Quest For Vengeance

A Bleak Future

Dong! Dong! Ding!

The loud ringing of the bronze bell echoed over the vast training grounds of the central military academy. The most famous and as of this year, the strongest of all of the academies in the Kingdom of Vidora.

This day though for the academy, was probably one of the most important days for the fifth year students, as well as all of their families and the varying instructors. It was graduation day after all.

As per tradition, all of the students were gathered in the main square. Divided up into the companies, each one of the four standing in tight packed squares. The dress uniform of the academy that the students were all wearing was beautiful in a way. The robes were black, with red trimming on all of the robes. A dark and scary look yes, but also a colour scheme that just seemed to match the atmosphere perfectly.

Looking on, all of the students were one the instructors, who wore a similar uniform with white trimmings instead of the red that the students had. There were 10 instructors on the stage in total as well as the head and vice head instructors of the academy who only really ended up appearing at all of the major events like these, after all appearances did matter.

These were all the children of the nobles of the realm as well as the few important businessmen and women who were able to get their kids into this academy. In fact, this year had, had more important children in it than most. There were children of three Grand Dukes as well as a Princess.

The instructors all could not help but think back at the past few years and smile and the insanity that they had seen, this batch had broken many of the academys records and as a result upturned the inter academy rankings within the kingdoms. There were just too many monsters present in this batch.

However out of all of these monsters one had stood out more than all of the rest, the term monster did not really suit him much. He was beyond that of a monster to most of the students. His name is Vesta of House Blood Feather. He was not a child of royalty and not even of the Grand Dukes houses. However, his family did have another name. The Northern Blades.

The moment the bells finally stopped there loud and as some might say obnoxious ringing, the Head Instructor took a small step forwards.

”Ahem, ” quickly clearing his voice, he gained the attention of everyone who was standing around and watching. His blue eyes seemed to stab into everyone as well as he seemed to be looking at every single person into their eyes.

”Thank you all for coming here today, as you all know we are here to witness the graduation of these students in front of us, well I am a soldier so I will keep this short, but could Vesta come to the stage. ” His loud domineering voice seemed much like his eyes to force their way into the congregations soul.

At his order, a lone man came out of the formation. He was dressed like all of the other graduates in the ceremonial dress uniform, looking smart as always. His black boots also had been shined to an unimaginable level, their shine seeming to reflect that of the sun itself.

The man soon reached the stage, and quickly him and the instructor shook hands and then with a swift turn he stood to attention facing all of the other students. In the audience a few gasps could be heard, as his face was clearly seen.

He was handsome after all, and any of the noble ladies present could easily tell. His eyes were brown with flecks of gold, and although it was hard to see with the haircut he had to have, his black hair, much like his boots, seemed to reflect the shine of the sun itself.

The Head hearing all of this could not help but smile, then in the same loud and domineering voice as before, ”Vesta Of House Blood Feather, is as some of you may know, the top student of this years batch. As such he will get his offers here in front of everyone, to inspire the next generation to give it there all. First up, is the military offer! ”

His words caused no real shock as this had always been a tradition of the academy dating back to its founding and with his introduction a well built and ordered man stepped forward. It was easy to tell that he was a soldier, his cold eyes and firm voice being the classic signs of such a man.

”Vesta, the offer is simple. You will be given the rank of Captain something which has never been given to graduates before. Alongside this you will be allowed to choose your army command from the North, West or South or Central commands as well as from the eastern naval command. ” The soldier soon stepped back as the nobles in the crowd quickly shared shocked glances among themselves. If he accepted this, Vesta would be the youngest captain in the history of their kingdom!

The Head just nodded his head. ”Next up is the adventures Union. ”

It was a red haired lady that stepped forwards this time, she was clearly more free looking and yet still seemed to possess a dangerous edge.

”As you know the adventures Union is the group that controls the adventures Guild as well as monitors all other guilds. Vesta, you will be immediately accepted as Bronze

Ranked member, skipping the five ranks below this as well as that the Union would take you on into its own direct forces. ”

These words sent the crowd into stunned silence. The militarys offer was insane enough, but this offer was not something that had ever been heard of in the world. Just what had this boy done while he was in this academy!

The Head was shocked to and for a few moments did not even say a word, then as he regained his composure he spoke once again. ”The Royal house also wishes to give him an offer. ”

This time a dignified man stepped forwards. His regal bearings are not the same as the previous two speakers. ”The house gives him a choice, we can accept him into the royal guard as a knight-ensign or he can choose to serve in other ways that the house would accept. ”

The crowd this time was on the verge of going crazy, this offer just was, well just that. Insane!

The Head, starting to get used to these insane offers, was ready this time, ”Finally we have the Divine Churches offer. ”

The moment he finished talking, a massive explosion echoed around the compound, followed by the main gates suddenly collapsing in, creating plumes of dust around the area.

Walking in, was a group of twenty heavily armoured knights who bore no insignia. Ten were in green colours and ten in black. These are the colours of the churches.

The man at the lead said one thing, ”Vesta Of House Blood Feather. You are sentenced to death, for the crimes of high treason! Your family are traitors! ”

His loud voice ripped through the crowd and Vesta himself finally showed an expression.

He was shocked!

Only one thought was in his mind.

This was not supposed to happen!

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