Quest For Vengeance

Escaping And Falling

Vesta still did not have the energy or willpower to move a single muscle, he just did not know what was going on! This was not part of the plan at all! Everything he had worked for, was gone seemingly just like that.

Although he was not the only one who was shocked and confused, from the instructors and the representatives who had just invited him to their organisations, they all were shocked and confused as well.

The most confused people though, were in fact the representatives of the divine churches of Life and Death. After all, these soldiers were dressed like soldiers of their own churches and yet they did not know anything about what was going on right in front of them!

The holy soldiers had, amidst all of the shock and confusion made their way now from the gateway and were now at the back of the shocked cadets who were not moving at the urges, this though only served to piss off the soldiers who were here to kill the so called traitor.

”If you kids do not damn well move, do not blame me for killing in you the name of helping that damn traitor. ” The cold voice of the lead soldier echoed out from under his helmet, one could only imagine what ferocious expression he was making as he said that.

His harsh and cold words, sent shivers down all of the cadets who quickly hearing him, moved to the side avoiding any of this soldiers wrath, though his words were heard by all of the childrens parents to, this included the royal house member here to see there Princess graduate as well as those from the Grand Duchies, clearly these soldiers did not give them any face at all!

A few seconds passed and all of the cadets had moved out of the way, leaving only Vesta in front of him. The commander looked up with a smile under his face. This kid was going to be the easiest kill of his life, that was until he saw that not everyone had moved out his way like he had said for them to.

Four children stood in front of him fearlessly. Two girls and two boys, all of them just stood looking at him as if he was some kind of clown. Behind them, Vesta finally began to regain some mental clarity and seeing that not everyone had gotten out of the way he was shocked.

”Rani, Isha, Micheal, Lawhur… All of you please, do not get involved in this… ” He pleaded with them to move, as he lightly jumped off of the stage and onto the dirt floor below. He really did not want the few people he really cared about to get involved in this, who knew what would happen?

The commander, hearing and seeing all of this, finally lost. Grabbing his sword in his hand he suddenly darted forwards, his empty hand smashing the kids out of his way onto the dirt floor. Drawing blood from all of them in some or other.

Vesta almost cried as he saw the commander coming, but he still urged all of the mana in his body down to his legs and as the commander slashed down with a speed that almost seemed to cut through the air itself, he leaped backwards.


As he smashed into the stage, sending splinters and dust all over, he groaned loudly.

His hand on his chest, he could feel where the sword had still managed to cut into his cut a bit. The blood though not coming out quickly was still leaking out of his chest.

”Shit, ” the curse tumbled out of his mouth loudly.

The commander, seeing that Vesta was still alive, just got more angry. ”Boy, just take my sword and die! Die you damn traitor! ”

Quickly, he attacked again. His sword reflecting the sunlight into the sky.

As it descended, everything seemed to slow down to Vesta.

The air being ripped apart, the gleam of the blade. Suddenly, he was able to see the face of Rani who looked like she was screaming.

All that he could do was smile. This really was his end, he would never see his friends again. Not to mention his father and mother and brothers and sisters. His family, none of them again…This was life he thought.


The sudden sound of metal clashing soon echoed out, opening his eyes that he had closed without knowing he suddenly saw that someone had appeared and their own weapon was blocking the strike.

This newcomer was not wearing any armour and in fact was just in normal clothes. Though where did his sword even come from? That question flew around the head of Vesta for a moment.

Though in that moment the commander and the newcomer had exchanged countless strikes between the two of them and in the next moment a massive bang, echoed around the field. The dust seemed to almost move in front of everyone.

The result of the exchange seemed to be a draw, the commander now just seemed to be wearily looking at the newcomer.

His voice now hoarse, ”What are you doing? And just who are you? ”

It was not the newcomer who answered though, but instead a group of armed men who walked onto the field. The man in the lead looked like a butler, his black suit and slight smile sending shivers up the spines of every single person who looked at him.

”He is a knight of royal guard, you sir have injured the Princess and for that we will kill you here. It just seems to me that you are a traitor here. Kill them. ” His final calm words lead to the other royal guards launching their attacks on all of the holy soldiers. The butler, though, ignored all of this and walked over to Rani and helped her to her feet.

After, checking her over for any wounds and dusting her off. He leaned in and whispered something into her ear. This only led to Rani almost screaming at him, but whatever he said to her next, quickly quietened her down.

Then as Vesta watched this exchange confused, she walked over and leaned down looking at him.

”Vesta I… ” She looked at him, felt sickened in her stomach for what she was about to do. ”I am sorry but you have to go…run. ” Feeling tears rolling down her face, she turned around and slowly walked back to the butler.

Every single step that she took, looked like it was a kind of torture and she still kept on walking to him.

Feeling a little confused, Vesta still got to his feet and slowly left. Walking into one of the many side corridors that bordered the field. Once inside, he took a deep breath.

Everything was just well, just insane.

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