Professor Shanku returns ( 1)

Professor Shanku returns (3)

(My words: – Satyajit Ray , the great Indian Maestro passed away several years ago. Professor Shanku is one of his unique creations in Science fiction story. Professor Shanku doesn know his deeds, maybe there is no one among us.With his death,I cannot believe that the world-famous scientist will be lost after the death of the great Maestro

So Im going to do a hard job. I want to keep Professor Shanku alive and reconcile him with this 21st century)

January 1st

I haven written my red diary for a long time. My age has increased a lot.

That famous Abinashbabu , my neighbour died a long time ago due to a massive heart attack. When he was attacked, I was at a scientific conference in England. I did not have time to apply my MIRACUROL tablet on him . If I had been in Giridih, he probably wouldn have had to leave.

Two are my closest friends –

One is British and the other is German. Jeremy Saunders, a geologist, and John Summerville, a biologist, and along with them , Wilhelm Kroll- my best friend .

Sanders and Summerville are my peers. So their age has also increased like mine. Of course they are quite fresh.

I asked Kroll – How are you looking so young?

Kroll smiled and said – Ha , ha . Just guess. Regularly I practice Yoga . The origin of yoga is in your own country, India. Then why are you not practising Yoga ? Lets get started.

I said – Sorry . I have no desire to break my

backbone in this old age.

Sanders was silent .. When asked, he said smilingly, I am healthy by controlling my diet.

Today is a very important day for everyone around the world. Because the year 2000 started from today. The whole scientific community reacted to how this special day could be presented. Finally Y2K – this is the doctrine everyone agrees on.

Now is the age of smart phones. So we keep in touch through video calling. However, some of the smartphones that the three of us use, we have done through our own knowledge. No one else in this technical world know about it .. We are directly connected to the world through satellites.

I have added some more features to the phone using my own innovative power – that can be explained another day.

4th March

The winter is not going away yet. I am sitting in an easy chair in the garden outside, looking at the beautiful red rising sun.

Im Early Riser. It is 12 oclock when I usually go to bed at night. I am old, so I can work in the laboratory at night.

You may not know that my old servant , Prahlad is no longer working. She is at home in his village . His grandson , Bhajahari works instead of him .

When Prahlad was finally working for me, I noticed that he could not remember the little things. Cooking would also be at random.

One day I sat with him.I understood that he was attacked by Alzheimers disease .. It happens to many of us in old age. I asked him various questions and I did not get the right answer. Then I understood that this is in advanced stage. Will my MIRACUROL tablet work at all on him ?

I gave him two pills. The next morning I sat down with him again.

But alas! , my medicine didn work. Now its my turn to apply my self – invented medicine , REMEMBRANE .. Does MIRACUROL not useful to cure some neuro diseases like Alzheimers ?

Now its my turn to administer him REMEMBRANE . So I gave him a spoonful of REMEMBRANE .It can do it if the medicine can work on it.

The next night I have examined Pralhad again by asking him various questions. It seems that the medicine has worked somewhat. I decided to send him back to the country with a bottle of REMEMBRANE . Within a month, maybe his memory will be back.

I gave the news to his home the next day. His grandson came. I advised Prahlad to take rest at home.

Prahlad said, then who will take care of you, including cooking, gardening?

I said, I will continue myself . Moreover, there is BATIKA INDICA . You know that one tablet is enough to check the hunger for a month.

He said, Then , who will take care of him ? I suggest, my grandson will stay with you.

I agreed. The age of Bhajahari will be 16-17.years. I asked him, What is your qualification ?

– By the way, Higher Secondary.

– In which stream?

– , Bioscience.

– Wow. But if you stay with me now, you will stop studying.

This time Prahlad opened his mouth – , if the world is with a famous scientist like you, he will not need to study anymore. You will teach him everything.

The word had struck a chord in my mind before. Im old enough . It would not be bad to find someone trustworthy to help me in the laboratory.

Bhajahari took his grandfather, Pralalad to his country house and came to me in a day or two. He has remained since then. It has been almost 10 years.

He has learned a lot from helping me. He is very talented. I also taught the computer. He picked up my research writings on the computers, did the mails. All the chemicals in the laboratory are in the mirror of her nails.

The cold wind of the morning is blowing . The winter is not over yet. Bhajahari came with a cup of coffee. While drinking coffee, I remember the words of Prahlad and Abinash Babu. They were my companions in many of my expeditions. My mind is heavy.

Newton , my pet cat came and sat at my feet. He is looking at me at a glance. It hurts me to see him. He is 40 years old. He has leaned in the weight of old age like me. There is no hair on his whole body. He is looking like a skeleton under the skin. There is no tooth in his mouth. As a result, he cannot eat thorny fish ..

So I fed him fish pill instead of fish . I put my hand on his head with my right hand – he kept gurgling with joy. Cats usually do not live more than 12 years. So whats the secret of his mortality? I keep thinking about his age .. I did not apply any medicine on him. But a suspicion is lingering in my mind. When we went on a rocket mission to Mars, he also bit a fish – like creature of Mars. Has he gained some mortality since then?

I am staring at the rising sun. The look of the morning sun is completely different. The Sun can be observed with the naked eye. The Sun is the savior of all the earth. If you look at the morning sun, it seems that the sun is spinning wildly.

A thought has been running through my mind for a few days now. Is there any medicine that can be invented to reduce the age of a person by making him fit for that age? The incident of Prahlad makes me think more about this.

The number of golden trees in my garden planted by Prahlad has come down a lot. It is almost impossible for me to go to that remote area of Kalka and look for that ridiculous plant SWARNAPARNI . Moreover ,. MY age was low then, so it was possible. But now I am over eighty years old. If this age can be reduced to twenty years, then what is evil?

April 15th

For the last seven days I have been studying the chemical formula of the drugs I discovered. The only part I didn enjoy was the weeding and cultivating.

All the ingredients of the medicines that I have discovered are in my own laboratory. Some strong vitamins, folic acid should be added to them. Some hormones also need to be added. It takes two things – elixirum and very little radium. Radium is a radioactive element. Its hard to juggle. Elixirum is available in Germany. Kroll said this .

Once I get these two things, I can start working.

Bhajahari was cleaning the laboratory with a vacuum cleaner. The robot was placed in a corner of the laboratory, inactive.

Bhajahari said

– Sir, is that your robot?

I nodded and agreed. He has not been activated for a long time. By the way, I have added artificial intelligence device inside it. It can understand the thoughts of any person in advance. What he is going to do, what should be done in any adverse situation – he can do these things immediately.

I told Bhajahari to wipe him clean. It took Bhajahari five minutes to do the job. I went ahead and pressed the button to active him . Slowly he stood up. His eyes began to burn. I saw Bhajahari looking at him with one glance.

I saw Robu turning towards Bhajahari and looking at him with one glance. I said,

– Robu, who is he?

– I don know.

– Hes your brother , Bhajahari.

He started clapping his hands and saying in a mechanical voice – Bhajahari Bhajahari. What a funny name .

I said threateningly, oh , robu. That is not to say. You talk to him as brother .

Robu stepped forward towards Bhajahari and raised his right hand and said,

– Hello.

Bhajahari extended his hand and shook hands with him.

This time Robu started walking out of the house.

Bhajahari said, Sir. Does he has his own intellect?

– Of course. I put all the general knowledge, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology all in his brain. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. He will solve it.

10 oclock at night.

I had a video conference with Kroll and Saunders in the evening. I told both of them to add Elixirum and Radium.

Kroll asked,

– What will you do?

– Ill make a medicine.

– What kind of medicine?

– I won say that now. If I succeeded , then I must tell you about my new medicine .

”I can arrange Elixirum, ” Saunders said. How much does you want ?

– Two ounces.

Kroll said , to arrange radium would be a problem. It is a radioactive element .How much does you want ?

– Only 1 mg.

– All right. My friend Robertson is the faculty of the Nuclear Research Center in New York City . Lets see if he can make arrangements. If I can get it, I will send it to you .

We bade good night to each other and cut off communication.

After the dinner. I fell asleep. But sleep is not coming at all. Im tossing and turning in excitement. Can I make the medicine at all? The only hope I have is that none of my research has failed so far. Slowly a deep sleep came over my eyes .

April 22nd

Several days have passed. But Kroll did not give any news about Elixirum and Radium . The drug cannot be made without radium.

I am sitting looking at the garden. My ”Amla ” tree bears some mangoes and oranges. As you may know, I made this amla tree by hybridizing between mango and orange trees. Seen from a distance, anyone can see tree Scattering of green and orange fruits . Many people from farms have come from far and wide to see this strange tree of mine. Many people want to know the strategy – but I did not say.

Suddenly my eyes went to the garage house in one corner of the garden. There , the SHANKOPLANE made by me in that garage. It has not been used for a long time. I went to the dream island with Abinash Babu and got into trouble, but since then it has not been taken out. It is necessary to clean a little and see if the engine is in running condition or not.

As you may remember, my plane is made of anti-gravity alloy ”Shankovite ”. The metal is my invention. Earths gravitational force does not work on this plane . The plane can take off steeply like a helicopter and stand still in the air. Then it can fly in the sky with the help of lever. At the time of landing and similarly it can go straight down anywhere. There is no fear of being pushed. It can land just like a parachute.

I told Bhajahari to open the gate of the garage with the key .

He asked me a long time ago about that garage. I said, I have my car parked there.

Bhajahari opened the garage door and the plane stared at him. I went ahead and asked,

– What are you looking at?

– Is it a car? Why does it look like a plane?

– Its my design.

– Wheres the number plate?

– I don need a number plate. The Indian government itself has registered my vehicle for life.

Inside the plane , there kept a certificate laminated on a deck.

I opened the door of the plane and checked the dashboard. I checked the fuel tank. I use TABOLIN , my invention as fuel to run my SHANKOPLANE .. I saw that there were half tank of tabolin three . The feature of Tabolin is that it does not evaporate like petrol.

After proper checking , I saw that, there is no dust inside .

The colour of my SHANKOPLANE is aluminum like . I closed the door from the outside and came out of the garage and told Bhajahari to take the plane out and bring it to that empty place in my garden.

– How can I push such a heavy plane?

Surprisingly he said .

– Go behind the plane and give it a little push.

A little smile on my face.

He still stared at me once in surprise and once at the plane. Then he went back and hit the plane with one push. I had already moved to the side. The plane sped out of the garden with lightning speed. And Bhajahari fell to the front, unable to balance on the ground.

Standing up with a stupid face, I said,

– Why push so hard? I said to push gently. It is made of my anti-gravity alloy SHANKOVITE metal. Earths gravity does not work on it. She stared at me in amazement.

This time I opened the door and got on the plane and called him to sit next to me. He got up and sat down beside me. I started the engine by pressing the green button. This time I fixed the height at 200 meters on the radio alimeter. This radio altimeter can set altitudes up to 1000 km, meaning the plane will fly straight up like a helicopter. This straight up is quite a fun.

The plane rose 200 meters steeply and hung still in the sky. I looked down and saw the whole city of Giridih.

I saw Bhajahari sitting like a statue. I said,

– Look , That is Ushri Falls .

He agreed. As soon as the lever was pressed, the plane moved forward. We reached the waterfall in five minutes. As soon as the radio altimeter was set at 50 meters, the plane descended vertically 150 meters and stood still 50 meters above the waterfall. We looked down and saw the beautiful beauty of the waterfallI and saw the tourists standing below looking at my plane in amazement.

Now its time to return. I turned the plane and pressed the lever. The plane flew towards my house.

May 3rd

It is 9 oclock in the morning. I was sitting in the living room, reading the news on my smart phone. The LCD of the smart phone is small. So it is difficult to read. With the help of a data cable, I added a 14-inch monitor to my smart phone. As a result, I can read the articles quite large.

I have added some different features to my smart phone. The first of these is,

I have installed 16 GB RAM in my smartphone .

I have converted the phone memory in 500 Gb .

To do this, I must have changed the hardware of the phone.

I have removed the flashlight of the phone and added laser light there. The range of this laser gun is 20 feet. I made it just for self-defense. I lit a bundle of dry grass 20 feet away in a blink of an eye with the touch of the flashlight button.

For all this, I had to strengthen the battery of my phone. The battery of normal smartphones are usually 4 volt and 5000 mAh. I have increased the ampere to 30,000 milliamperes. As a result, the battery volume has increased.

The back cover of the phone could not be fitted as the battery was thick. I made the back cover of the phone by inserting two sheets of anti-gravity metal called SHANKOVITE into a sheet of transparent fiber called SHANKOPLAST. The advantage of this is that if the phone falls from my hand, it will not be damaged. If I throw the phone up too high, it will float down like a feather and touch the ground.

Another feature is to increase the external memory. I have made an external memory device in the shape of a matchbox with a memory capacity of 1 ultrabyte (Ub). This ultrabyte name is given by me. So far no external memory of this capability has been discovered. 1 terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes. My memory device is equal to 1 ultrabyte – thar means 1024 terabytes. That is 1 ultra byte – 1024 x 1024 gigabytes (Gb). I have created such a large memory device to store formulas with descriptions of all my discoveries.

Suddenly the sound of a calling bell. Bhajahari came and said that a gentleman had come to see me. I got busy and walked towards the living room. I went and saw a man in his forties. French-cut golden beard, gold-framed spectacles. A leather bag over the shoulder.

– Hello, Professor Shanku . Glad to meet you. Im Thomas Moore from Germany. Prof. Krol has sent me to give you a packet

He handed me a small leather box. I realized that there are two things in it – Elixirum and Radium . I inquired and found out that he had come to Delhi for a research work. Krol is his friend. So Krol sent two things with his hand.

I asked Bhajhari to bring coffee and snacks.

– Im a professor at Humbolt University of Berlin. I will leave Delhi after giving the two things to you . From there I shall go to Bhaba Atomic Research Center. He came to help with a study there.

Saying goodbye to Thomas Moore, I went straight to the laboratory.

The radium is sealed in a small metal box. I have to do it very carefully. I picked up my special jacket later. I got shock proof gloves.

I told Bhajahari not to bother me for two days. I ate a Batika Indica, closed the door and start working .


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