Paragon of Sin

Chapter 863: Ma Zhengs State

Chapter 862:The Unsaid Difficulties


The fleeting cry of Bai Lin left the Imperial Monarchs in a daze, their eyes watching as the fiery figure grew further and further away. Wu Yu lingered as he gave each of the Imperial Monarchs a look. The two parties exchanged stares, and Wu Yu could sense the hostility within. His lips tugged upwards with a flare of arrogance, forming a smirk of condescension despite not speaking a single word.

“Hmph,” he flew off after Wei Wuyin and the rest, no longer paying these Imperial Monarchs any attention.

The sense of challenge within Wu Yu was abundantly clear, yet the Imperial Monarchs were all inside their own minds. Even the old Imperial Monarch could only clench his fist and grit his teeth, his current facial expression was quite unbefitting of his title and status.

Most of the Imperial Monarchs looked at the Myriad Monarch Canon, their eyes complex to the limit.

The Aeternal Sky Scripture contained the cultivation method and inherited legacy that allowed them to dominate the starfield, becoming the number one force in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. It was a matter of tremendous pride, yet Wei Wuyin hadnt just stated that the Myriad Monarch Canons cultivation technique was more profound, but he didnt even treat it with any respect.

It was as if it was genuine trash in his hands. Whether he had it or not mattered very little.

While Tian Muyang had decided to take the non-aggressive approach, deciding to first sound out Wei Wuyins backing, and then negotiating certain terms, they were all extremely dissatisfied at the time. They were under orders from the Imperial Protector to obtain Wu Yus cultivation method at all cost, even if it meant destroying the Elementus Domain and bringing his fresh corpse for study. Of course, this was if he was reluctant to retreat.

However, after hearing Wei Wuyin speak, their caution had been dialed up to the maximum. Tian Muyangs suspicions might be right! If so, they hadnt just avoided trouble, they may have avoided a life and death crisis.

Han Yuhei was shocked by the sheer arrogance that Wei Wuyin and Wu Yu displayed despite facing overwhelming odds. He couldnt fathom why they were so confident, so dismissive, and so willing to give up the Imperial Heaven Qi Method. But after hearing what Wei Wuyin said, then perhaps the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was not that great…

His left eye couldnt help but twitch a little at the thought. How many sleepless nights did he have just wishing for a cultivation method as powerful as the Imperial Heaven Qi Method? The times he envied Wu Yu for his amazing luck and hated him for his astonishing might?

Eventually, he decided to express his willingness to accede to any further request that the Tian Clan had for their investigation. But after his words, it fell on deaf ears as they were clearly not paying him any attention. He decided to just leave, following Wei Wuyins route.

Zhang Ziyi was the most awkward. She didnt quite understand everything that was happening, but the disdain that Wu Yu displayed was abundantly clear. She decided to stay and see if the Tian Clan needed anything directly. Unfortunately, she was ignored.

The female Imperial Monarch, an astonishing black-haired beauty in her own right with those signature hazel-gold eyes of the Tian Clan, couldnt help but say: “He knows someone who studied our Aeternal Sky Scripture?” This was the thought that all the Imperial Monarchs were having, especially Tian Muyang.

The only individuals that had seen the Aeternal Sky Scripture and studied it were Mortal Sovereign Alchemists nurtured by them and swore all sorts of Mythical Oaths to secure their greatest secret, and the only one they didnt dare force an oath upon—the King of Everlore!

At the time, he was the first Alchemic Saint, and since he requested an interest in their cultivation method, agreeing to concoct a product at the Mystic-Earth grade that would accelerate their cultivation efforts, how could they refuse?

“…” Tian Muyangs eyes stared at the far, far away figure of Bai Lin with an unusual glint in his eyes. While his alchemic skills hadnt been tested, those words and the way he handled himself, not caring at all about the Imperial Clan, suggested his backing was truly incomprehensible. The Fire Phoenix, the foreign Earthly Saint, the Rainbow Bridge, Wu Yu that was a former acquaintance of the King of Everlore, silver eyes like his, Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, and that feeling of mysterious depth that he couldnt quite sense despite being a mere mortal, it all points towards one conclusion:

The direct descendant of the King of Everlore!

He was more certain of this than ever before! Where that man left to, he mustve sent his direct descendant to his hometown to grow and develop, but not without certain protections. How else could a mortal have such tremendous force? Have such an obedient Wu Yu? Have such an ancient beast? Conceal himself from his senses?

It was no longer just him who had this disbelief. The Imperial Monarchs were all of the same belief.

The old Imperial Monarch that had raged earlier rubbed his beard, he sighed endlessly as he said: “Youre likely right, Muyang.” Those words didnt instill Tian Muyang with happiness. Instead, he glanced at every one of the Imperial Monarchs before him. His gaze was even more unusual than before.

Indeed, he felt it. That desire, that ambition, and the thought of greater heights. It was so clear. The sounds of their heartbeats would be extremely loud if it wasnt for the Dark Void unique characteristics!

Suddenly, two figures arrived at the edge of the Domain-sealing barrier, looking at the wide gap that was still there, awaiting for the Imperial Clans departure. Their presence was immediately noted by the Imperial Monarchs and Earthly Saints within the Sky Destroyers, including Zhang Ziyi. These two figures were instantly bombarded by powerful spiritual senses directed their way.

One of the figures manifested her Mystic Aura, keeping those penetrative spiritual senses at bay. They stumbled slightly, but kept holding another figure with a protective stance.

“Greetings, Imperial Monarchs, Radiant Jade True Queen, and Sky Monarchs. Im Ma Sujiang, former Vice-Manager of the Golden Life Pavilions Third Branch. Apologies if Im interrupting your discussion.” The voice was shockingly Ma Suijangs!

Behind her was none other than the feeble, weak, and lazy-eyed Ma Zheng. His lethargic state was immediately noticed by all the Earthly Saints on the scene.

“Ma Zheng?!” Tian Muyang was shaken to see Ma Zhengs current state. This was one of the oldest cultivators of the Starfield, a senior to even the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor, having lived for tens of thousands of years and survived numerous eras. Normally, while he looked old, he always had a lively energy about him that contained his wit, intelligence, and adroit business sense.

Now, that man seemed as if he was at the brink of death.

The old Imperial Monarch couldnt help but flash forward, directly arriving beside Ma Sujiang who bit her lower lip with concern. She had to leave the Grand Horse Realm and quietly use her connections to access various short-range Void Gates to arrive here, all to avoid being spotted and information being leaked of their location. Now, she was forced to stop here.

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest.

The old Imperial Monarch used his hand to touch Ma Zhengs glabella. In his current state, there was no stopping this action. After a short while, the old Imperial Monarchs eyes glinted with unfathomable emotion.

“Your life source is irreparable; your Soulspan is at its utmost limits, my friend. What happened to you?” The old Imperial Monarch was younger than Ma Zheng, by a considerable amount, but from his emotionally-fueled gaze, it was clear they had many interactions in their long lives.

Ma Zheng had a light of decay in his eyes. He smiled weakly, “Such is…the need…of choice.”

“…” The old Imperial Monarch gave him a saddened look, removing his hand, giving an understanding nod. “Such is the desire to fight, seize, and prosper.”

They both said in a similar cadence: “Such are the difficulties of cultivation.”

The old saying brought back nostalgic emotions in both their aged eyes, alongside with some light of strong defiance and a bright smile.

At this time, the various Imperial Monarchs, the various crews on the Sky Destroyers, the other Earthly Saints, Zhang Ziyi, and even Ma Sujiang felt a wave of indescribable emotion flow through their hearts and minds. They all felt those words to their very souls. They wanted to cultivate, to reach greater limits, higher than what they were, higher than what they were destined to have. Cultivation was difficult, but their will to walk that path was just as unyielding!

Ma Sujiang gritted her teeth, breaking out of her thoughts the quickest. “We need to see Wei Wuyin! Please, let us through!” She grabbed Ma Zheng, sending waves of her own lifeforce into him to stabilize his declining situation. While her lifeforce wasnt unrefined or pure, being hers to use and survive on, she didnt hesitate to pay the costly difference to buy Ma Zheng, a Demi-Mortal Lord, just a little more time.

At this point, she had already lost three thousand years off her lifespan. She might still seem youthful and unchanged, but her lifespan was already less than five thousand. This was half of the lifespan a genuine Ascended being had at the Soul of Mysticism level.

If she hadnt paid this egregious price of self-sacrifice, Ma Zheng wouldnt have survived the trip here. He might have lived longer if he remained where he was, but traveling at high-speeds was sufficient to heavily wear on his remaining strength.

“…” They all knew what Ma Sujiang wanted, but if what the old Imperial Monarch said was true, then Ma Zheng was a lost cause. There was nothing that could be done to save him. The only reason he hadnt died, his soul taken by the heavens, was due to Ma Sujiangs desperate act. Even Ma Zhengs willpower wasnt enough to allow him to survive a minute longer if not for her.

Suddenly, one of the Earthly Saints that remained hidden within the Sky Destroyer, one of the Sky Monarchs of the Imperial Clan, an Earthly Saint of the Aeternal Sky Monarch that oversees the functions and movements of the Sky Destroyers, left their Voidship. It was a woman with burgundy hair, her eyes were like ruby jewels, astonishingly beautiful, with a fair complexion. She was quite pretty.

“Ill take you to him,” she said with a peculiar glint in her eyes. She didnt hesitate to grab Ma Sujiang and Ma Zheng before they could respond, much to the old Imperial Monarchs shock, and she became a comet of burgundy light as she rushed to chase Wei Wuyin.

“…!” They were all so shocked for a moment that they were speechless. They saw the comet fly off, abandoning her post that was the Sky Destroyer.

Suddenly, the female Imperial Monarchs eyes brightened considerably. “That conniving bitch!” She didnt hesitate to jet after them, rushing off at top speed at an even greater pace.

“…!!!” Zhang Ziyi was still confused. What was happening?

Tian Muyang and the old Imperial Monarch were next, realization hit them like a bag of heavy bricks. The former turned to Tian Xiaolu and shouted: “Return to the Sky Destroyer and take the Void Gate back!” Then, the old Imperial Monarch blitzed off as well, with Tian Muyang following as well while holding the Myriad Monarch Canon.

Tian Xiaolu looked at them and shrugged. She flew to the nearest Sky Destroyer to depart, seemingly unaffected by the developing situation.

It wasnt long until all the Earthly Saints had left and followed after the burgundy-haired woman!


Up ahead, just a minute or so before, Wu Yu had caught up with Wei Wuyin. He had a grin on his face, “That was fun.” Wu Yu could barely hold his laugh.

Wei Wuyin once again held Wen Mingna in his arms, funneling bits of lifeforce into her as she rested. “A little,” he remarked.

“How did you know?” Wu Yu couldnt help but ask, his level of curiosity was exceptionally high. Just after Tian Xiaolu was introduced, when the testing challenge was issued, Wei Wuyin sent him a message. It was to treat them with utter disdain and inconsideration, as if they were all country bumpkins. Essentially, treat the Myriad Monarch Canon as trash!

Wu Yu truly thought that Wei Wuyin intended to throw away the Imperial Clans face, making them enemies, but thats not what happened! The Imperial Clan were clearly ready for a massive fight, and they likely had means to hunt and track Wei Wuyin down if they truly wanted. Not every scrying spell relied on divination.

Yet they were drawn into his pace, questioning themselves, and unable to properly react.

“They think Im the King of Everlores descendant,” Wei Wuyin calmly stated. “I just used that to my advantage. If the belief propagates, itll act as an invisible shield for us. I can act far freer in the stellar region. Except, perhaps, with the Everlore Association…”

Wu Yu was shocked for a moment, and then his eyes lit with realization. He no longer held his laughter, releasing it all. He was originally of a similar thought, but he had thought the King of Everlore was likely dead due to his complications towards ascending beyond the Astral Core Realm. He never took that into consideration in his decisions, knowing that the King of Everlore had no children. If they were his children, they would be half-elf at least.

To be frank, the only female the King of Everlore has ever given any attention was the Sacred Elven Queen and the man didnt like the idea of having children. Of course, this mightve changed in this stellar region, but it was unlikely.

After a good laugh, he asked: “You think the Everlore Associ-“

Suddenly, Wu Yus gaze grew abnormally sharp. He turned around, sensing Han Yuheis approach, but beyond him, a burst of numerous unfathomable powers were rushing their way at startling speeds.

“Young Lord, It seems your shield might not have held up,” Wu Yu coldly said as his Mystic Aura began to rapidly rise.

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