ink where the dark brown cabinets with two double doors, he pressed his finger on one of the down cabinet which opened on its own, bending he took his time to decide on what pot he needed, taking out two small sized black pots and a wok.

Returning to the fridge, he took out the veggies, washing them he placed it on the cutting board.

Lara watched as he washed and cut. The muscles of his hands flexed as he chopped away, the size of the veggies were all the same,

”What kind of pasta ”he asked while cutting the carrots into small strips

” spaghetti ” she answered without hesitation.

”Alright ”

After an hour the food was ready.

As they were setting the table, it dawned on Lara that she didn do anything, all she did was munch on grapes and answered all his questions and admire him.

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, she looked at him as he came out with the last side dish.

”You tricked me ”

He dropped the food on the table. Pulled her chair out for her, ensuring she was okay, he pecked her on the cheek, before turning to the other side of the table and sat facing her.

”I didn . You assisted me, I didn know what you wanted to eat, and you accompanied me ”he said

With a deadpan face, she couldn believe his meaning of assist.

”Todays a happy day I shall not pick a fight ”

”Mm ”

Dinner was nice and quiet as they both weren talkers.

Ensuring she was full, as she wasn one to eat much. He then went ahead to eat the rest.

After dinner they went up to the open roof top to watch the stars as they sipped on their drinks, Lara was bummed that she could only drink fruit juice.


Early before the sun rose Tesfaye turned to his side and watched the woman beside him who had her head close to the bed edge, one hand holding the pillow while the other on her belly, a leg crossed over him, her short black hair like seaweed on the white bed cover.

If she was awake she would notice the rare full smile, one his straight face.

Pulling her to the middle of the bed, he placed one pillow behind her, he adjusted the blanket all the way up to her shoulder before walking to the bathroom.

Putting on his tie a low voice came from behind him ”Don forget we have… ” not hearing the rest he turned and watched her yawn.

” the dinner tonight and to pick the gifts ” he said as he picked up his suit jacket.

Her view was hazy, feeling the cool pressure on her head, along with a soothing voice

”I would see you later, rest more ”

”Mm ” rolling on the bed she found a comfortable position.

Walking downstairs, he saw James waiting at the end of the stairs

”Good morning sir ”

”Morning ” with that they walked out of the house and headed over to the black Roll-Royce phantom parked at the front door, on spotting his boss the chauffeur opened the back door.

”Good morning sir ”

”Morning ” he replied as he sat down, closing the door he got into the drivers seat

James hurried over to the front passenger sit, and they set off to the office.

”Sir, this is the contract ” James said as he passed a file over to the back sit.

Looking through through it, he flipped the pages over and over

e the transfer documents ? ” He asked as he flipped to the last page

”Sir they said that since they signed the contract they would send the transfer documents tomorrow ” Rising his head creases formed on his forehead

Seeing this James couldn help but gulp down.

”I would go over to their office immediately sir ”

”no need, I would ask Andrew to go get it ” Setting the document on the leather sit he allowed his tensed muscles to relax.

With that, the rest of the journey was in silence.

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