Chapter 2- First Contact

nection of heart and mind.

It was the same place her forehead touched when she wrapped her arms about his waist in a hug or when she draped her arms about his neck. When she would crawl into his lap while he was reading; her long fingers curled about each other, huddle close to her face and rest upon that very mark. When she curled at his side, she would sling her arm across that one single rune.

His anger made him want to pull down the collar of his shirt and say, ”I have one too! You will burn for eternity in the Beyond if you touch me. ”

Vyncynt settled for, ”What does this have to do with me? ”

”Well, your tall, dark and handsome, ” she slid her hands up his chest, ”you could have any woman here as your partner. ”

He grabbed her hands and removed them from his torso before they reached the point where his shared marking started. Even through the shirt, he did not want her fingers near it. That symbol belonged to his Grimoire alone.

”Yes, I could, but that woman is not you and will never be. ”

At this she huffed.

”You do not know anything about me. I detest women who will throw themselves at any handsome face. The people I detest the most are the ones who only judge by personal appearance. You have no right to speak so poorly about a person you refuse to know or understand. ”

”I was just saying what other people say, no need to get so offended. You just met her, what do you know about her anyway and why would you care? ”

”No actually, I think you are the only one who has spoken in this manner. Most warned me not to touch her, others told me that shes extremely temperamental, has a foul mouth but she is
eally a nice girl. Despite her condition, those people have discovered the true nature that lies beneath. You may think I am handsome but my personality may be rotten. What makes you think I have an interest in women at all? ”

At this, she looked taken back, as if the thought had never crossed her mind. Better to make her think that he has no interest because most of it is true. There is only one in his heart and that emotion ran far deeper than the humans petty use of the word love.

”You don like women? ”

”No I don , so now that we have got that straight can you please leave me be? ”

”Yeah, fine, ” she said, flipping her hair over her left shoulder, clearly offended he was not attracted to her and sulked off to the corner of her girlfriends to spread the gossip.

It was exactly as he intended, humans were so predictable. The gossip would make things easier in the days to come. It would take care of the swarming piranha of women. If he were to accidentally or purposely touch Scars no one would question why he was not struck down. Scars thinking that he had no romantic interest in her would be more relaxed around him.

He had not a care in the world of what the humans thought of him. If they knew the power which lay inside Scars and himself could level their entire city, they would cower in fear but they would treat Scars with the respect she deserved. A few centuries ago, humans had worshiped them as gods. Now they were nothing but myths and science experiments.

Scars closed her distance, her essence becoming stronger. Now that they were in closer proximity, their power would gain strength and continue to grow. He placed his hands into the pockets of his loose black jeans and strolled lightly, waiting for Scars to round the corner. She did so in an awkward manner, stumbling slightly as she dug through her pack for some unknown object.

She wore what he had always known her to wear; thick, flat leather ankle boots, black close-fitting jeans, a black tank top and a black leather jacket.

With her paper pale skin, black and crimson were the colors she looked best in. Her hair had become magnificent over the years. The braids had uncoiled from her head, one looped over her shoulder, draped over her front and swung by her ankles. He wondered if it ever got stepped on or tripped her, which gave him a mischievous idea.

Oblivious to his presence, she walked right past him. The moment she did, he used his mana to entangle the end of her braid within the buckles of his boots. When she attempted to walk her head yanked slightly.

”Holey golden rat turds, ” she cursed, ”Since when do I step on my hair? ”

A snicker slithered past his lips, she always had such euphemisms.

Scars turned towards him, those beautiful lavender eyes widened in fear when she realized she hadn trampled her braid; it brushed across his skin like a gentle caress.

”Devils hounds. You think this is funny, my hair is stuck on your boot. I am sure you understand my affliction, so don move. ”

He ignored her words, the sooner she understood if he touched her, he would not come to harm; he could start earning her trust.

Vyncynt swiftly squatted and at the same moment she shrieked, ”Don touch my hair! ”

At the commotion, several couriers ran out of the building onto the lit street outside. Good, he thought, witnesses will confirm the gossip.

He gently untangled the braid from his boot. Part of his reasoning for doing this was completely selfish; he wanted to touch her. Skin-to-skin contact would be too much for the both of them; he would not be able to stop. His Grimoire had always been flighty, that part of her nature would never change; if he moved too fast she would run.

He heard several people gasp behind her.

”Its true, ” they whispered, ”He must really like men. ”

”By the Devil, he didn collapse. ”

Scars remained silent.

Vyncynt continued to squat before her, letting his fingers mindlessly travel the length of the coil. He had forgotten the cool, sleek feel of her hair and the way her ends curled slightly. He gently stroked until he felt a warm splash upon his hand. The liquid was the same iridescent shade of her eyes. Grimoires and Arkanes tears glowed the same way their eyes did, but only others of their kind could see the fluorescent water.

In his current position, Scars stood taller, and tilting his head to gaze at her he asked, ”Did I hurt you? ” he asked, knowing he hadn .

”No, ” she whispered.

”Then why are you crying? ”

She did not respond; instead, she surprised him by grabbing his hand and placing it on her cheek. She sighed in contentment and said, ”I can remember the last time I have been touched. I had forgotten the warmth of human contact. ”

As abruptly as she grabbed his hand, she let it drop like electric bolts from the rotating gears above would descend upon him, and wiped her eyes; he knew she was settling herself to her guarded persona.

”Ive had a long day and I am tired. I am headed to bed, I suggest you do as well. The main core lift is broken, we have to go around and it will take twice as long. Prepare for a long day, I mean food and water. We probably won be stopping along the way. Wear comfortable shoes we can only take the bikes halfway; the rest is on foot. Sleep well Vyncynt. ”

He waited until she had disappeared into the building along with the rest of the couriers before whispering, ”Sleep well, my Grimoire. ”

The hand she held to his cheek glowed with her tears, he put the appendage to his mouth and licked his fingers.

Pain, fear and loneliness coated his tongue. His heart panged as though it had been dropped into a bucket full of glass.

He had been so selfish to ask her to forgo human contact, but he could not (and still cannot) bear the fact of any other man touching her. He would prove to her once again how much he loved her; just as he promised her twenty-six years ago and yet again the same promise he made centuries before. Scars would remain his for eternity.

Vyncynt is a man of his word.

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