Paragon of Sin

Chapter 845: The Uncertain Location of the Divine King

hes hiding, injured or in a precarious state, your actions could lead to his death or a forceful retaliation. What Im really concerned about is if hes recovering from an injury, heavily protected by formations, tools, or pellets which could lead to our deaths.”

“Pellets?” Wu Yus eyes brightened instantly, suffused with a little bit of weariness. He recalled how the King of Everlore had bestowed them protective pellets to face off against the rampaging beasts during their growth period. At that time, those pellets were devastating. If after the King of Everlore became a Worldly Saint Alchemist, he left behind some protective pellets for those in his entourage, then finding Divine King Han Xei could lead to disastrous consequences.

“I might not need him,” Wei Wuyin carefully considered his options. Wen Mingna might be able to help do this with her various divination powers as long as he knew what he was trying to find.

“Little Yu, do you have a copy of the Everlasting Spirit of Nine Flames?” Wei Wuyin asked Han Yuhei, but he immediately realized that he had called Han Yuheilittle Yu after the expressions of the two Earthly Saints changed. Wu Yu chuckled loudly, clearly amused.

“…The sect does.” Han Yuheis eyes narrowed as he sent a scathing gaze towards Wu Yu. To be calledLittle Yu by a mortal that was a hundred of times younger than him was as humiliating as it sounded. “It should be in the sects library. Ill send someone to get it.”

Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyis cultivation bases were unsealed after swearing their oaths, but they were still greatly drained. As for their spatial rings, they were claimed by Wu Yu earlier, offered to Wei Wuyin. Shockingly, Han Yuhei did not have an Internal World of his own. But the wealth within these rings were insignificant to Wei Wuyin, besides carefully sealed mystic-graded armaments, everything else was below mystic-grade.

The true wealth of the sect belonged inside a specially-crafted vault protected by so many layers and redundancies that Earthly Saints would find it impossible to breach safely without years of arduous effort. It was similar to the Soul-Rising Domains vault that was robbed by the Soul-Rising Saint, it stored the majority of the sects mystic-graded resources.

While they waited, Zhang Ziyi was quite talkative. She engaged with Wu Yu in a few topics regarding mysticism, and Wu Yu had snagged her interest. Before long, she was avidly listening to him with a starstruck gaze.

Han Yuhei was silent, but from the faint light sparking from time to time in his eyes, one could tell he was listening from the side. Wei Wuyin was quite surprised by Wu Yu. Even the United Source True Queen had been intrigued and amazed by his words. Of course, Wei Wuyin couldnt understand 99% of it, as they spoke in Mysticism.

‘Could it be that the Language of Mysticism helps or does comprehending a Mystic Rune bears a similarity to ascending beyond a realm? Of course, if Wei Wuyin knew that Wu Yu was just talking loose details about the Blood Origin Method, he wouldnt know whether to laugh or cry. After all, the cultivation methods of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region were clearly insufficient in terms of profoundness and grade.

Suddenly, Zhang Ziyi asked as if enlightened: “Alchemic Sovereign Wei, while Han Yuhei has no way to contact the Nine-Divine Elementus King, your fiancée is his disciple. Shes bound to have a way.”

Han Yuheis expression changed.

Wei Wuyin lifted his brows. Fiancée? Na Xinyi is in the Dark Yin Palace. Wait. There shouldnt be anyone besides those in Na Xinyis close friendship, mostly Valkyries, that were aware of their relationship. She should be developing with just a friendly association, not with that label. Only Xue Yifei was well-known as his concubine.

Wu Yu reminded, “The Saintess of this sect, Young Lord.”

“Oh, right.” Wei Wuyin recalled the rumor that was used to better the True Element Sects relations with others, creating a further connection beyond Chosen. He knew that the rumor was circulating, but he didnt think the Earthly Saint of the sect would genuinely think that would be the case. Wasnt it a scheme by them? Why did Zhang Ziyi truly seem genuine in her reminder?

Han Yuhei was also strange, as if he was trying to read Wei Wuyins expressions.

“Well, we have time. Lets do that,” Wei Wuyin didnt expect anything out of it, because if Han Yuhei had oaths, theres no way the other wouldnt have oaths to protect her. However, towards this Saintess that he never met or seen, he was extremely curious about her.

“If shes a mortal, lets search her memories,” Eden outright suggested without any hesitation. It had no issues sifting through mortal beings minds.

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, “Sure.” He gestured towards Zhang Ziyi, “Lead the way to this fiancée of mine.”


Bai Lins wings unfurled with excitement. She wanted to know who had the audacity to think they were worthy enough to pretend to be Wei Wuyins fiancée!

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