Professor Shanku returns ( 1)

Professor Shanku Returns (1)

May 10th

Several days later I sat down to write in my diary. In fact, the last few days have been faced a storm. I spent two whole days in the laboratory. After much effort I was finally able to make medicine. Care had to be taken to get the radium out.

SHANKOPLASTs mask on my face, black sunglasses on my eyes, flexible SHANKOPLAST gloves on my hands, I opened the box with great satisfaction. I saw the radium shining in the shape of a pill. What a dazzling splendor of my eyes!

I poured the other medicine into a round glass beaker. I mixed Elixiram like 1/2 ounce. This time I mixed very little radium in the mixture with a thin pinch. This time the chemical reaction started as soon as I poured one ounce of the Titanium phosphate acid into the beaker. A blue gas gushed out of the beakers mouth. I put my hand on beakers body and saw that beaker had become quite hot. Wouldn it explode?

My chest trembled at the unknown fear. If the beaker bursts, my laboratory will be destroyed .

Slowly the agitation of the chemical came to a halt. I Understood, the chemical reaction is complete. I left it carefully and went to my room after closing the laboratory. According to my calculations, the chemical will be extracted in 24 hours.

I didn want to spend this 24 hours anymore. I entered the laboratory the day before yesterday. I saw a blue sediment lying under the beaker. I carefully poured the light blue liquid on top and poured the sediment into a square glass container. That is my medicine.

Now I have to make it into a pulp – otherwise I can make a tablet. I usually use ”sorbitol powder ” to make tablets. If it is not mixed, it will not become a pulp, and that is what helps the tablet to harden.

Sorbitol powder looks like white flour. I mixed the mixture well with a fiber knife to make a paste. It looked like a cambish ball.

This time I inserted the pulp in my tablet making machine, turned the nozzle of the machine and adjusted it to 0.5 mg. The size of the tablet can be adjusted in this machine. This time, as soon as the handle was turned, a blue tablet like small pea pods started coming out through the outlet.

When the work was done, I dried the tablets with a dryer. I counted, there were about 50 tablets. Thats enough.

Im half done. Now the other half of the work is to test it. My discovery will be complete only if the test is successful.

When I made the medicine, I had to give it a name. One name that came to my mind . It was AGEREDUCIUM .

The dose of the drug needs to be adjusted. 1 tablet for humans, 1/4 of the tablets for small cats and dogs. The dose must be adjusted according to body weight. I kept the tablets in a bottle and labeled the tablets and came out of the laboratory. I can get rid of the anxiety of the mind at all – this medicine will be effective at all.

There is only one belief in my mind – none of my discoveries have failed so far.

I did not tell anything to Bhajahari. I am the only one in the world who knows about this medicine.

May 12th

AGEREDUCIUM is ready, now I have to try it. At first I thought I would apply it to my pet cat , Newton. No. Newton is my favorite. I don know how much the medicine will work on him at all. I can forgive myself if Newtons life is in danger . .

I called Bhajahari and asked,

– Are there any older dogs nearby?

– We have to find out. What are you trying to do ?

– I have made a medicine. I will see the effectiveness of it by feeding on animals ..

– Then lets go out in the afternoon.

That is what was decided. I brought a dogs neck buckles with him. I had a few GPS TRACKING chips in my custody .. I took one of them and stuck it in the buckle with super glue. Because it is effective within 24 hours of applying the drug. Then this GPS chip will help to find the dog. As soon as I turn on the GPS of my phone, I will get the exact location of the dog.

In the afternoon we both started walking along the path. I saw a lot of dogs on the side of the road, but I wanted old dogs with fur all over their bodies.

We entered a park ahead. This time God was kind to us. Lying under a bench is a dog with skeletal manure. No hair anywhere – just red skin. The ribs of the chest are counted. I took the buckle out of my pocket and gave it to Bhajahari. I filled one-fourth of a tablet into a small cake and called out to the dog. He looked me in the eye.

I told Bhajahari,

– You gently put the buckles around his neck as I feed. Be careful not to bite. Of course, I have a miracurol tablet .

The dog did not bother, he took the medicine at once. Bhajahari has also put on the buckles with deft hands.

Two days later we went out to look for the dog. I went a day later on purpose. I turned on the GPS of the phone and saw that it was giving a signal 100 yards away. Looking at the signal, I saw that the distance was decreasing. No, the signal is not coming from the park. That means the dog has moved.

Going a little further, the distance shows 10 yards. We are looking this way and that. 4-5 dogs are eating food from a dustbin in front. Do I have one of them? As he got closer, Bhajahari shouted, pointed his finger at a large yellow dog, and said,

– Look, sir. Buckles in the throat. Thats him. What a beautiful look. Your discovery is successful .

By the way, I told Bhajahari about my discovery yesterday. He said, is it possible?

– Lets see what the dog says.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at the dog. What a beautiful dog to look like in youth, and what it looked like in old age. This is the consequence of all of us. This feeling made me cry.

As soon as he called the dog, he left the dustbin and approached us, wagging his tail. What a wonderful way to screw people over. I was with him the day after tomorrow . I brought a pocket cake for him. I gave it to him. He shook his tail and began to eat.

I started walking on the way home. Today all my worries are over. My discovery was successful. This time I can comfortably feed my Newton this medicine.

May 15, 2000

Nakurbabu has not been found for a long time. Do you remember Nakurbabu? Nakurachandra Biswas . A few years before , Nakurababu was sitting at the door of his house in the village. Suddenly a fireball came down from the sky. The fireball swirled in the yard for a while and came towards him. He fainted. After regaining consciousness, he became possessed of a strange power. Suddenly he sees in front of his eyes what will happen in the future. He can tell someones past present moment. And he has a special ability – he can see something in his imagination and show that scene to everyone in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Nakurbabu accompanied me on several expeditions. I have his address. But there is no phone number. When he finally arrived, he had no phone. Of course I didn have one.

I was sitting and thinking about him. Is he alive at all ? If so, how are is he ?

There is a word called telepathy in psychology. If I think of someone with all my heart, no matter how far away that person may be – he will remember me at that moment. That is, the connection between the two occurs through brain waves. Scientists, however, do not believe it. Because that which cannot be proved by logic, science does not mean it. But I agree. I believe in the soul. Some people are born with supernatural powers – I believe.

Although I am a scientist, I believe in mantras, I believe in reincarnation. I think science is behind every one of the rituals that have been going on in Hinduism for ages.

We have placed the Tulsi plant in the seat of the gods, there is also science behind it.

Tests have shown that Tulsi is the only plant that keeps the air clean by providing oxygen 24 hours a day. Where any other tree emits carbon dioxide at night, it is also beneficial for a person to sleep near Tulsi plant at night. Besides, herbal medicine made of Tulsi is effective in all diseases.

We leave the excrement and sit down. When we sit on two legs, our urinary bladder and rectum become stressed, so that the fecal urine can be easily released from the bladder .

If you search, you will find thousands of such rituals, science is behind it.

I woke up this morning in a strange way. In my sleep I felt as if someone was pushing me. As soon as I looked , I saw Newton pushing me with his head. He does this often. I caught him in that sleeping state. And as soon as I caught it, my sleep was shattered. Seeing Newton , I was astonished . Is he my Newton? A big hairy cat is sitting next to me. I understood very well, he is Newton. I remembered that I had given him that Agereducium the night before. He had been asleep all day since then. I called Bhajahari. He came and recognized Newton. Said

– Sir. Thats Newton! . When I came to this house 10 years ago, he had this look. I am very happy to think that his age has decreased by about 10 years. When he looked at me and mewed , I could clearly see that all his teeth had sprouted again. I told Bhajahari to bring fish from the market. How long has the poor cat not eaten fish?

May 20, 2000

Sitting in the living room , having my tea. I was feeding Newton biscuits. And he is , shaking his head and eating biscuits. He is fond of biscuits. A Newspaper is in my hand. Although the news can now be read on a smart phone, there is a distinct feeling of reading a hard copy.

I have been thinking about the human trial of my AGEREDICIUM drug for the last few days. But I can decide on whom I will apply it. Although the nutritional system of humans and animals is almost the same.

The door bell rang. Bhajahari opened the door and came to me and said, an old gentleman , wearing dhoti Punjabi is looking for you. There is another gentleman with him .

I told him to bring them inside.

– Hello Tilubabu. Can you recognize me ?

I looked up and jumped.

– Hey, man , . You?

I saw he is old.

– You
e too old, Professor . Have you seen your face in the mirror?

Of course, I never use a mirror. My mirror is always covered.

Nakurbabu said, where is your Prahlad?

– I sent him home. The one who opened your door is Prahlads grandson Bhajahari. He takes care of me.

Nakurbabu pointed to the gentleman who came with him and said, he is my son. In fact, I am old – so I do not dare to come this far. So he came with me, so I left. You have called me.

– When did I call you again?

– Why? Last week? I saw visually, you are calling me sitting in this living room.

Suddenly I remembered. Really . I was thinking about him. Then there is the emphasis on telepathy.

– I saw you fed your medicine to a dog and a cat and made them young. Then you are going to apply your medicine to a human being . Am I on that team? He laughed out loud.

Its my turn to be surprised again. I looked at him and said,

Have you seen it with your super natural Power ? What else did you see?

Nakurbabu stared at me with one eye. I saw that hypnotic look in his eyes. After staring like this for a while, he said,

– But you are going to face a danger. Are you going to a conference with your medicine?

I looked at him in amazement and said,

– What else did you see?

– I saw you are sleeping at night in a well-appointed hotel room. And a gentleman with a revolver in front of you. Of course, you will be relieved on that journey.

I was amazed at the amazing power of this man. Kroll didn tell me about the trip to Germany yet. Even though he is old, I see that his miraculous power has not diminished so much.

– Will you go to Germany with me?

Nakurbabu smiled and said,

– I want to go, but now I am too old .

– Im much older than you. If I can, you can too.

Nakurbabu agreed. I told him not to show her magic tricks again. Of course, he did me a favour by showing me a huge myal snake – ANAKONDA . Otherwise, my life would have been lost.

– And the golden city of El-Dorado made a lot of money. Nakurbabu smiled.

I asked, what have you been doing at home for so long?

This time the boy said, in fact, the father does not get any time. People have been coming and going all day long. Everyone comes to my father to know their future. He is old now. And these things constantly put pressure on the brain. Who cares.

I asked Makurbabu to take lunch here at noon. He agreed . I took the phone number from Nakurbabus son. The thing is, as soon as I called, he will start his journey to come to me .

At night, Kroll called to say that the conference will be held on the 10th of June. I told him to arrange two flight tickets. Kroll said,

Who else is going?

– Nakurbabu.

– The one who has supernatural power ?

– Thats right.

All right. Then I will send the tickets .

I left the phone saying good night.

I have decided on a human trial of my drug. I will apply the medicine on myself, not on anyone else.

After finishing my dinner, I called Bhajahari and said, I am taking a medicine tonight. I will sleep 24 hours a day. Don call me

Bhajahari said, Sir think once. This is a human trial. Do it on your own?

I said – yes. I have no other option.

Then I opened the door, took a tablet and went to bed. An adult needs a whole tablet.

Fifteen minutes later , I lay down with my eyes closed. Then nightmares fell across my eyes.

May 25, 2000

The next morning I woke up to Newtons call. I sat up in bed felt very much relaxid . As soon as I looked at the hands and feet, I saw that my scratched skin was no more. I became surprised .. I sat up and suddenly remembered that I had taken my medicine last night .. Bhajahari came in and smiled and said,

– Sir. Look at yourself in the mirror.

I don use mirrors. It is covered with a curtain. As soon as I removed the screen, I saw myself. Is this me? Tighten the skin of the face. The wrinkles have vanished. Mature hair and beards have become a mixture of raw mature.

Bhajahari laughed and said,

– Sir. Your human trial is successful. When you were asleep all day, I would come and see you. The first 12 hours of taking the medicine I did not understand anything. Since then I have been watching every hour, your appearance is changing little by little. I came last night and saw that your face has changed completely.

I was very happy. On smart phones I caught Kroll with a video call. Kroll was shocked to see me on the screen and said,

– Am I wrong? Are you SHANKU ?

– Any doubt?

– How different you have become. Have you taken your medicine or not?

I nodded in agreement.

– Youve done such a terrible thing. Let your discovery succeed. Come on next week. I am going to arrange a conference .

, June 7, 2000

Nakurbabus arrived in the afternoon. The day after tomorrows conference. We have to leave tomorrow morning. First we shall go to Bhagalpur Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport. The flight to Mumbai will depart from there at 9:15 am. Our arrival in Mumbai is at 12.25 pm. The LUFTHANSA AIRLINES flight from Mumbai will depart at 1 p.m. It will take 9 hours and 15 minutes to reach Frankfurt.

As soon as Nakurbabu entered, he looked at me, laughed and said,

– ”You too have changed your complexion. You are looking very pretty . I remember my first meeting with Professor Trilokeshwar Shanku.

I laughed and said,

– Did you bring coats and pants? Dhoti and Punjabi will not work in Germany .

– . I brought my sons suit. I also brought a tie. I can fasten the knot of the tie, He has also done haircuts again, see this.

– I can see that. your age seems to be much less.

June 9th.

Now we are on a Mumbai-bound plane ride. I told Nakurbabu, how do you feel?

– Feeling pretty thrilled. Is a villager like me going to Germany for your welfare? How many years ago I became your partner.

It is 12 noon. And in a little while we will reach Mumbai. We took our breakfast in the plane.

The plane landed at Mumbai airport at 12.15 pm. We go downstairs to the lounge and have a cup of coffee and took rest. Then at 1 oclock in the afternoon we got on the plane of LUFTHANSA AIRLINES. The plane flew away. I looked down and said goodbye to the blue Arabian Sea.

Nakurbabu took a little bit of sleep . He is old. So I never disturbed him . The long journey is very annoying – it will take 9 hours and 15 minutes. I also fell asleep while looking outside.

Suddenly Nakurbabus push woke him up. I looked and saw that the Air – hostess served our lunch. Everything is dry food, cold coffee and chocolate. I saw Nakurbabu moving food.

– What happened,? Start your lunch .

– Tilubabu ., we the Bengalees are fond of fish and rice. Do we have these pet?

– What else to do! Just take it

Our plane is landing in Frankfurt.

We are scheduled to arrive at 10:15 pm in Indian standard time. Since India is three hours and thirty minutes ahead of Germany, the time here is 6.30 pm.

As soon as I got off the plane and reached the lounge, I saw Kroll and Saunders run and hugged me. He looked me minutely and said, I can see that young SHANKU . You really did a miracle.

Then he shook hands with Nakurbabu and said to follow them . The taxi is ready. All of our guests are accommodated at the Adlon Kempinski Hotel in Berlin.

In the taxi we are going to see the city of Berlin.

I told Nakurbabu,

– How do you see Berlin?

– In a word, impeccable.

As you know, Berlin, the largest green city and capital of Europe and Germany, has developed along the Spree River. Popular and famous in all aspects of advanced and modern education, culture, science, music, fashion. When I look at it, I see that this city, like Kolkata or other ancient cities, has an old and modern look which has developed with the passage of time.

. The 17th-century Brandenburg Gate is one of the citys landmarks, with nearly 250-year-old architecture, one of the worlds glass domesticks, a cathedral church, a 365-meter-high television tower and much more.

The rest of the Berlin Wall now houses the mural open air gallery and the East Site Gallery. On this historic one and a half kilometer wide wall, it is like seeing the colorful creations of more than a hundred artists from around the world.

Enjoying the beautiful city of Berlin by boat on the Spree River on a sunny day is a different experience.

Nakurbabu said, will you visit these places when our work is over?

– If I have time, I can go.

We arrived at the Adlon Kempinski Hotel at 8 pm. The house had to be booked. The room numbers of mine and Makurbabu is 114. Room 113 is booked for Kroll and Sanders.

15 scientists from 15 countries around the world have come to attend this conference.

After dinner we chatted for a while and went to bed. I fell asleep in the exhaustion of the whole day.

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