Psychopathic (BL)

Chapter 8 (M)

Something wasn quite right with Eli for the past few days.

He has spent nearly all of them with the company of Ari, but ever since he caught sight of the future alpha of this pack, he couldn stop thinking about him. The guy was very hot, super hot, the hottest he had ever seen and he has seen a lot.

There were many times in the past where his mother often watched with anticipation whenever an alpha would talk to him, and there were many times when he was approached alone, and admittedly, he had a few crushes here and there. Some of them were good-looking, and some were decent.

But never in his life did he feel so…



There was something he never could really pinpoint. A feeling that surged within him the moment he saw Alec, and every time he thought of him it was like his mind just lost its ability to think of something else. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn stop thinking of running his hands through his dark hair and gazing into ocean-blue eyes and now he sounds like he walked out of a romantic novel…

”Get out of my head. ” He said pulling his hair a bit before he let himself fall back onto his bed. He tried to think of something else, of something other than Alec, but all he could think about was him.

Who would have thought hed find someone who is hand-crafted by the moon goddess just for him? Because thats what Alec felt like.

Something made just for him.

He could have spent the whole day just lying there staring at the ceiling and thinking of Alec, but someone knocked on his door and he glared at the rude interruption. He was feeling euphoric just now thinking of his hot obsession, but he still got up – not without letting out an annoyed breath – and walked up to the door turning its handle.

The moment he did he was engulfed in a hug by his mother.

”Happy eighteenth birthday! ”

Eli blinked feeling like he needed a moment to process what had just happened because he seriously forgot that today was his birthday.

”Today is an important day for you, Eli. ” His father said appearing from behind his mother after she finally released him from her hold, and he was holding a little blue cupcake with a candle on it. His father handed him the cupcake that he gently took in his hand and held his mother by the waist lovingly. ”This year you might find the person you belong with. ”

Oh, right. His mate.

”Thank you. ” He smiled blowing out the candle and secretly making a wish.

He placed the cupcake on the nearest surface he could find before he hugged both of his parents. A feeling swirled in his stomach, and he didn know if it was from all the love he was feeling right now or something else.

They always made sure he didn feel alone on his birthday because he never had a friend who would celebrate with him, but they were more than enough and he couldn be more thankful.

When he let them both go, he was taken downstairs where his mother made his favorite dinner and his father asked him about the things hed want. Everything went amazingly well, and he couldn imagine anything better, but then he heard a knock.

”Ill get it. ” He told his parents as he headed for the door, and when he opened it, his breath got caught in his throat and he felt like he wanted to cry because he was feeling so many things.

Right at their doorstep, Ari stood out in the cold chilly weather and he looked beautiful under the moonlight with the wind caressing his hair as he smiled up at him. At first this is all what Eli could see before his eyes went down and saw the cake he was holding.

It was a somewhat small cake, and it looked neat and simple, and had something neatly written on it in black. The decorations weren over the top, and it just looked like something that screamed Ari. It has his graceful elegant touch all over it.

”Did you… Did you make this? ” Eli choked taking the box and marveling at how neatly Ari had written Happy Birthday Eli on it. Eli looked at Ari with teary eyes.

”I did. Do you like it? ”

Without missing a beat, Eli placed the box on the window sill and decided that just for today hell forget about being an omega. Just for today he wanted to not think about anything, and just for today hed lunge at his friend and give him the biggest hug he had ever given anyone.

”This is probably my best birthday ever. ” He told Ari as he wrapped his arms around him.

It should be okay. They were outside, and his parents are nearby in case anything ever happened, but seriously what would happen from an innocent hug?

All he could think about was how great it felt to hug someone like this. He could feel Aris hands hug him back and he just squeezed him closer. Eli felt more affectionate than usual, and it didn help that Ari smelled so nice and so comforting to him that he didn bother to hide the breath he left out as he relaxed into him.

The whole time Ari didn say a thing. He just kept holding him, but if Eli looked up, hed see that he had a sad smile on his face.

But then Aris eyebrows knitted as he frowned and slowly pushed Eli away breaking their hug. ”This meant a lot to me, thank you. ” Eli told him with his mind still on this lovely gesture he experienced for the first time in his life.

It meant even more that Ari went through the trouble to make the cake himself.

Smiling in return, Ari studied him with a bit of worry and confusion. His hands were still on Elis forearms as he gripped them and noticed something.

e warm. ”

”You must be cold outside, do you wanna come in? ”

”Its not that. ” Ari shook his head pausing as he took in Elis appearance. The redness on his face and the tips of his fingers weren usual. Especially not in this cold weather. ”You look a little bit tired. ” He let go of Elis forearms and Eli tilted his head at him in confusion.

”I have been feeling a little bit under the weather lately, but it is nothing serious. ”

”Im sure its not. ” Ari smiled taking a step back. ”Its getting late. ”

”Yeah, thanks again. ” Eli said picking up the cake with a smile that refused to go away.

Ari gave him a quick wave of his hand before he walked away, and Eli entered the house holding the cake and showing it off to his parents.

It was a lovely surprise, and the cake was super good. One of the best Eli had, and it was clear that his parents thought the same, too. That, and also the fact that Eli seemed to be making friends in this new town. Things seemed to go much better here.

But something was wrong when Eli returned to his room.

He was so tired.

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