In a deserted Store Room of school

I am now standing in a corner of my school being surrounded by some of my classmates and if you ask why?because they want to show me whos boss apparently, but I know that they
e just doing this because its amusing for them.

(Hey, bunty did you know that this loser wants to go to dungeon?)one tall boy asks his companion

(Yes, Tarun he still thinks that he can go to dungeon just by working hard, what a loser)His companion replied whose name is bunty with a chuckle

They and there another friend name manish always mess with me because I am the sole loser of the world without a system while they all have born with a system that connects them with their respective chosen gods.

Here from these three only tarun has a decent system and if you ask me why?because not all systems are equal their power is proportional to the power of their god and what that god represents.

Like aside from tarun both bunty and manish system are weak with level up limit up to only 60 levels while taruns system allow him to cross that limit upto 80 levels and other with one of the most powerful systems in world can cross up to 300 levels and Everyone in this world born with a system that connects them with a god, and they all have status on them that gives information about their systems, but I am an exception because I was born without a system, but I have a status, but It only contains my name on it.-Abhishek Mahahar.

While I was cursing my luck. They continue to throw their abuses on me like I was nothing compare to them. But I already used to this type of treatment from everyone except few pure souls who don see me like I am different from them just because I am systemless.

(What are you doing with abhi?) A girl with cute pink hair asks while coming from the door.

I know that girl very much. She was one of the pure souls who don mistreat me. Her name was Riya. She is one of the most powerful students of the school with a powerful system that helps him to level up up to 120 levels.

(We are just giving this poor child a piece of mind before he kills himself just because of his

mindless dream to win the dungeon)tarun says while leaving the room with his two friends.

After they leave the room. Riya come near me and ask If I am okay, and I tell her that I am fine.

(How can you offend so many people without actually doing anything?)she asks jokenly

(Beats me)I reply

After some small talk we leave the store room and starts going towards our class for the day.

In the classroom

Abhi is sitting on the last bench while their teacher is finishing there lecture and after that

the teacher has an announcement to tell the students. I am just going to ignore the announcement because I am not interested in anything except my dream but the moment our teacher told us what the announcement is

I got stunned.

(Our school is going to show our student the dungeon with professional veers)our teacher says

Dungeon that word got repeated in my ear and mind and FYI (For your Information)Veer are warriors with powerful system who clears dungeon to cultivate monsters and other resources from dungeon. All warriors are the best fighters humans ever seen that even government give special authorities.

(Really, Sir)I shouted excitedly

(Yes, but Abhi this not for you because we

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