It is one word that many people wish to have in their life. Make them compete to be the best among the best.

Sometimes they are willing to do anything for it even though not infrequently they have to spend a lot of money to get what they want.

Its all because of the stigma that is embedded in every peoples mind on this earth. That said, being a part of that one word can make their life easier.

Craving to be worshiped, loved, and have many friends.

And one of them is a woman with brown hair, who was looking at herself in the mirror reflection. Her hazel eyes scanned her reflection from head to toe. It was as if she was judging herself.

And not long after, a look of discontent and displeasure appeared on the womans face.

”I don like it, ” she said.

Right, it was all because she didn like what she was seeing now. She didn like her appearance which to her was very different from what she wanted.

She wants to be popular as her only wish, but how can she make her wish come true? If she doesn have the first thing she must have it to make her dream come true.


That! That was the first thing she should have that could make her loved and adored by those around her.

But look at her now…

A pair of glasses perched on her nose, a face that had a few pimples on it, and a body that wasn as good as the models in the magazines.

Is all that included in the word beautiful that people described all this time?

No, its not! If it was like that, then all this time she would never be treated unfairly nor would she ever be bullied by her friends.

Beatrice Blair.

That was the womans name, usually called Beatrice by the people around her. The name, of course, she got from her parents but unfortunately, she no longer lives with them.

Thats because Beatrice decided to attend one of the senior high schools in town. So she now lives in a small flat that is not too far from her school.

And you ask how about her school life?


Just that. That one answer is enough for Beatrice to answer your question.

No one liked her, no one wanted to be friends with her and no one had ever been nice to her. And it all happened because she wasn pretty or popular.

She had been standing in front of the mirror, looking at her reflection for five minutes and finally judging her appearance.

And it turned out to be true…

She is ugly.

Who wants to be friends with someone who looks like her? None.

And she didn like the way she looked, now she realized why people always bullied her.

Drrtt… Drrtt… Drrtt…

Beatrice turned to look at her ringing cell phone. He immediately took her cell phone which she had put on the bed.

Beatrice immediately picked up the call by pressing the green icon on her cellphone screen.

”Hello… ”

”… ”

”Ah, I think I can go there. ”

”… ”

”Okay, wait for me. Ill be right there. ”

”… ”

”Bye… ”

Tutt… Tutt… Tutt…

The short call ended. Beatrice opened her wardrobe, choose and picked up the clothes she wanted to wear. Then walked out of her bedroom without looking at her appearance in the mirror.

Various types of vehicles are seen passing on the highway with the occasional sound of horns from these vehicles. Honestly, sometimes it makes us feel disturbed by the sound of honks.

And because of that, Beatrice was currently using a headset to play her favorite song.

Her two feet walked on the sidewalk, walking with other pedestrians who also used the sidewalk to get to their destination. It was the same with Beatrice and after walking for a few minutes, she finally arrived at her destination.

Beatrices right hand rose slowly pushing the glass door in front of her. Making the small bell above the glass door ring.

Beatrice looked to her left side, until…

”Beatrice! ”

Hearing someone call her name made Beatrice immediately turn to her right side.

”Here! ”

A smile immediately appeared on Beatrices face. She stepped both of her feet towards the woman wearing a light blue hoodie.

”Finally you
e here! Ive been waiting for you since fifteen minutes ago, ” said the woman in a light blue hoodie.

”Im sorry Alyssa, I just went back to my flat to get my wallet, ” said Beatrice.

Alyssa Wang, thats the name of the woman in the light blue hoodie and she is the only friend Beatrice has.

Alyssa became the first friend Beatrice had since she entered school. And it turned out that until they were in the second level, Alyssa remained her first friend.

Sad isn it? Its alright, thats more than enough for Beatrice.

They both sat down at the table facing each other at the table that Alyssa had chosen before Beatrice came.

”Look, Ive made this ramen for you, ” said Alyssa while smiling.

And indeed on the table, they were sitting were two bowls of cooked ramen served in an aluminum foil bowl. They can still see white smoke coming out of the ramen, indicating that the ramen is still very hot.

Beatrice smiled. ”Thank you, you know my favorite ramen? ”

Alyssa nodded her head. ”Of course! I even memorized it well, ” said Alyssa.

Beatrice smiled at her friends words because she was touched by Alyssas good attitude to her. She feels very lucky to have a friend like Alyssa.

Well, Beatrice and Alyssa were currently at a convenience store not too far from Beatrices flat, so she only had to walk to come here.

Beatrice and Alyssa started eating the ramen because they didn want to let it get cold, occasionally the two of them threw jokes between each other.

The feeling that Beatrice had always wanted, the feeling that made her happy was also appreciated. Because it was Alyssa who never saw her physique or status at all.

But why is it only Alyssa who acts like this to her? why not with the people at her school too?

”Beatrice, don you want more? If you want I will make more for you, ” said Alyssa while looking at Beatrice.

Beatrice shook her head. ”No, Im already full, ” Beatrice refuses Alyssas offer.

Alyssa furrowed her brows. ”Full? Usually, you will eat more, ” said Alyssa.

Thats right, she knows Beatrice very well. She knew that Beatrice loved ramen as much as she did and hearing Beatrices refusal was certainly an unusual thing and she rarely heard from Beatrice.

Beatrice suddenly fell silent, then put down the chopsticks she was holding. ”I-I want to go on a diet, ” said Beatrice.

Alyssa was immediately surprised to hear Beatrices words. ”Diet?! But why so suddenly like this? ” said Alyssa who was surprised.

Beatrice turned to look at Alyssa who was also looking at her. ”I want to change, I don want to continue living like this, ” said Beatrice.

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