Last night had ended with Ari making a new friend.

Not just any friend, but an omega.

He couldn help but smile all the way home, but the moment he arrived was the moment his smile went away as he willed himself to forget about tonight and entered the house. His mother hadn attended the gathering because she was never interested in attending one, but not even the news of a new omega coming had made her curious enough to go.

As he made breakfast, he wondered what his mothers reaction of hearing about Eli would be. He could never tell with his mother who is going to descend the stairs any minute now.

There weren many things he could find to help cook for his mother, so he made a note to go buy groceries later that day. It wasn a task he liked, but a task he had to do.

There were only two eggs in the fridge, and his mother always had two eggs for her breakfast, so with a sigh of relief at having enough, he cracked them and started searching for bread. Three pieces. Seriously, when was the last time he bought groceries…

He paused and wondered if he should maybe ask Eli to hang out after to show him around, but a replay of yesterday played in his mind when he thoughtlessly grabbed his hand the way he does with all his other friends and cursed himself. It was just natural to him, it just happened.

It was no big deal to just hold someones hand, but apparently it is a different story with omegas. Touching them even as a beta was a huge taboo. How should he have known if nobody told him that?

Ari just hoped he didn make things uncomfortable between them.

”I am so stupid. ” He whined dejectedly as he grabbed the plates for his mother and himself.

Remembering that they didn have enough food for two plates, Ari returned his and started making coffee. Its not the first time that he skipped breakfast. It was no big deal.

The whole time he set everything up, he kept thinking of his blunder and knew he would make a lot more in the future. Talking with Eli was just different. Even if they hadn spoken much, there was something that just made him feel closer to Eli than anyone else. There was no doubt about it in his head. He knew why.

It was because Eli was an omega, and thats something Ari couldn stop thinking about as he desperately tried to find ways to get closer to him.

An unmated beta cannot be alone with Eli or as close as hed like to be, but maybe there was some other way. Maybe he could-

”Is my coffee ready? ” A voice belonging to his mother cut off his ridiculous train of thoughts as he quickly nodded his head.

”In a minute. ” He told her pouring the coffee in her mug before placing it in front of her. She yawned and grabbed it blowing at it to make it cool enough for her to take a sip. ”Did you sleep well, mom? ”

She answered him with a noncommittal sound before she moved her steaming mug away from her mouth. ”Did you go to that gathering? ”

”Yes, I did. ”

”Anything interesting? ”

Ari hesitated before he spoke. ”I am sure youve heard about the new people who moved in… ” He trailed off watching his mother cautiously as she took another sip of her coffee.

”Mm. ”

”They had an omega son, and… ” His voice got lower when he saw his mothers face contort into something unpleasant. It was like she had heard him say something absolutely disgusting, and against his better judgment he continued speaking. ”And he was nice, I thought we could be friends. ”

His mother slowly set her mug down and sighed. ”Are you an idiot? ”

”Wh- ”

”Aurelius, just answer me. Do you ever think? ”

Ari looked down without saying anything silently regretting ever having done so. Why had he ever thought it was a good idea was a mystery to him.

”I said answer me. ”

”I just thought we could be friends. ”

A mirthless laugh came out of his mother who acted as if he was the dumbest creature on earth, and she probably thought that, too. ”Friends. Thats a good joke. ” He just stood there with eyes that stung as she continued talking, but he refused to cry. Not over this. ”You do know people don take too kindly to betas without a mate being friendly with an omega. Especially if your dear friend Alec took an interest in him. ”

”I don see how this is related to anything. ” He tried to sound defiant, but it only came out shakily as his mother let out another sour laugh.

”Omegas are nothing but trash. You think an omega could get a job and go out and about freely like you do? To be born one is unfortunate, and you should forget about that… Friend of yours. ” She said that word as if it was the filthiest thing ever. ”Watch how Alec changes once you get a bit too close. ”

Alec was the next in line to be the leader of their pack. The next alpha and a dear childhood friend of his. It was hard to imagine that something like that would set them apart. ”They haven even met. ”

”You have better friends already. ” The frustration in her voice was palpable, and he couldn help but wince at how annoyed she sounded. ”Go ahead, though. Make me laugh. When you and that omega get closer watch what will happen. ”

Ari stood there for a few quiet moments before he walked towards the door to exit the kitchen and head up to his room. It was no surprised that his mother decided to hurl a few hurtful words as he walked away, but he never yelled back and just let it happen. Thats just how he was.

It didn mean that it did not hurt every time.

Closing the door behind him, he thought about what started all of this. For once in his life, he wanted to rebel and go against his mothers wishes. What was the big deal of having Eli as a friend?

Thats literally all what he wanted.

Despite everything that had happened just moments before, he couldn help but smile when he remembered Eli calling him pretty. A compliment he rarely receives.

It made him feel warm inside.

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