Pilkhuwa DungeonMy Girlfriend is my system

Chapter 3-Struck In The Dungeon

I am now packing my stuff for dungeon. Other peoples are lucky because they don need to use old means like bag pack for carrying things they can just use their storage unit in there system, but I don have such privilege.

After 10 minutes I packed everything of my need. After maybe, I should get ready myself.

I look at the time it is 7 in the morning. And I am fully ready to go, but It is still time left to go to school then dungeon.

Maybe I should check what riya is doing?

Thinking that I leave my home and go to next door to my home which is riyas home.

I knock on their door and after few moments his mom open the door.

(Good morning aunty, Is riya ready for school?) I greet and asks

(Good morning Abhi, and riya is still sleeping, I try to wake her up, but she says that she still have a lot of time left)She answers

What! She is still sleeping after asking aunty. I enter there home and go straight to her room and enter without knocking.

She was sleeping like nothing in the world matters to her.

I approach her bed and shaking her gently trying to wake her up.

(Riya, wake up)I say

(No, need 5 more minutes)she says

(You will late for dungeon trip)I say

She wakes and look at me and then at clock beside her bed and says

(We need to go to school on 10 it only 7 now. We still have more than 2 hours)she says

Oh god! I think we need to go on 7:30 I misunderstand the timing.

(Ok, You can sleep some more) I say and left quietly.

After 2 hours

I am now walking to our school with riya.

(Abhi, I can take you bag in my storage, I still have plenty of space left in my storage)riya offers

(Ok)I agree

She then command her system for storage access and store my bag in her storage.

Everyone in this world can access their storage with their system, but all storage are not same like systems there are varieties of storage like difference in capacity and time.

Some storage even have special abilities.

While thinking that we reach the school.

Everyone is already there and after waiting for sometime for some late comers.

While I was standing beside riya.I hear some chatting among students.

(He is the one without system)

(Is he coming with us?)

(Maybe he is gone mad?)

(If anything happens to him, its going to ruin our schools reputation)

I try to ignore them like usual and after everyone has come to the location. Our principal tell every student about rules and regulations and wish us that this trip will help us to become a great veer one day.

After that our class teacher distribute the card to enter dungeon to whole class.

When it was my turn our teacher don give it to me but instead give it to riya and says

(He is going to be your responsibility)he says to riya

I got a little angry by this but whatever she smiles at me and says

(Yes,I will takecare of my responsibility)

I got a little better hearing this after that we all sit in our cars that will take us to the dungeon.

After 2 hours.

I am sitting in the last seat while gazing outside the window.just then I saw the gate to the dungeon area.I got excited by seeing the board with Pilkhuwa Dungeon written on it.

We leave the car and meet with riya who get here before me by another car. After that we start to go towards the gate of the dungeon.

Before we reach the gate of dungeon there was checking post.

We provide our cards and documents.

While checking individual cards. They got shocked to see the card of riya that states her level and other information about her system.

And the name of god that she was connected was Rai-The god of thunder. And her Divine weapon was thunder blade.

(You are going to be a great veer in the future)worker of the dungeon says to riya

While I was seeing this from another counter.

My checker looks at me with suspicious eyes and says

(Something is wrong with your card there is only your name, why you status is hidden)he asks

(I don have a system)I say

(Is this true?)he asks my teacher for confirmation

(Yes)he conforms it

(Then we can let you in the dungeon)he says

(I have special permission from school with a guarantor)I say while showing him my other documents after some time they give me permissions but give me a lot of warnings.

At the gate of the dungeon.

I look at the gate of dungeon. It looks like just I saw on TV and read in books. A big circle with 20 meter of radius and enchantments of its circumferences and blue glass like power surrounded it completely.

(Why aren we entering?)I ask my teacher

(Because we are waiting for guide for dungeon)he answers me

Yes I totally forgot about the veer.I wonder who is going to be.

After some wait we say a large man with great build coming towards us.

After is coming near us, he introduced himself.

(My name is dhruv rthot, I am a B class veer, and I am on level 92 and my god is hyra-The god of water)He tells us everything that we need to know.

We got excited he was a B class Veer.

But he forgot to tell us his weapon.

I raise my hand. Seeing my hand he asks me what I want to ask

(What is your divine weapon?) I ask

(You want to know, but I think Its better to see it for yourself)he says

And commands his weapon to come, and then I say that the atmosphere around him gets starts moving around him and making a lot of water and after there was enough water. The water goes to his hand and takes the shape of a spear.

(So cool)everyone exclaimed including myself

(Is anyone in you who use his/her divine weapon?)he asks

No one raise their hand because no one can summon their weapon even riya can summon her thunder blade because weapons only summon when their owner becomes worthy.

Seeing that on one is rising there hands. He asks another question.

(Who is the strongest among you?)he asks

Every eye in the group naturally turn towards riya including mine.

She becomes little fluster and shy.

(What is your status?)he asks to riya

(My level is 64 and my god is rai-the god of thunder)she tells

(Very impressive)he says with a satisfied look

And then asks last question before entering dungeon

(And who is the weakest?)he asks

I don like this question very much.


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