also extremely powerful and capable of seeing things he couldn ’t.

This was the first time he ’d thought of using Eden in this fashion. While he still wasn ’t able to process all that happened through this method, likely due to his own Sea of Consciousness being beneath the Mortal Limits, he saw various strange smoky colors and runic shadows flickering chaotically in and out of existence through Bai Lin ’s eyes. 

This was likely Mystic Intent and the runes generated due to its usage. He could now verify that Mystic Intent was deeply connected to various runes, from its utilization to its development. 

”Will, um, you or him, be okay? ” Bai Lin was unable to determine what to refer to the Legion Commander as, an extension of Wei Wuyin or an independent entity. Because in her eyes, she couldn ’t sense any life aura from it, and it felt like Wei Wuyin almost exactly. If it wasn ’t for them standing side-by-side, she might genuinely mistake the Legion Commander for Wei Wuyin. 

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, ”I ’m connected to the Legion Commander via the War Talisman, and now that I ’ve regained my spiritual energies, I can receive spiritual transmissions from him. He ’ll be fine, but get ready…we ’re leaving soon. ” 

Bai Lin ’s eyes brightened with curiosity. However, her eyes dimmed. 

Wei Wuyin was intimately connected to her Sea of Consciousness, so he easily picked up on her disappointment. He couldn ’t help but caress her neck as he consoled, ”We destroyed all their Voidships and took down a Demi-Mortal Lord. They ’ll be hurting. For now, that ’s enough. ”

”I took down two! ” Bai Lin puffed her chest, her emotions elevating from Wei Wuyin ’s words. Wei Wuyin chuckled, ”I didn ’t forget. Bai Lin, I won ’t let this go. But I ’ll be honest, I never intended to slaughter them all to the last. While the Legion Commander is strong, his energies and means seems to be severely restricted by my own powers, and he ’s not too reliable as I ’m unsure of his limitations.

”If we truly eliminated all of the Tang Clan ’s Demi-Mortal Lords, the Imperial Clan would certainly take action as a response. According to Wu Yu, they ’re extremely powerful and domineering, only hindered by past generational oaths. The Legion Commander isn ’t sufficient to contend with that. It ’s not time to clash with them yet, and certainly not for the Tang Clan. I ’m sorry, ” Wei Wuyin fully revealed his thoughts to Bai Lin through mental transmissions. 

Bai Lin ’s eyes glowed. However, instead of feeling disappointed, she released an elated cry and rubbed her head against Wei Wuyin ’s cheek. ”Thank you, ” she said with a chuckle. 

Wei Wuyin was taken aback. 

Bai Lin wasn ’t an unintelligent beast, so she realized from those words that Wei Wuyin ’s decision to get revenge and his sacrifice to do so was all due to his emotionally charged response, because of his feelings for her. Just the fact that he pushed himself to obtain some modicum of justice for her amongst a mountain of uncertainties was enough. They could ’ve just escaped directly, but he hadn ’t chosen to do so.

That was enough.

While she didn ’t intend to let this matter go, she could wait until she was strong enough to avenge herself with her own power. 

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled. But the image of a red-haired, fiery and feisty girl by the name of Hong Ru emerged in his mind. This was also a reason to restrain himself. He had to retrieve her from the Tang Clan. If the Tang Clan experienced a severe collapse, who knew what would happen in the ensuing chaos. He didn ’t want his actions to harm her. Even if this was Karmic Fortune for her, he refused to tolerate or ally with those who harmed Bai Lin. 

A cold glint flickered in his eyes.


Suddenly, a series of thunderous noises resounded throughout the Dark Void and fixed space trembled fiercely.

The three Earthly Saints exclaimed as they hastily retreated. The area where the Legion Commander vanished started to twist and distort amidst strange grey light. Without warning, a figure shot out of the distortions. They were garbed in tattered black robes while wearing a half-cracked mask that revealed the lower half of their face.

It seemed to be a woman from the ruby-colored lipstick and delicate, white-colored skin shown. However, a heavy stream of purplish blood leaked from both sides of her lips and nose. The mask was fragmented and barely held together. She shot extremely fast through the Dark Void and vanished in an explosion of silver light. 

”AHHHHHH!!! ” 

Then, a horrified shriek of pain resounded that echoed throughout the Soul Rising Domain and a neighboring Domain. It wasn ’t painful to hear but could easily instill night terrors in fully grown men.

The distortion of space ceased as a figure stepped out of it. It was a fully armored figure donning a dragon-head helmet, and in his hand was…

”Oh my heavens…! ” The Soul Erupting Saint ’s eyes widened as he observed this scene with an unwavering stare. The Legion Commander had exited, entirely unharmed, not a single scratch on his armor, and in his hand was a severed head of a masked figure. There was still light-brown blood leaking from its neck. They couldn ’t see the expression of the severed head, but that scream was extremely telling. 

The Soul Enlightening Saint heavily gulped. 

The Legion Commander lifted the head and looked towards the Soul Rising Saint. The Soul Enlightening Saint and Soul Rising Saint took a single step back, their Mystic Auras primed.

”I ’m leaving, ” the Legion Commander stated. He indifferently threw the head towards the Soul Rising Saint and shot towards Blueglow without waiting for a response. The Soul Rising Saint ’s heart quivered as she waved her hand, halting the severed head miles away from her. With another wave, she removed the mask and revealed the identity of the severed head amid bated breaths of the two other Earthly Saints. 

Their eyes widened as they recognized the facial features of the cultivator, and their hearts experienced massive upheavals. 

The Legion Commander descended before Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin with extremely swiftness. He looked towards Wei Wuyin and transmitted a short message: ”Four minutes left! ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes contracted to their limits. He didn ’t resist and allowed the Legion Commander to sweep him and Bai Lin up before they shot away amidst a burst of grey light. They became a comet of light that vanished at unimaginable speeds. 

The Earthly Saints barely reacted before they were already a hundred thousand miles away. In a few seconds, he had already traveled an extreme distance without any signs of stopping.

”…. ”

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