Turning eighteen is always an exciting event in anybodys life, but Eli didn know how to feel about it.

Everything has been very hectic in his life. It was like there was no pause button for everything that has been happening, and all he wished for was to find a friend in the new town his parents decided to move in to.

A new town meant new people and new opportunities. It isn like he missed the old one much, and he guessed he wouldn like this one a lot more either. He stood there in front of his new home emotionlessly as he wonderer what to do now that he was in a new territory. How will people treat him here?

It was no secret what he was, and it affected every aspect of his life. Being born an omega was something super rare and it made a lot of people flock to him with curious gazes. Being watched all the time was nothing new, but he hated the rules that he had to go by.

He can go out alone without his mother tearing her hairs out in worry.

”How do you feel about this place? ” His father asked walking down the stairs of their new home with a big smile on his face. Always trying to be so cheerful and loving, Eli really couldn have asked for better parents.

He looked at the house and shrugged. ”I guess it is cool. ”

”It is a new start. ” His father chuckled picking up one of the heavy boxes from the trunk of the car with ease. ”Don forget to be ready for the gathering tonight. Everyone wants to meet you. ”

Dread sneaked up on Eli at those words, but he still nodded his head with a sigh wanting nothing more than to get things over with. The gathering. Of course.

It was just an excuse for everyone to ogle at the spectacle that is him. It wasn unheard of for werewolf towns to start a gathering when newcomers arrive just to make sure everyone is at least acquainted, but in his case, it just gave people an excuse to come talk to him.

Eli wasn much of a talker.

Especially with the threat of single alphas trying to get into his pants just because hes an omega. Like seriously, would it kill them to ask him on a date first?

With an unexcited huff, Eli decided to be helpful and picked up one of the cardboard boxes and walked in for the first time into the new house.

As expected, it was bare with barely any furniture inside and his sensitive nose was hit with the smell of wood and dust making him sneeze loudly.

”Bless you. ” He heard his mom say from the distance upstairs as he sneezed again. His mother laughed and peeked at him from up the stairs beckoning him to come up excitedly. ”Leave that thing aside, and come look at your new room. ”

With a sniff, he put down the box and tentatively walked up the wooden stairs feeling curious, if not a little bit hopeful, that this room would be better than his old one. His old one was small and still had the remnants of his childhood in the form of old furniture and posters. Eli was too lazy to redec

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