”Whoa, who is this? Is this the new maid in our house? ” said a woman who looked older than Cassie.

Cassie watched the womans appearance from head to toe. Her beautiful and clean appearance shows that she is not a maid.

And judging by the way she spoke and her face that looked like Mrs. Count De Lavie made Cassie assume that the woman in front of her was her stepsister.

”Hello, Big sister! My name is Cassie! Daddy said I was his lost daughter, ” said Cassie introducing herself.

Cassie, who is a newcomer, wants to make people in the house familiar with her. And she didn want to cause animosity in her fathers residence.

”Daddys daughter? Which daughter? You
e an intruder, right?! ” The woman pointed at Cassie and accused her.

Cassie shook her head and showed her palms as a sign that she wasn an intruder. Not long after, Mr. Count De Lavie appeared.

”She is your sister! So be nice to her! ” Count de Lavie gave an order to his daughter.

”Sisters? I only have two sisters! The first is Lorenzas sister and the second is Lenatas sister! ” the woman disputed the Count de Lavies words.

She is Lavitta, the third daughter of Count De Lavie and his wife, Lucia. And she is his youngest unmarried daughter.

But compared to Cassie, Lavitta is two years older than Cassie. So, Cassie had to call Lavitta a big sister.

”I don want to admit it! ” Lavitta ran away and ignored her father.

Cassie was so sad because it seemed that her arrival at the house was not well received even though Cassie had tried.

Cassie wants to be returned to the orphanage. Mom, I want to go home, thought a sad Cassie.

Count de Lavie knew that Cassie was not feeling well right now. So he tries to make Cassie comfortable living in his house.

”Of course he is because you have never met. After a while he will definitely be good to you! ”.Count de Lavie spoke to Cassie with a smile.

Cassie was just silent and she continued on her way with the two maids because her father still had business.

And when she got to her room, how surprised was Cassie because her room was much better than the room at the orphanage.

Even Cassie didn have to share with anyone because the room was specially prepared for her.

”Miss, weve got your clothes fixed! If so, excuse us! ” The two maids said goodbye to Cassie.

”Thank you so much for your help, ” answered Cassie who never forgot to thank her.

Cassie, who was very happy with her new room, immediately enjoyed being alone in that room.

Meanwhile Count de Lavie was dealing with his sulking wife and children. Of course they objected to Cassies presence.

”How did you manage to bring the servants daughter home?! I don want to share the house with her! ” protested Lavitta who was very angry.

”Its good that his mother died and he was banished! Why did he have to be brought back here?! ” said Lucia who also did not accept her husbands decision.

The Count de Lavie had a headache from the chattering of his wife and daughter. Even though Count de Lavie did this not carelessly.

”Can you two shut up?! Can you only talk about these insignificant things?! ” Count de Lavie was angry, he snapped at his daughter and wife.

”What do you mean telling me to shut up?! Aren you satisfied with hurting me by having a daughter with that damn maid?! ” Lucia grew even more furious.

Count de Lavie could not argue that he was wrong for cheating on his wife. But all that is in the past and all you have to think about is the present.

Count de Lavie decided to immediately correct this problem because if left unchecked it would only lead to further misunderstandings.

”All right, now you two listen to me! ” Count de Lavie gave the order.

The Count de Lavie reminded his wife and daughter of the debt their families owed to the kingdom. The debt is not a small debt either.

Because the familys income has decreased, and the two daughters who have not been able to provide assistance, can only make Count de Lavie take this path.

The emperor asked Count de Lavie to marry his daughter to the crippled and ugly Prince as debt redemption.

And Count de Lavies wife and daughter also knew, but they refused to marry Lavitta to the prince.

So, Count de Lavies goal in bringing Cassie was to marry her off to the prince as debt repayment.

So they have to treat Cassie well so she doesn run away. That way their debts can be paid off.

”Now are you guys clear? Don just know how to get angry! ” Count de Lavie could heave a sigh of relief after explaining the crux of the matter.

Count de Lavies wife and daughter had not thought so far. And after hearing Count de Lavies explanation, they understood.

Theres nothing wrong with treating Cassie well because after all, she will be the one paying off their familys debt.

”Sorry for being too impulsive, Dad! Then Ill give her a good memory before she suffers even more! ” Lavitta came out of her father and mothers room.

”Thats it, your true intention! You should have told me earlier, ” said Lucia, who had returned kindly to Count de Lavie.

Now that she knows her husbands intentions, Lucia reconciles with Count de Lavie. And Lavitta had arrived at the door of Cassies room.

From inside her room, Cassie, who had just finished enjoying her room, was curious about who had come.

Suddenly, Cassie opened her bedroom door. How surprised was Cassie to see the figure in front of her.

The woman who looks so clearly hates Cassie. Cassie didn know what to do because this was the first time that she had been approached by someone who hated her.

Doesn she hate me? But why did he come here? Cassie thought curiously.

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