Paragon of Sin

Chapter 5: Su Mei


Her life was about to fade naturally when a warhammer smashed down and turned her skull into a shattered mess.

That woman fighter belonged to Tao Gui ’s faction. Tao Gui was actively against his and Mei Mei ’s faction. Su Mei delivered the fatal strike, but a hammer wielding behemoth of a man crushed her skull in the follow up. He was a part of Mei Mei ’s faction.

Events like this happened continuously and no elders would interfere. Participation in the event was a choice and one was not protected. In fact, it was likely that during their own struggle, they went through the same situation and came out as top pillars of the sect, so how could they feel empathy?

Su Mei targeted those a part of Tao Gui ’s and Jiu Lang ’s factions. She was merciless, her blade giving no quarter as she struck. For those she could not avoid, but had no enmity with, she would kick or palm them hard, sending them out of the stadium with some broken bones.

In the Outer Disciples, Wei Wuyin was very selective with who he chose. Su Mei was someone he had picked out from tens of thousands, and he had some minor hope for her. During the mission to hunt down and eliminate the remnant forces of the Violet Moon Sect, she was a lieutenant of his.

Her recent breakthrough likely had to be directly induced by the resources plundered.

”She ’s ruthless and has ambition. She listens to orders quite well. ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes narrowed. Memories flooded his mind.


”You bitch, ptooey! ” A middle-aged woman held a young girl with black hair, black eyes, a dirt stained face by her hair. A smidgen of spit accompanied the dirt. The middle-aged woman dangled the young girl about like a toy and aggressively pulled her hair back. A few strands were removed forcefully.

Surrounding them were a group of women ranging from their twenties to thirties. They wore uniforms of honorary disciples and snickered in laughter. If one looked closely, one would notice their eye color, hair color, and even skin tone was similar.

If someone were to make a random guess, they would assume they were all related. However, that wasn ’t the case.

The young woman tried to grab the arm of her attacker, but whenever she got a grip, the middle-aged woman would use her free hand to smack her arms away. Her strength was simply not sufficient.

”S-stop! Stop! ” The young girl pled fiercely, tears welling in her eyes as she was humiliated.

”Stop? You think you can use your looks and body to get more than us? You ’re trying to monopolize him? You think he ’s only your dragon?! ” The middle-aged woman seemed to grow more and more enraged by the situation. She grabbed the young woman ’s robe and pulled, ripping it apart and showing some skin.

”You ’re nothing but a loose slut! ” Her rage seemed to be ceaseless. The other women jeered and watched in amusement. Sometimes, a few would flash pity or guilt, but when the woman said those earlier words, much of that dissipated. Instead, it was filled with anger and discontent.

A young man was flying nearby on a variant eagle, indicating his status. He was high enough as he looked down in curiosity. Beside him was a chubby man with a goatee.

This was Wei Wuyin and Du Leng.

”What ’s this? ” Wei Wuyin asked. He had just been flying to take on a mission and receive his sect given crane now that he ’d accepted his position as a core disciple of the sect.

Du Leng looked at the women gathered and the crowd that was also gathering and thought of something.

”Master, as you know, there ’s a saying: To rise, one can ride on the lap of a dragon. This was caused by the jealousy born from that journey. ” He laughingly replied.

In the cultivation world, the saying ’To rise, one can ride on the lap of a dragon ’ had a few meanings, but the most common and used was that one would use someone else, through exchanging their body, to obtain fortune and benefits. This was often done by female cultivators, and while it did happen with male cultivators, the scene wasn ’t as easily spottable.

For example, these women all had similar features and skin tones indicating that they were selected because of those qualities. Essentially, a man of notable status had built himself a harem using honorary disciples. Now, this was a dispute within that harem.

”Seems the younger girl is the new favorite and the rest don ’t like it, ” Du Leng shook his head in pity. In the cultivation world, resources were scarce and cultivation was too difficult. To rise required the willingness to do anything and everything. Forming a harem was a resource, using the innate sexual energies to stimulate one ’s qi, create innate elemental energies, forming Yin, and growing Yang.

Throughout the entirety of the Foundation Establishment to the Ninth Stage of Qi Condensation could be bolstered by sexual energies via dual cultivation methods. Therefore, women in a harem would often bicker and fuss if one was getting all the attention and love. All the ’yang ’ energy.

After all, the ’dragon ’ was typically someone with a higher cultivation base and thus generated stronger energies for cultivation. Therefore, sex was a resource. Not to mention, because the ’dragon ’ was often male, they wouldn ’t allow the women to be with other men under threat of death for the humiliation. Unless…it was their kink.

Wei Wuyin immediately understood. He had seen things like this in his clan and even around the sect. He was just curious as to why they were doing it so publically. Wouldn ’t the ’Dragon ’ become enraged because they humiliated his favorite?

Wei Wuyin looked at the woman being maliciously bullied. Her clothes were ripped and revealed her skin and breasts. She must be feeling humiliation enough to take her own life. The crowd grew more and more to watch.

Wei Wuyin was by no means a saint. Even he used women for their primal yin to generate energy for cultivation, so he wasn ’t feeling ashamed or enraged by watching this. However, that woman…

As he looked at her more and more, he felt an odd sensation in his chest. It was miraculous and birthed an impulse.

”Hm? ” Du Leng caught something with his eye. He saw a man eating some bread in the crowd. He was an inner disciple at the Dantian Establishment Phase.

”I think that ’s their man, hahaha. ” He pointed in laughter. Wei Wuyin looked at the man. He was middle-aged and had a teasing smile on his face.

”How can you be certain? ” Wei Wuyin asked.

”Because I remember him, aaaannnndddd…her. ” He pointed towards one of the younger women who were standing and watching. ”They were together. ”

”Together? ” Wei Wuyin frowned. ”I see. ”

Wei Wuyin steered the variant eagle towards the crowd.

”Master? ” Du Ling was shocked.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t respond. Instead, he landed within the crowd causing everyone to be startled. With a quick leap, he used his Second Stage of Qi Condensation cultivation to soar. He arrived next to the female honorary disciples.

They were all startled. They backed off in fear.

Wei Wuyin directly ignored them. He walked up to the young girl and middle-aged woman and didn ’t speak. Without any hesitation, he struck. His blow was fierce as it smashed heavily into the middle-aged woman ’s chest. She was blown back as blood spewed from her body like a geyser.

Her body landed with a thud. It was unknown whether she was alive or dead. This caused everyone to be fearful. They panicked and ran away. Some backed off far away but stayed close enough to see what would happen.

The young woman was startled. She turned to Wei Wuyin and saw his silver eyes and handsome visage. Speechless, she froze.

”Your disgrace of a man watched as you were beaten and humiliated, ” Wei Wuyin plainly stated. He pointed towards the inner disciple in the distance, getting everyone to look over to see a middle-aged man who looked ready to run. His facial expression was confused for a second but then shocked and even a little enraged.

Luckily for him, he was too much of a coward to attack someone at the Qi Condensation Realm.

The young woman looked towards her ’man ’. Her eyes filled with all sorts of emotions, most prevalent was sadness and depression. It seemed that she knew, at least on some level. There was no shock in her expression.

Seeing that, Wei Wuyin nodded. ”You hungry? ”

Du Leng was shocked, but he didn ’t say anything. His eyes flashed with all sorts of emotions and the way he looked towards that pitiful young woman instantly changed.

”I…maybe? ” The young woman softly replied in some hesitancy.

Wei Wuyin smiled, ”then let me bring you somewhere you can figure it out. ” He laughed, removing his robe and placing it on her body to conceal her properly. ”What ’s your name? ”

”Uh…Su…Mei… ”

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